Connect With Your Spirit Guide by Using These Techniques

We are all equipped with the innate ability to communicate with one another and our environment using a language of energy beyond the veil of our five physical senses of Taste, Touch, Hearing, Smelling, and Seeing with our physical body. Our innate ability also includes communicating with those in the Spirit world such as our Guides and departed Loved Ones. So, whether or not you have experience with Spirit Communication or are just curious and want to explore this further, this tutorial is for you!

My intention is to provide a safe, healthy, and positive environment for you so you can explore your natural sensitivities at your own pace in your own way. It has been my lifelong pursuit to understand and interact with the Spirit world, so I can impart my experiences to you, and help you learn how to do it too.


Yes. We are energetic beings who communicate energetically, just like all life on our precious world but not all of us use it intentionally. And that’s okay! Encounters with the Spirit world, Telepathy, Precognition, Telekinesis, Astral Travel, receiving Visions or having Empathy largely depend on whether or not someone recognizes it’s happening. Most of us have experiences but dismiss them to be something else. And that’s the key here because in reality, many of these experiences are subtle, so they’re often overlooked.

We spend so much time comparing ourselves to each other, that we have unintentionally developed a skepticism of the existence of hearing, seeing, feeling, thinking, smelling and touching things outside the typical range of our five physical senses. Yet, those supernatural experiences are very much natural!

Think of how elephants can emit a low vibrational tone that is far below human hearing, where they can communicate with each other over long distances, covering over a mile on average. If a human were to claim to do that, they’d be laughed out of the room. But why? Elephants can do that. It’s very much a regular natural capability.

Think of how a house fly perceives movement at a different rate of speed than humans; have you ever wondered why they can always someone see your hand coming when you try to swipe them away? They always seem to get away before they get squashed, unless they are dying. That’s because to the fly, humans move incredibly slow. They perceive movement at a faster rate of speed, and therefore anything that moves at our pace, is perceived to be moving in slow motion. Getting away from our swiping hand is quite easy because of how time moves differently for them. So, what if I told you that you can develop the same ability as the fly. Would you think that is outrageous or impossible? Does it defy the law of physics? No, not really. Accessing your brains capability to do things beyond its typical capability can be learned.

What people often assume is supernatural, really is natural. It’s just a dormant capability that many of us don’t use. And nature reminds us that adaptation can be used for many things, including developing our innate ability to communicate and interact on a heightened energetic level.

You are a soul inside of a physical vehicle for now. That means your soul, in its natural state, is capable of experiencing things beyond the limitations of your physical body. By training your body and your brain to adapt, you can utilize things within yourself that you already naturally possess.

Encounters with the Spirit world largely depend on whether or not the living person matches the vibration of their Guide. For those who vibrate in a more grounded frequency, they tend to be just a bit too far out of range for the departed to get through and make contact. Think of it like a two-way radio where each person walks in the opposite direction; eventually the signal becomes lost once the radios are out of range of each other.

With that said, everyone can learn how to attune themselves vibrationally to experience Spirit interactions with their guides. Everyone’s vibration is different. Therefore, different exercises will help different people. Patience and openness are key! But especially, readiness determines whether or not we experience something. Our guides in Spirit will only come to us when we’re ready.


Think of Spirit Guides like an escort or trail guide. They are experienced and can help us avoid pitfalls along the way of life. They can help us understanding things outside of our scope of vision, and explain things to us as we go along. Guides in Spirit are also fierce protectors. They act as personal body guards as we explore the vast expanse of the Spirit World, and help us on our journey in by providing safe passage.

We have multiple guides that will show up to work with us in life. Some will tackle specific situations so you may see a rotation of guides as you go through different lessons in life. We do typically have a master guide that oversees the training of the other guides we work with. Guides are typically human souls that have incarnated enough times to no longer need incarnations to help us.

Spirit guides are often part of our soul group and we rotate on who incarnates, and who guides the other person. Sometimes our guide is our soul twin, sometimes soulmates (we have more than one), and sometimes it’s our ancestors, depending on what we’re dealing with at the time. Sometimes our guides are Ascended Masters, Deities, Angels, Archangels or highly evolved non human sentient beings, that choose to work with us to help us develop specific parts of our ability, tackle our life lessons, and aid us with critical tests to help us evolve on a soul level towards our Ascension process.


