Cougars in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

When a cougar appears in our dreams, it is reminding us to pay attention to specific details in our lives that at the present moment we may be overlooking.

Here are some common interpretations to a cougar appearing in your dream.

Personal Power: There is no mistaking that a cougar is a powerful animal. It relies on its instinct and experiences through trial and error to trust its own knowing which brings it into alignment with a strong sense of personal power. And personal power, often, is gained by understanding the cycles of its own timing. Knowing when to strike or when to be still can mean the difference of death or survival.

Owning ones personal power means standing as a lone example at times and standing for what one believes. Cougar is observant and moves steadily through the forests and mountains, and does so by itself aside from mating season. It embraces the energy of nature and uses the trees as a camouflage. It is completely aware in its own natural element and does not need the protection of a group to survive. It does however; need the experience of honing its skills and disciplining its strengths. So most of its adolescence will be spent learning the ways of its environment in order to master it for survival.

This teaches us we are becoming masters of survival and skill and are being reminded to stay focused, and know that even if we have to accomplish something while flying solo, it will teach us how to be self reliant and gain our own strength of personal power.

Sustainability: Cougars track their pray. Their territory depends largely on the the availability of wild game and oftentimes, they follow migrating herds of deer, elk or even smaller game such as hares and porcupine. Instead of exclusively being just an opportunist such as a coyote, the cougar uses its intelligence and experience of trial and error to perfect its hunting skills over its vast territory. This gives the Cougar a path to self sustainability and self reliance.

It also reminds us of the need for adaptation at times and to go with flow, like cougars do by following migrating herds. Knowing when to move and how can mean the difference between abundance or lack. To be sustainable also represents a need to trust ones intuitive knowing and visions. Cougars have an incredible sense of sight and notices even the smallest movements in its environment. It is aware. And it is reminding us to be aware of our surroundings and to take notice of even the smallest changes that can affect the bigger picture.

Overall, the cougar reminds us to be wise in our use of personal power and to know when to say yes to opportunities or when to be reserved. It reminds us to pay attention to our own timing and be flexible in the event we are needing to adapt in order to survive or achieve sustainability.

© Debbie Edwards

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