VEHICLES in Dreams – Interpretations, Meanings and What They Represent


When someone dreams of a vehicle, whether it be a bus, car, truck, van, airplane or even train, their subconscious is trying to deliver a message to them about a particular situation so here are some detailed descriptions that can be a guide to understanding what these vehicles are trying to reveal, which often shows how we’re moving through a situation.

Public or Private Transportation

Simply, to know whether or not the situation is sparked from an external source or a personal one, a dreamer can learn this by identifying whether or not the vehicle in their dream is their own, someone else’s or a form of public transportation.

For example, let’s say a dreamer is driving a sports car and they are racing to get away from something or someone, then they can identify it as a personal situation they are fleeing from. However, let’s say that same dreamer is riding a public bus and the bus is racing to get away from someone or something; this would tell me that the dreamer is in a circumstance that is happening to them from an outside influence, rather than something they have personally created.

But the fact they are on the bus, tells me they are affected in some way by the event. So, to go deeper, I would question what the event is, or what it is that is happening to the bus. Is it nearly tipping over? Is it wobbly or unable to move quicker than what it needs to? This would tell me that the dreamer is uncertain about something external in their life such as job security or even an environmental or sociopolitical condition that they are worried about.

How many other people are on the bus? Many other people on the bus tells me the dreamer is by far not the only one going through whatever situation is presented. If the people are calm even in an emergency, this can mean that they are either unaware of the dangers around them, or they simply don’t feel threatened.

Then again, if the people are frightened and alarmed, it could mean that whatever the situation is, it is a threat to their livelihood. The same can be said for the sports car as far as dangers and threats go, although instead of a community or group threat from something outside the persons control, it would show that they are personally part of the crisis.

Now let’s say that the dreamer finds themselves in a train and the train is stopped on the track. What interlinked events have caused the person to feel immobile? Each train car represents a single component to whatever it is that has caused the dreamer to not be able to go forward, and the outer conditions of the train or the environment the train is in can reveal a lot about that. For example, let’s say the track has come apart, or that even something sabotaged the structure of the track.

I would question who or what intended to sabotage the dreamers progress. In an example, let’s say the dreamer is up for a promotion at work and dreams of being in a train that is stuck on the track because the track has been destroyed by an unseen person or group of people. I would interpret this as the dreamer having strong competition for the promotion and that they are intentionally trying to make it difficult for them to receive the promotion, either by starting rumors or even talking badly about them to the boss.

Dreamer’s Position in the Vehicle

If a dreamer finds themselves in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, then I would interpret it as them being the direct cause, or the one in control of, a situation. If the dreamer finds themselves as the front passenger, I would interpret it as them being still part of the decision making process of a situation but they do not have final say. If they are in the back seat of the driver’s side, I would see it as them being unable to control what is happening, although they are directly affected by the driver’s decisions. And then lastly, if they are in the back seat of the passenger’s side, I would see them as not having any control and very lightly, if at all, being affected by the driver’s decisions because they are farthest removed from the driver.

Color of the Vehicle

Color says a lot, even more than what the actual moods of the people are in the vehicle because it makes visible the emotional current and undertones of the situation.

  • White– A white vehicle represents something of a high vibration and usually spiritual in nature.
  • Silver– Similar to white, a silver vehicle represents high vibrations but I usually see this as the ability to keep things in tip top shape, to have clear direction and be able to apply ideas into a physical form. Executing plans, ideas and intentions.
  • Blue– A blue vehicle represents something of a mental energy. Blue itself represents peace of mind or peaceful energy so the hue of the energy would reflect the level of peace that person is feeling. The lighter the shade, the more peaceful the mood. In contrary, the darker the shade, the darker or more unsettled the peaceful mood. In some cases, light blue could represent baby boy or young boy.
  • Green– A green vehicle usually represents something that is connected to the environment or nature. I would interpret it as eco-friendly or balanced with nature. Again, the shade will show the variation of that. For example, a dark green van that is rusted out half way would show me the person is being wasteful in life, and not connected to nature either environmentally or even spiritually. A bright lime green would show a person to be very connected to the environment and nature but be observant. A neon green could represent an artificial form of connection. Someone that says they are earth-friendly, but doesn’t follow through in their efforts.
  • Yellow– A yellow vehicle could represent fluctuations, a wishy-washy situation. Light or faded yellow would indicate an unstable situation. For example, if the person is trying to make a decision about something and they dream they are in a faded yellow vehicle, I would question how much they really know about what they are trying to decide. I would suggest they need more facts, that something isn’t as concrete as they believe it to be and of course their position in the vehicle can be more revealing. A bright yellow to me would represent a couple things. One could see it as joy, happiness and celebration, or, it can be interpreted as caution. Other factors in the dream can be the indicator of how to interpret that particular shade.
  • Gold– Depending on the shade, gold vehicles can mean different things. Light sparkly gold reveals a situation of natural wealth, a balance of wealth or increase of wealth whether it is emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or even financial. But a dark, vibrant, almost striking yellow gold to be represents an illusion of wealth. Perhaps someone is trying to accrue assets with ill intent or that they are chasing the golden ticket in life without regard for others.
  • Maroon– Maroon colored vehicles to me usually represent poor health or poor conditions of a situation. Perverse or obscured points of view dominate the situation. Abusive situations or manipulative people are often revealed with this color vehicle that appears in a dream.
  • Pink– Ah, love is in the air! Pink in any example usually represents love. Depending on the shade determines what kind of love. A soft dusty pink would represent innocence in love or old fashioned ways of doing something. Hot pink often represents immaturity or inexperience and dark pink represents a long standing love, such as someone who has been in love for a long time with someone, whether they are a partner or a person that is desired to be a partner.
  • Red– Red vehicles represent dominance, superiority, passion, drive, aggression or even anger. Depending on the shade will determine the strength of this energy. Lighter softer reds represent passive forms of this energy but bright strong shades can represent a forceful way of expressing this energy. Dark red can represent darker aspects associated with red such as rage or violence.
  • Orange– Represents sensuality, sexual expression and intimacy.
  • Gray– Different than silver, gray vehicles represent the deterioration of a situation, vitality or clarity of something. Depending on the shade will determine the severity of it.
  • Black– A black vehicle can represent two main things that can be quite a contrast to each other. One, black can represent someone or something that is in stealth mode; calculated, observant, watchful and careful. It can also represent secrecy or privacy; something that is being concealed and hidden.

Of course there are more aspects to vehicles such as the external conditions like weather, landscape, seascape or even urban conditions.

For example, if a person dreams they are driving or riding through an icy passage and they are about to get stuck in the snow, I’d ask if they have felt left out in the cold by someone or something, and considering in the dream they are about to get stuck, I would want to know why they feel this has disabled them in some form. The fact they are not stuck but feel they are about to get stuck, tells me they can avoid the situation still. There is time to react differently.

Or, let’s say the vehicle crashes into a lake. Water represents emotion, so I would want to know what they feel they have encountered emotionally that has created such an impact to them. If there is a storm I would recognize heartbreak or emotional storms. If it is shallow, I would see it as shallow emotions, someone as being selfish or thoughtless.

As with all dreams, write down what you experience so you can better understand and interpret what your subconscious is trying to show you.

© Debbie Edwards

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