To understand how your body and brain becomes attuned to its Psychic self to communicate with the Spirit world, we need to cover the basic first. These are the typical ways in which energy is exchanged when Psychic experiences to occur.

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)
• Clairsentience (Clear Feeling)
• Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)
• Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing/Vision)
• Clairalience (Clear Smelling)

Claircognizance is like recalling a memory that is not your own. It is also similar to the process of how the mind develops a voice, narration, and visually picturing a scene while reading a book. The longer we can hold our attention to the experience, the more information can be exchanged. This typically occurs during Telepathy, which is the mental exchange of information between people who have no other means of communication.

Claircognizance can also occur by knowing things that weren’t learned any other way than just “knowing” them. This can happen by knowing about a city or a town without ever having been there. It can happen while driving, and just knowing how to get somewhere without using GPS or having directions prior. It could even be knowing how to spell or pronounce a complicated word or name.

Clairsentience is like feeling the feelings of other people. Empathy is one of the most profound ways in which this happens. The Empath will become physically affected by the emotions or health of others. Empaths often can feel or sense where something tragic occurred, or if someone is sick. They can sense if a person is mentally unwell, or happy too. This can occur between people who are living, or between people who are both living and departed. For example, an Empath can drive down the freeway just fine until they come up on a section that always seems to give them anxiety, make them feel unsettled and even cry. Looking further, they might discover that a fatal car crash happened there and they are feeling the residual energies of the trauma.

However, there are many more ways in which Clairsentience occurs. It can happen by sensing someone from behind but turning around to see nobody is there. It happens by sensing the departed, or even sensing the presence of people who are living, but aren’t physically present at the moment. Feeling things that you can identify without any other method of identifying, but can later prove, is part of the experience too. Sensing what is happening to someone far away can also happen. This is where Precognition comes into play as well; sensing things before they happen.

Clairaudience often occurs in short bursts where someone hears their name being called out but nobody else is there. It could come in hearing whispers of people talking, or hearing music playing even though there is no radio or TV on. Sometimes the sound that is being heard is only in the persons mind, but is clear enough to be interpreted as physically audible.

Clairvoyance is one of the most common ways in which Psychics perceive energy or spirits. To simplify the differences between the other types of energy sensitivity that’s being mentioned, I’m going to talk about Clairvoyance as seeing things beyond normal range of vision especially. Clairvoyance is most commonly described as the ability to see, hear, know, sense and smell things outside the five physical senses through the art of having visions. They can come through meditation or unexpected simple flashes that are triggered by a variety of things.

Clairvoyance is often described intermixed with the ability of Precognition, much like Claircognizance, where someone can have visions of the future or receive general information Psychically. Many of these categories tend to get lumped together with the overall description of Clairvoyance, but it’s important know their distinctions so you can be more precise when you work with them.

Clairalience is the ability to smell things without them physically being there. Scent is the strongest thing attached to memory, and spirits or other people can use scent to communicate energetically with each other. This is different than just remembering what something smelled like. This is having the experience of actually smelling something, even for a split moment, in an energetic state.

For example, you may suddenly smell strawberries and a few hours later your coworker comes in with strawberry cake for everyone. Or you may smell cigar smoke when there is no physical cause for it. It brings back memories of your grandfather that smoked cigars and you realize you were just thinking of him earlier. The smell of his cigar was his way of letting you know he was there, thinking of you too.

Clairalience typically comes with the ability to taste things too. They are often intermixed. So for example, if someone overdosed on morphine, they could communicate that to me by sharing a metallic taste in my mouth. Or like if your best friend is a coffee lover and is urgently needing to talk to someone, you may suddenly have a craving for coffee or smell it in the air although there’s no coffee brewing.

Scent is often used by the departed to communicate with us from the Other Side. But it also comes to us as parts of Precognition too. We may learn of future events simply by getting a whiff of it. That could even resonate with tragic events too like suddenly smelling gunpowder or a match, and then later on learning someone was shot, or someone survived a house fire. It could also happen right before you meet someone new who just came from that situation. Their energy ends up projecting that very scent because of how strongly they are emotionally tethered to the event.


A simple way to describe the experience of communicating with Spirit Guides, is like recalling a memory that is not my own and in order to keep communication, we must both stay focused and attentive to the memory we are experiencing. It is also similar to the process of how the mind develops a voice, narration, and visually picturing a scene while reading a book. The longer we can hold our attention to the experience, the more information can be exchanged.

