FISH in Dreams – Meanings and Interpretations

Dreaming of fish covers a huge area of interpretation because not only does it give insights to the dreamer of what it means by dreaming of particular varieties, but also the circumstance of how the fish appears in the dream can completely alter the full interpretation. Below are some of the ways in which dreaming of fish can be interpreted.

Wild Fish

When the dreamer experiences a dream in which he or she is fishing with the intention of hooking a wild fish, it is a message sent to the dreamer that they are seeking to acquire something in their life. Often, this denotes a personal acquisition, such as a new partner, relationship or even a job. What type of fish are you trying to hook?

Reeling in a fish that, at the end, comes free off the line after a long struggle often speaks of an unattainable goal, regardless of the work and effort put forth. For example, a job or even admired mate can be represented here. A relationship that was never able to be confirmed or a job that was outbid by another applicant that was chosen instead.

Fishing represents competition in general and for example, as people say, “the big one that got away”, they are referencing a big opportunity or even desired mate that got away.

However, reeling in a fish after a long tough struggle can represent the success of the pursuit and effort invested .Although, at what cost? Is the fish injured, sick or struggling for breath? How far is the dreamer willing to go to achieve their desired goal before it compromises the health and well being of the pursuit?

A fish that fights against the line and is eventually reeled in and overcome also denotes a sense of accomplishment although others may have suffered as part of the process.

A wild fish that doesn’t fight and comes in easily, can represent submissiveness and a message to the dreamer that they are dealing with a situation in which there is cooperation but it may come that way due to a person or business already being overpowered and they have reached a point of not wanting to fight any longer.

Taming something wild, such as a persons spirit can be destructive, even if its meant to be protective. In the end, the wild nature is captured.

In the Sea

Dreaming of fish under or in the sea, such as during a scuba diving experience can be incredibly serene and healing. A reef in the ocean represents an entire ecosystem in which many species rely on the functionality and health of the other. It represents teamwork and cooperation in a natural way. It also represents that although the person is out of their element, such as a diver under water, they find that they can survive just the same and enjoy spending time in an unfamiliar new place.

It can also represents the cycles of life and finding gratitude in life itself.

A healthy school of fish or many schools if fish can represents many types of cultures or communities. Strong agile fish that appear in large schools can denote a large culture that is strong and tightly knit with their beliefs. How do they swim? Are they streamlined together or do they not know how to stay in a formation?

A few fish here and there swimming in a place that could appear barren or out of balance with an underwater ecosystem can represent a family group or community that just isn’t functioning in a healthy environment anymore.

In a Pet Store

Fish in a pet store can represent a situation of control. What does the dreamer have control of in their life, especially if it pertains to a family, community or relationship? Do they use their power of authority wisely? Are the fish in the store healthy or are many dead and not tended to? If this is the case, it’s a reminder that the dreamer should exercise more compassion, efficient use of authority and put in more effort to keep their own personal ecosystem in balance.

It also speaks of investments. Pet stores sell fish for many reasons; for domestic tanks in the home or as feeder fish. It alerts the dreamer to take a second look at what they have invested themselves in, whether it’s other people or financially such as a portfolio or stocks. So, seeing the health or nature of the fish at the Pet Store will remind the dreamer to take another look at where they have invested their love, time or money.

Out of Water

As they say, sometimes we feel like a fish out of water. This represents a situation in which we’re outside our comfort zone. So what are we being asked to do that brings us outside of that boundary or zone?

A fish out of water can also denote health issues too. How are the lungs of the dreamer functioning? Are they the fish out of water? Or is it someone they love? Sometimes at the end of the battle with cancer, a patient will do what is called “fish out of water breathing” so it might also be a precognitive message that a loved one is about to cross over.

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