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Please enjoy a short transcription from one of our recent broadcasts with guest, Robin Clare.


Akashic Records

Debbie: When we take a look at Akashic Records, tell our audience a little bit about what the records are for those that may not be familiar.

Robin:   Yes, I certainly will. So, when I started on my spiritual journey, maybe about 12 years ago, when I started to think about spirituality, I started to wonder, you know I always believed in the core of who I am, that we are a soul having a physical body experience. And, so that our soul comes into our body at some point in the birth process. I’m not going to touch that one because that’s a very hot, controversial topic, but when the soul comes into the body, the soul makes a decision that it wants to incarnate into this lifetime for whatever reason that is. I’ve always been interested in the soul which led me to the Akashic Records which I found very interesting because in my studies, what I have learned is that the Akashic Records are where the soul lives when it’s not in the physical body. And so it holds the records of our past, present and future lives.

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