Think of Spirit Communication like plugging in a fan and watching what happens to the fan blades at different speeds. When the fan is off, all fan blades are easy to recognize. The edges, the color, and shape of the blades are identifiable. But, when the fan is turned on to the first setting and blades move, our eyes perceive the blades as a blurred out scene. We can’t see the blades but we can’t see the background behind the fan either. When we turn the fan on the high setting, the blades appear to disappear, and although the scene is still a bit blurry, the background behind the fan becomes somewhat visible. Now imagine a setting higher than that to where the blades appear completely dissolved and the background behind the fan is easy to make out in graphic detail. The blades still exist and they are all individually intact. But they appear to be gone. They are perceived to be transparent, as if they’re not there at all. That is because they are moving at a faster rate of speed and our physical eyes cannot perceive or view them individually anymore.

However, imagine that time sped up and your body moved at the same speed as the highest setting on the fan. The blades would once again appear to be solid and stationery. That is because vibrationally, your perception of awareness is moving at the same speed at the blades. Spirit encounters are the same way. Spirit energy vibrates at a higher rate of frequency than our 3D physical world. The only reason most of us do not see Spirits or at least don’t see them for very long, is because vibrationally we are too dense and slow to perceive them. They are there. They share our world. But they are not generally visible by the naked eye.

If we learn how to vibrate at a higher frequency, we can bring our higher self into alignment to not only perceive Spirits, but communicate with them as well. Vibrationally, we move closer to the speed at which Spirits vibrate.

Another way of describing it is like taking a reel of film and speeding it up or slowing it down. If we speed it up, the scenes move so fast they blur. If we slow it down, the scene moves so slow it appears to stand still. But if we play the film at the same speed our eyes can perceive it, we will experience it in real time and all scenes will be visible.

Our Spirit Guides do everything they can to meet us where we are. But as we work to meet them where they are, a deeper and more detailed connection can occur.

The best first step will be developing a relationship with your guide by asking them to introduce themselves to you in a meditation or visualization.


The best way to distinguish between a guide and something as an imposter are pretty easy to tell. There are several ways to tell the difference if you are in fact connecting with your guide.

Your guide will always look you in the eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul. They will not conceal themselves to you. If they do, they are hiding something. It’s the same as lying. It’s like body language; if they hide their face or don’t let you look at them in the eyes, they are hiding their identity or the truth.

Your guide will always give you information that will benefit you, not frighten you, or make you sacrifice your values, morals, or ethics.

Your guide will have to prove him or herself and when you invite them to work with you, do so by demanding that ONLY truth is allowed to enter your space. There will be spirits that will definitely try to persuade you and shapeshift to take on the appearance of those you do trust as an attempt to hijack the connection or deceive you. So it’s imperative you test them on a regular basis, and if they don’t pass the test, don’t take their advice.

The other side is actually quite organized and has a complex system and standard of rules for interacting with the living.


An exercise that can help you do that is the step method. I recommend for people to visualize a set of steps in front of them that lead up. It could be a long staircase or short. And I recommend that each person makes it appear personal to them. Each step represents a vibrational level. Each level is a higher vibration than the last. As you step up each step, you can feel a buzzing in your body as your body relaxes, and your subconscious self steps into the drivers seat of your conscious attention. With each step, the environment gets lighter and lighter, with a gorgeous living light that is represented by the collective consciousness and universal Spirit.

When you get to the top of the staircase, there a door. This door leads to a realm where your higher self and your Guides in Spirit can communicate together. This is a sacred space for you that belongs only to you. You have authority to guard your space and only allow those in by invitation. This is a safe space where you can connect on a deeper subconscious level with your Guide.

The key to remember here is that high vibrational frequencies automatically push out anything that vibrates in a lower frequency. Naturally, high and low vibrations cannot coexist with equal access to you so long as you keep your attention to the higher realm. Vibrationally higher and lower frequencies will be drawn apart, and a natural veil of separation will occur between them. This gap will provide protection from anything that resonates in a lower vibration. Truth resonates at a high vibration. So you can trust what comes through, because it will be honest.

You’ll notice the same is true for human nature. Negative people struggle to be in the presence of positive people and vice versa. We attract what we project so if you demand that only truth is allowed to enter, then those energies must abide by spiritual law and either adhere to this law or it cannot enter. Negativity cannot influence or reach you in a high vibrational space.

