A Little Black Book

We’ve all heard of “a Little Black Book” which often refers to a tidy little book that stores names, addresses and contact information on behalf of people in our lives that we wish to stay in contact with. Most of us now have all of that stored in our phone instead of a separate book but the concept is the same. And whether we realize it or not, our spirit also has a little black book where information, memories, impressions and imprints are stored about those who have made a difference in our lives.


The Little Black Book

Whether that difference is negative or positive, the truth is, we often keep it with us for a long, long time. So if that experience we have kept stored within our spirit has left a less than ideal impression on us, it is important for us to remember that once in a while it’s good to clean out that directory and erase what should have been erased long ago.

A great way to do that is to visualize all those who have made an impression on us, and all the stored memories and information along with it, inside that little black book  of our soul self. Picture browsing through all the “files” and stored information that no longer serves our purpose for growth. See the files as if they are highlighted in red and need correction. Each file, each memory, identity or person that we wish to “delete” from our black book database that is highlighted in red is now able to be deleted for good.

Now, picture a beautifully glowing electric blue magic marker in your hand. See yourself ink over the red with the glowing electric blue light as if it is magically erasing the red, and see the information transform into a new fresh clear space where new records can be kept.

One by one, picture each name, memory, word, impression or imprint that is highlighted in red become erased by the vibrant, glowing, electric blue light. With each swish of the blue light, you see your entire being and presence become more in sync with the greater good and you realize that this is bringing you closer to your ultimate goals of finding peace of mind, freedom and complete joy and happiness.

On a deeper level, you begin to feel lighter and more at ease. In your deep core memory, you search and see that your space is becoming reclaimed by you and that all things left within your black book are positive and  continue to fuel your engine of personal development and growth.

This little black book will always stay with you and be a reminder of the connections you have made in your life along with the empty spaces left for those that are coming into your life in future times. You have at your disposal an entire directory of wonderful memories and experiences that you can examine over and over any time you choose.

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