Using Medical Astrology to Help Heal the Mind, Body and Spirit

 Can Medical Astrology help your mind, body and spirit heal?


My name is Borgi Rudder, and I have been an Astrologer for twenty five years. I have also studied about herbs all of my life. When I was growing up we used the herbs for medicine because we didn’t have money to pay for a Doctor. My Father’s family was from Canada and that was a way of life for his family. When I saw the connection between Astrology and medicine, it made sense to me. After reading the book , “Astrology, Nutrition and Health” by Robert Carl Jansky, I became very involved in Medical Astrology.

Astrology can show the personality, the likes and dislikes, and the temperament of a person. It can show the weak areas of the body. While I am not a Medical Astrologer I study it and use it to keep my body in balance. I would like to quote from a paper written by Christians Northrup, M.D. and Dr. Mona Lisa Shulz. “A body of research supports the notion that particular temperaments predispose an individual to certain types of illnesses. Consider, for example, the “type A” personality and heart disease, or the connection between perfectionism and migraine headaches. Studies also document that certain illnesses occur more frequently in people born in a certain month of the year. Schizophrenia, for example, is more common in those born during the winter months. We are all indeed part of a great universe and we are all affected by the planets and constellations.”

Astrology has been used for medical purposes since the time of the Chaldean Priest Physicians of 2000-1000 B.C. and was used by those who founded modern medicine. It was used up until the 18th century, even in the U.S. Great care should be taken here and you should never attempt to practice medical Astrology without a medical license. You can use it though, as I do, on yourself as long as you also seek medical help.

There are doctors who do work with Medical Astrologers and it is my hope that this will someday become a common practice. From your astrological natal chart, you can determine the state of health of the body, mind and spirit. With great accuracy, it can show the constitutional makeup of an individual including the resistance of the immune system, and the weaknesses in different areas of the body. The horoscope can show a predispositioned hypersensitivity to medication and environmental pollutants. In the chart we look for the condition of Neptune to the other planets. Neptune rules illnesses that are hard to diagnose. With the placement of Neptune we can see if there are any psychological problems of hypersensitivity to medications. These people do better with homeopathic remedies. They are susceptible to infection, addiction and allergies. This is where the Medical Astrologer can help. For example, if Neptune is on the eastern side of the chart ( in astrology it is the left side of the chart) it suggests a highly sensitive mind and body link. They are more susceptible than others. I’m sure you have all seen the charts in the Farmer’s Almanac showing a picture of the body with planets lined up next to the part of the body they rule. For example, Aries rules the head. Taurus rules the neck. And Gemini rules the lungs, etc. In astrology we use sign polarities (a sign and the sign it is opposite to). So when using the sun sign Aries, you would also use the sign Libra. Aries rules the head and all it encompasses, except for the lower jaw (ruled by Taurus). Libra rules the kidneys and the lower back. You will need to read all of these two signs. Aries can bring on stress as it is an action energy and this could put stress on the kidneys. With astrology you can determine the best days to have an elective surgery. The influence of the Moon and the sign it is in can show days when you can hemorrhage, especially on the full Moon. Your own astrological chart (blueprint) can highlight not only physical but psychological weak spots, and also show you what method of healing to use to help your body return to its natural state.

There a lot of good books on Medical Astrology although not all Astrologers agree on all of the aspects. They have different ideas and different ways to use the chart but all come to the same conclusions. Jansky talks about proteins and diet, carbohydrates and metabolism, fats in the diet, enzymes, body catalysts, hormones, chemical messengers, vitamins, minerals and cell salts for all aspects, signs and houses.

 I hope I have encouraged the reader to take a look at Medical Astrology or maybe use it in some way. If more people would go to a Medical Astrologer and then take that information to their doctor we may be able to bring back the old medical ways for balancing the body.

Medical Astrology

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