Once you go through the door, ask your Guide in Spirit to come and introduce themselves. Do not try to assume what or who that will be so your experience is objective and pure. Usually almost immediately, someone will step forward. Are they male or female? Are they androgynous? Are they old, young, or in between? Are they human? What are they wearing? Notice everything and write it all down. It all means something, no matter how small.

Next, picture them wearing a name tag. What name have they given you to introduce themselves? Hold your attention to that as long as you can to get a clear view.

The purpose of this visualization is to have an introduction so you can call on them directly. This helps to establish identity and in time you will recognize their energetic soul signature even if you don’t see them.


You don’t have to do anything else with the vision if you can’t hold your attention any longer. But if you want to, you can advance the exercise by asking your guide to show you what you need to see. Pay attention to everything; the climate, the setting, their gestures, or any other energies that come into your space.

You can also incorporate something else that I like to call the Theater or Chalkboard exercise.

While in your meditative space, visualize your guide standing next to either a white Theater Screen, or a Teachers Chalkboard. This could be a dry erase board too, if that helps. The idea is to visualize a blank space that is large enough for your Guide to show you things on it to relay a message.

Keep in mind that dialogue is discouraged during this exercise initially because the brain dilutes and reroutes dialogue easily, which can confuse or complicate a message because it accesses a different part of our cognition than imagery does. We want to keep the exercise in the right hemisphere of the brain as possible. Critical or analytical thinking puts us in a different vibrational state and we may lose the connection if we try to complicate it with dialogue or analyze verbiage. Omitting dialogue also gives guides the ability to communicate beyond taught verbal languages. It won’t matter if a Guide speaks German or Portuguese, you’ll still get the message if your exchange is in pictures.

Ask your guide to show you what you need to see and something should appear on that blank surface. Maybe it’s a memory. Maybe it’s a drawing. Maybe it’s words or a sentence, or a scene that is meant to convey a simple message, or help you digest something important with your higher self.

At first, if you’re not used to holding attention to something like this for very long, the experience may be very short and feel choppy. That’s completely natural and typical! It takes time to train your mind to stay focused on a visualization like that.

When you are ready to end the exercise, you can thank them for coming, and close out the visualization by going back out the door, and closing it behind you, so as to protect your space and complete the exercise.

It is important to ground yourself afterward to realign your auric field and Chakra system with your physical body. You can do this by simply picturing yourself coming back down the steps. You can also visualize yourself standing with your back against a tree and ask the tree to ground you. Trees are able to help ground us because they have an aura much like a human; it is egg shaped and oval, only much larger, and it is plugged into the Earths geomagnetic energy field through its roots.

Visualize your aura bonding with the tree, and then visualize your energy oscillating in a vertical motion from your crown Chakra down through your body, and out through your feet. Picturing it bleeding down into the ground. This will connect you with the Earths geomagnetic energy field which vibrates at a denser slower frequency. Visualize this same energy coming back up from the Earth until it hovers over you, and then goes back down into your body through your Crown Chakra. This will keep you from getting a headache, feeling nauseas or jittery after your Spirit Guide exercise.


It is very important to build a relationship with your guide in Spirit by asking them to deliver signs to you that you can easily identify. This builds trust and self confidence that it is working and it is real.

The best way to ask for a sign is to choose something personal and specific that is important to you that corresponds directly to your Guide. This could be their name, a nickname, an Animal Totem that reminds you of them, a specific song, or something identifiable. When you ask for this sign, do not tell anyone else you have done that in order to avoid them unintentionally or intentionally contaminating it.

For example, when I was learning to do this, I woke up one day and asked my guide to bring me a sign. I heard him answer me by telling me I was going to hear his name by the end of the day. By then, I had been in regular interaction with him which had progressed to dialogue. That entire day I ran errands and was out and about. The hours came and went, and nothing happened. I thought maybe I had misheard him. I wasn’t sure. Towards the evening I started to feel a bit deflated and discouraged, so I chose to go out to dinner and hit the book store after to look around to get my mind off of it. I told nobody what was said to me because I wanted to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. There is no substitute for personal experience.

Dinner was decent and the bookstore was okay but it was nearing the time they were about to close and I had no choice but to wrap it up to get ready to go home. I was working my way down the CD aisle when a young boy ran past me. He turned around and looked back at me with the biggest smile! He could have been the spitting image of my guide as a little boy. No sooner did the boy turn back around that I heard his mother shout his name from several aisles over. It was my guides name! That was unmistakable. Not a single person in that store didn’t hear her shout his name.

