DOWNED POWER LINES in Dreams – Interpretations and Meanings

Power lines simply speak about energy, power, and electricity yet there is something much deeper to the meaning of them when they appear in dreams. So listed below are common in-depth interpretations to the variations of downed power lines.

On a Street

A downed line on a street can represent a force or power that has interrupted a person’s path to many things as a result of something outside their control. Paved streets represent a path well traveled which is something familiar to the dreamer. Depending on the condition of the street will determine what type of pathway it is, positive or destructive.

If the street is smoothly paved with bold lines that are easy to spot, yet there are dangerous power lines down that get in the way, this tells me that the dreamer is reaching a point in which they are being interrupted by competition or the intentions of other people. If there are multiple lines down, this tells me that this situation is on a larger scale that can be community oriented. An example would be higher taxes or gas prices that are getting in the way of the road to success that has been so clearly marked for the dreamer is his or her life.

If the street is littered with debris from a storm and the lines are mixed into the aftermath, this would tell me that it is an unexpected delay or hazard in the person’s path that they need to be very careful and attentive to. Paying close attention to detail is the key to avoiding something that can strike or zap the person of their vital energy or resources.

If the street is a residential street that is near the dreamers home and the downed lines obstruct their pathway home or even out of the home, this tells me the interruption will personally affect their intimate relationships. For example, say the dreamer’s spouse loses his job which interrupts their ability to pay bills, and it could be a warning to pay attention to what energetic storm is coming their way.

If the dreamer is walking down the street and is able to step over the downed lines, this shows that they are innovative and are able to overcome even the most hazardous situation that could be a life or death situation.

At a Job Site

When a dreamer experiences downed power lines at a job site or company in which they work, this tells the dreamer that there is a shift going on in the workplace. If the dreamer isn’t personally affected by the loss of power in the dream, then it’s an indication that even though there may be job cuts or downsizing in some form, they are unaffected and can be reassured. If however, the loss of power and downed lines obstruct the dreamer at their place of work, then it is to take it as a sign that their job security is in question so it’s best to pay close attention to what changes are going on.

If there is a huge storm at the job site and the downed power lines cut power to the job site where all employees are adversely affected, this would be an indication of a store or job closure, bankruptcy or economical hardship. If the downed lines and loss of power come but there is an emotion of celebration and joy, then it would be a sign that potentially there is a merger that leads to more success or that the boss who has been in power is stepping down to allow that position to open up to another.


Power lines can also represent a chain of command for political power, as well as corporate power and depending on how far reaching the downed lines go, will show how far down the chain of command the change of power or loss of power affects others.

Mental and Emotional Components

If the lines are sparking it would represent harsh words or circumstances. It can also represent a spark in creativity that is a result of loss of power or misfortune.

If the lines create a fire, it would represent tempers flared or a situation that is flaring out of control that needs immediate attention.

In conclusion, downed power lines represent a loss of power and interruption of energy.

© Debbie Edwards

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