Teeth in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

Of the many popular interpretations to dreaming of teeth or teeth falling out, fear and phobias tend to be the catalyst to most definitions.

Listed below are several interpretations to what it means to dream of teeth.

Rotting and Falling Out

When a dreamer dreams of their own teeth rotting and falling out, it can be a sign to them that something that has required their attention has been neglected and needs immediate attention. When the dreamer tries to push the teeth back up into their mouth, it can signify that they are trying to keep something going that no longer works or serves a positive purpose of growth.

When rotting teeth infect the gums and tissue of the mouth, it’s to alert the dreamer to just let go of whatever it is in their daily life that is stopping them from being healthy.

Teeth serve a purpose for chewing food and also for appearance. When teeth are rotting and falling out, it can send a message to the dreamer they are worried about their survival that may also be due to their external appearance; how they appear to the general public.

When rotting teeth affect language and communication, the dreamer needs to pay attention to what he or she is saying and how they are portraying their message to the world. Are they saying something that should be kept silent instead? Are they speaking “rotten” words instead of something encouraging and based in truth rather than emotion?

This can also mean that the dreamer will end up eating their rotten words if they tend to be a bit hostile.

Another way to approach this is through precognitive influence. This can be a heads up to the dreamer that they are about to face a situation in which they will have to choose their words wisely, or else it may become a rotten situation that is taken out of context. If the dreamer is trying to choose their words wisely on a touchy situation, a good moment of meditation or contemplation can change the direction that needs extra evaluation.


Teeth getting knocked out or kicked out due to an external injury can be a warning to the dreamer that sometimes what they say could come back to “bite” them in the end. So again, choose words wisely. It can also represent how other people’s words affect us also. For example, the dreamer may be in the direct line of fire from someone that means a lot to them and it’s a signal to the dreamer that this other person’s words can damage or harm them in the long run. What type of impact are they being warned to avoid or prepare for?

In a situation in which the dreamer is attacked by someone or a group of others that they don’t personally know, it can be a signal to the dreamer that others may feel threatened by the things they say and do. Especially for someone who has influence over a large group or community, this dream can signal that what they say or represent could be threatening to others or create confusion and fear.

New Teeth Growing In

Especially if the dreamer is an adult, when dreaming of new teeth, healthy teeth, growing in, it’s a sign to the dreamer that their message has gone a long way to present new opportunities, or that they have graduated to a new stage in their career. We have two sets of teeth; our baby teeth and adult teeth. For an adult to dream of their adult teeth being replaced by a third set of adult teeth signifies a very positive message that they have an abundance of opportunities available to them that will retrieve positive results.

Broken Teeth

Teeth that crumble or break apart in the dreamer’s mouth can signify the need to break apart old habits, especially when it pertains to communication and the way the dreamer handles tough situations. It can also represent a relationship situation in which the dreamer is contemplating breaking things off or worrying about breaking up. It can also represent the dreamers fear that things are breaking apart so it would be good for the dreamer to take notes on what is going on in their life at that moment to assess where their fears are coming from. Perhaps the dreamer is nervous about what to say that may cause a break up. Working through the emotional nature of their communication needs relieves these types of dreams from recurring.

Chewing Gum

A frustrating dream with teeth is when a dreamer dreams of chewing gum that gets gooey or stuck in their teeth and prohibits them from speaking especially when they have something important to say. In this case, it’s good for the dreamer to ask themselves how they could articulate themselves better or how they could “chew” on a situation before saying anything. It’s good to take a step back and evaluate the situation from a different perspective. On the other hand, it could just denote nervousness and the need to simplify what is being said.

This type of dream can also be positive as well. Chewing on something rather than swallowing food or eating food can denote that the dreamer will have to chew on a situation but luckily won’t have to eat their words, unless in the dream they swallow their gum. In that situation, if they do swallow what wasn’t meant to be eaten, then it means the words they choose to use may be tough to be said and the other person or group may not appreciate what was said, but they were necessary regardless and if the opposing group or person tries to make them eat their words, it is a signal to the dreamer to stand their ground.

Dental Work

Dreaming of dental work that results in the extraction of teeth can mean a few things. One, it could be rooted in an actual memory of having teeth extracted or the fears and anxieties over teeth that actually need to be extracted in real life. In a symbolic sense, it could represent a situation of a professional nature that requires careful attention to the way things are said and articulated. Perhaps the dreamer is going to give speech to colleagues or perhaps they are about to face legal evaluations that could result in financial extraction of their account. It speaks of expertise and on a positive note; it can be a reassurance to the dreamer that their health and well being is in the hands of professional care. Depending on the experience of the dental visit, the dreamer can learn whether or not it is positive or rooted in fear.

Other People’s Teeth

Taking the above group of interpretations into consideration, the descriptions can be reversed to represent how we are affecting the health and well being of others.

In addition, there are other examples in which a dreamer will experience pursuit from other people or creatures in which their teeth mutate or change shape, as they are chasing them or attacking them. For example the pursuer’s teeth mutate into sharp points or predator-like protrusions. This would signify to the dreamer that they need to pay close attention to whom they are in the company of. Are their friends or colleagues in attack mode? Are people around them dangerous or is the dreamer just insecure about being attacked for the things they say?

In other examples, even in a comedic sense, a dreamer may be in the company of others that have huge protruding teeth, like buck teeth and it causes embarrassment or discomfort while communicating. This reminds the dreamer to not take things too seriously and that at times we just need to laugh at ourselves. Especially if we tend to be a bit self conscious and it can hinder our speech or communication, it’s best to take things with a grain of salt and relax a bit with how we communicate.

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