Signs will come to you in very small ways most of the time in your waking life. The important thing to not overlook is that signs must be requested with instructions. If you ask your Guides to give you a sign, it helps to choose what that sign is! Otherwise, you’ll never know if they’ve tried to come through or not for you. Asking for a sign but not saying what that sign is, will create too much guesswork for you.

An example could be asking for a blue butterfly. Let’s say that was your favorite thing as a child, and anytime you see a blue butterfly, you know your guide is communicating with you directly. So by asking for that, you are initiating a conversation between you. Think of it like old school snail mail. It takes several days or even a week or two for a letter to get to the person you’re writing. And vice versa. So the best thing you can do is ask for the specific sign, and not put a time stamp demand on it because delivering a sign requires intervening with and manipulating the physical world.

Now let’s say a few days go by and you receive a postcard in the mail from a friend. And when you take a closer look, you discover the stamp she used has a blue butterfly on it. Well hello Spirit Guide! Nice to hear from you!

Or let’s say you go to the grocery store and a little girl walks in front of you with her mom. You see that she is wearing an adorable pair of leggings with blue butterflies all over them. You think that maybe it’s just you searching for the sign so you try and dismiss it as you making a sign fit that isn’t for you. Okay, that makes perfect sense! We don’t want to claim something that isn’t for us in order to make something fit. Especially once we ask for something, it tends to happen that we see it everywhere. But then the little girl goes to walk down an aisle by herself and her mother calls out to her to stop her from getting too far, and that’s when you hear that she has the same name as your Guide! Now that’s a sign. Recognizing the difference between wishful thinking and an actual sign takes discernment.


Sometimes we just need to know everything is going to be okay. Sometimes we need help with something because we don’t know what to do, so we say a prayer or ask our Guide to tell us what to do. They hear everything we say. They hear our cries, or tears, our pleas. But there is a code of ethics and spiritual law they must abide by, that prohibits them from making our decision for us. They are prohibited from telling us what to do if it removes our decision-making process. They are meant to lead, to nurture, to guide us by showing us our pathways, but they cannot tell us which path to choose.

They CAN however, give us warnings if something should put us at risk or cause us unnecessary hardship, pain, or danger. They can show us our future and help us make the right choices for our highest good. And that is where it’s vital for us to be open and receptive on a regular basis to our Guide’s presence, so we can receive these warnings when they’re needed.


If we are asking our Guides for help about our own personal matters, they do their best to show us their support by sending us vibrations of love. We may experience Dream Visitations that can help us sort that out. Dream Visitations are different from typical dreams that deal with our own emotions or everyday life situations. Visitations are vivid, lucid, and are very memorable no matter how much time goes by afterward. Visitations often do not include dialogue but they do often include telepathic communication. It is common for our Guides to share thoughts with us or extend gestures of love, support, forgiveness, or making peace through telepathic exchange. Sometimes this happens just by “knowing” what they are saying or want to say when interacting with them in the dream state. Sometimes it happens through hearing their voice in your head but not seeing their mouth move.

An easy way to receive a visit is to simply ask them while you’re in a meditative state, or even before bedtime while you’re thinking of them. You can ask for something specific but the important part is that you reach out to them to make the connection. Most often we expect our Guides to do all the heavy lifting during communicating with us, but we have to be just as much a part of the process and make as much effort if it’s going to be successful.

Dreams are often the first and most universal way that the departed can reach us because while we are dreaming, our subconscious self takes over and our conscious analytical mind shuts down. In our dream state, we are more open minded and our brains can put a picture to everything that is being conveyed.

To keep track of dreams, it’s important to have a dream dictionary and dream journal beside your bed so you can keep track of your dreams. Especially if a dream comes in the middle of the night, it’s helpful to have a journal within reach so it can be recorded quickly, which hopefully won’t interrupt sleep for the rest of the night.

The most vivid dreams tend to come in the last couple of hours before getting up for the day due to the REM stages of sleep. It is best to be able to wake up naturally if possible, without an alarm or interruptions, to allow for the best dreams to come.


The best results will come from repeating the same exercises until it feels natural and easy to achieve the same results of connection without as much effort. Keeping a daily journal will help you record what you experience, so you can build from there.

© Debbie Edwards

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