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We recently did an interview with Merrie Lynn Ross on behalf of child advocacy and solutions for bullying. Here is a brief transcript of our segment.


Peace Smarts

Debbie: What an important topic, in light of many events that have come to surface within the last ten plus years. And when we look at bullying, especially in schools and different types of institutions and structures, what inspired you to bring this together for this to be a passion for you to work with?

Merrie: Well back in the day; and I say that because we did start this in 1995. As we know, bullying is not anything new. But the level of violence that we’re seeing is something new. And as a film producer, I say new, and I mean tragically new. I’d like to emphasize that because somehow as we progress, we notice that certain norms get broken and once they’re broken, that’s when we start seeing these copy-cat events that are taking place where these become options. And when I was starting to say back in the day, it was something very simple in a sense that triggered me. It wasn’t a whole huge plethora of situations that were going on. I was visiting my sons third grade classroom and I noticed a little girl who was lying on the grass in a little area that they could be in because it was still fenced in. And I walked up to her, and she was chewing on the bark of a tree. I couldn’t believe it. I knew the little girl so I picked her up and I took her to the office. Continue Reading

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