Circle of Protection

A circle of protection can be created for many things such as around a home, office, sacred space, geographical location, and of course ourselves. A complete circle of protection prevents unwanted energies from attaching or penetrating the space within.

How does it work?

A circle of protection holds a very specific vibrational signature that acts as a barrier. And this can be created just through thoughts, visualizations and intentions. It can also be infused with physical gestures such as ritual ceremonies, placing physical objects, crystals, charms etc., in the space that is intended to be protected.

For this exercise, we’ll focus exclusively on the energetic component of visualizations.

If you have felt vulnerable to dark thoughts, negativity being projected onto you by others, or just felt blah, doing a circle of protection can really help you shed those dark clouds which can offer you clarity going forward. Think of a rainstorm that happens in the forest. From afar, fog can build up which limits the view. The rain is dreary, cold, and unsettling. Doing a circle of protection acts as rays of sunlight to cut through the fog and lift the density which provides a clear view for a longer distance.

One of the most profound reasons to establish a circle of protection is to force a disconnection of an unwanted attachment. Attachments can be formed to places as well as people. These attachments can be from Spirits, or people still living. If you suspect that you or someone you love is being influenced by something negative, you can perform a circle of protection to break the bonds that this attachment has made, which makes your bond stronger than what’s trying to cause harm or sabotage.

If you’re looking to help protect someone you love, start here:

(Keep in mind that free will matters and if we are intending to help someone that rejects it, the circle won’t work. If a person is incapacitated or too young to help themselves, you can ask their soul for permission through psychic connection. As always, maintain integrity and truthful intent.)

Be sure to be in a place of quiet and concentration where you will not be interrupted. Do not do this while multitasking until you become adept at it. Distractions and interruptions can weaken your connection and follow through. It can also cause you to become too distracted to perform the tasks you’re working on. It is important to do this while you have privacy and are not interacting with other people, especially people who are not meant to be part of the visualization.

Find a way to sit comfortably or lay down. You can preface this by meditating with a
crystal, music, or a light Smudge. Put yourself in a position of comfort so that you can work telepathically and mentally without having to pay attention to your surroundings or what your body is doing. Be sure you are also comfortable temperature wise. Some energy work and meditation exercises can cause shifts in the temperature of the room. So be sure to dress in layers if needed.

When you are ready to begin, picture yourself sitting in a circle with your loved one you wish to offer protection to. Picture a vibrant white light connecting you two through the heart space and enclosing you together in a circle of protection. Picture this white light in the shape of a circle, and watch it oscillate between you. As you watch it, feel it amplify. Feel it go faster and faster until it begins to sing. The song is a vibrational frequency and tone of the universal collective consciousness. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibrational signature. The higher the vibration, the more of a veil of separation you will create as a natural gap between higher and lower vibrations form.

Watch this circle of light oscillate until you can no longer hold your attention to it. Allow yourself to relax and come back to center before you get up and go about your day. It is best to do this while you are not too tired in order to prevent you from falling asleep during the process, especially if you are not trained to hold attention for longer periods of time in a meditative mindset.

Take your time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself! If you are just beginning, you may only be able to focus on this for a couple minutes at a time. The more you do this, the longer you will be able to hold attention to it.

As an example, when I did this years ago to protect my son from a Spirit we had in our home who was causing him night terrors when he slept, I did it for so long that people close to me had dreams about it. One friend in particular had a daughter wake up in the middle of the night to see a circle of white light on her bedroom floor! The projection was so strong that is transferred to the subconsciousness of other people connected to me. People close to you might experience similar things. They may suddenly sense a presence, and they may sense you too. The important thing is to stay focused exclusively on the person or people you are intending on initiating protection for.

If you are doing this just for yourself, instead of visualizing this circle connecting you and someone else through the heart space, picture the circle oscillating around you. You can picture multiple circles that oscillate through or around your Chakra’s which will naturally raise your vibrational frequency to a signature so fast and high that it will create a veil of separation between you and anything negative trying to attach to you.

Before you finish this exercise if you are doing this just for you, keep in mind that the
bigger you make your circle, the farther you are going to project your auric field. This is a fantastic exercise for those wanting to intensify their psychic receptivity. If you are naturally sensitive and want to shield yourself from being overstimulated, you can picture the circles completely encasing you like a bubble or sphere and make it large. It’s like exhaling all the energy you don’t want and you are keeping it far away from you to give you breathing room.

If you are doing this for self protection this is a fantastic exercise to do if you have had a bad day or are especially prone to the negativity of other people emotions.

Please note that if you are naturally sensitive, you are going to want to remain very grounded during this exercise to prevent any telekinetic discharge that can affect your electrical devices, tv’s, computers, glassware, pipes etc. The important thing is to gently release the energy that circulates through you before you quit the exercise. This will also help to prevent headaches, dizziness or a feeling of “floating” which can leave people accident prone or short of breath.

© Debbie Edwards

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