Akashic Records and Forgiveness with Author Robin Clare

Please enjoy a short transcription from one of our recent broadcasts with guest, Robin Clare.


Akashic Records

Debbie: When we take a look at Akashic Records, tell our audience a little bit about what the records are for those that may not be familiar.

Robin:   Yes, I certainly will. So, when I started on my spiritual journey, maybe about 12 years ago, when I started to think about spirituality, I started to wonder, you know I always believed in the core of who I am, that we are a soul having a physical body experience. And, so that our soul comes into our body at some point in the birth process. I’m not going to touch that one because that’s a very hot, controversial topic, but when the soul comes into the body, the soul makes a decision that it wants to incarnate into this lifetime for whatever reason that is. I’ve always been interested in the soul which led me to the Akashic Records which I found very interesting because in my studies, what I have learned is that the Akashic Records are where the soul lives when it’s not in the physical body. And so it holds the records of our past, present and future lives.

So what I do in my private practice, is I work with people to read their Akashic Records and what it will tell us is what happened in a past life, like why are they back? And what is that they came here to learn? And how has this lifetime impacted them? One of the most beautiful things I’ve learned is that everything we have done in this lifetime, there are no mistakes. We haven’t gone down wrong paths. Everything has brought to exactly where we are today. Everything was part of the lessons, let’s say, for lack of a better term, that our souls were looking to learn in this lifetime, and if we were to expand that, whatever we learn on the soul level, is brought back to the collective energy of all souls. Or, what I refer to in my practice as all-being which is the collective energy of mankind and all other beings that grace this planet and other dimensions.

Me: Yeah it’s really interesting too, to think about that. That’s quite powerful to think that, as we graduate beyond this body, and we return to the other side, that this is where we dwell. What would we expect, and perhaps you may be able to answer this; when we do cross over, and we encompass all of that information, and we become aware of that, what would our process be like?

Robin: Are you saying, what is our process for when we cross over?

Debbie: Correct. As far as you said when we cross over and we are in the Akashic Records with access to all of that information.

Robin: That’s an interesting question and the best way I think I can answer that, because I really don’t know the answer. I only know what I have experienced, or what I’ve heard other people experienced. There’s a wonderful new book out from a Neurosurgeon; Proof of Heaven. It’s a great book! It’s very, very interesting because here’s this Neuroscientist who, prior to going into his coma, and being taken to the very depth of Heaven or Universal Consciousness, would never, ever have told somebody that there was anything beyond the physical body, or the consciousness, or the consciousness that we can see in our five senses because he was such a scientist. But then they sent the scientist off into the all-being so that he could  come back and say, whoa, hold the phone! There’s something much grander out there so it’s very interesting for me to read his perspective now because it really jives with everything that I ever thought it was.

So one of the things that I do in my private practice that I went through myself, was what’s called the Heart’s Temple Ceremony. And that is when I work with my clients and this is a premise that everyone on the planet has had their hearts broken or shattered on some level, and this is a forgiveness process where we return the pieces of our energetic heart, now, right at this very moment so that we can go through the forgiveness process, now, not when we cross over, and then live our lives from this place of energetic wholeness. Having gone through the  forgiveness process whether it’s in person or not with this person, energetically, you’ve taken care of that. I actually believe that is what does happen when we cross over. I think we have to resolve any issues energetically from this lifetime that we need to, to make amends on a soul level. I feel so blessed to be able to do that work with people here on the Earth plane so that they don’t have to carry that for the rest of their lives. What they do from this point on is really up to them, but at least they can clear up to this point.

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