Wolves in Dreams – Meanings and Interpretations

Wolves are surrounded by notions of mysticism, magic and folklore. They are a strong animal totem in Native American spirituality and symbolism as well as being associated by characteristics that are very similar to human beings. They have rules in which they live by and a structured hierarchy of ranks that defines placement within the pack which are represented by an “Alpha” male or “Alpha” female position. What is also unique to the symbolism of the wolf is that they are known as loners as well as family oriented creatures. They have a very independent nature yet are loyal to family groups.

Listed below are common interpretations to what it means to dream of wolves.


When a wolf appears in a dream that has a specific color, coat or markings, the color can represent many subtle things.Aside from a territorial location that would define geographical terrain, colors can reveal even more about the nature of the dreamer or person the wolf represents aside from the dreamer.

  • Black– A black wolf can represent a more carnal nature or a situation that pertains to material and physical things. For example, some people will dream of wolves that represent the presence of specific people in their life. The nature of the wolf may be similar to the nature of the person which would reveal that this wolf could be seen as that person’s animal totem. When the wolf is black, it can represent a sexual or physical relationship, or even the intention or thought towards one. This can also represent some of the more animalistic traits of a person or group.
  • Gray– A gray wolf can represent the balance between nature and spirit, or, Earth and spirit. It can also be known as the balance of life between the physical plane and etheric planes. A gray wolf can remind us to keep the balance within ourselves and the connections we have with family and friends. It can also remind us to pay more attention to the spiritual growth we are making. In the question of a friend, family member or potential mate, a gray wolf can represent them as a person in balance between their physical life and spiritual foundation. It can also represent that they are in the process of growth both physically and spiritually.
  • White– A white wolf can represent someone or something that is directly influenced by spiritual communication or teachings. Someone that would be very knowledgeable or connected spiritually could be represented by a white wolf. It can also represent the purity of a message that is delivered by a spiritual presence. It can also represent someone who is pursuing a stronger connection to their faith, spiritual practices or ceremonial activities. 
  • Red- A red wolf can appear as fully red or combination of other colors. Red can often appear rust colored or almost Coyote-like in appearance. A red wolf can represent passion or something of an emotional nature. It can also represent ideas, intuition and intentions. What is the intention of whom the wolf is representing? Is it authentic or inauthentic?


There are many varieties of wolves and sometimes a wolf will appear in a dream to remind the dreamer to pay attention to certain geographical locations. Perhaps the dreamer is planning on a move, or looking to further explore their heritage and genealogical origin. A wolf that can represent a specific region of the world can give the dreamer a heads up of where to look. It can also be a precognitive message to alert the dreamer of a new person entering their life that may be from a specific region. If this is the case, depending on the nature of the wolf or surrounding environment of the dream, it can forewarn the dreamer of the negative or positive nature of the individual.

Lone or Group

If a wolf appears to the dreamer without the company of his or her pack, it is important to pay attention to a specific person or situation that is relevant to the dreamer which would describe more of an isolated or detailed situation or person. When a wolf appears as part of a family group, depending on his or her behavior, the dreamer will know if the message pertains to how they relate to family and friends, or if it is an example of how they view others, even how they view society at large.


  • Timid– A wolf that is stand-offish or timid may represent that he or she is suspicious of the dreamer’s intention. They may show caution as a way for self defense and being prepared in the event the dreamer has an inauthentic intention towards another. But it also shows the dreamer is under watch and surveillance. The dreamer can question who in their life could be timid or cautious towards them and can make choices that can relieve the nervous situation.
  • Aggressive- An aggressive wolf can represent defensive postures or fear based movements in life. Is the dreamer feeling under attack by someone or others? Is there an aggressive person in their life who is trying to intimidate them? 
  • Protective- Similar to aggressive tendencies, a wolf that acts based on protecting themselves or others sends a message to the dreamer that there may be a situation in which they will need to protect themselves from. It may also represent others who feel a need to be protected in a situation as well.
  • Playful- A playful wolf or group reminds us that regardless of how cruel nature can be, or how much we believe we need to keep up our guard, there is always room for play and relaxation. We can’t always just operate based on survival instincts. We also need to keep life is balance with playfulness and fun.
  • Sleeping- Wolves that appear in a dream in which they are resting and asleep is more rare than other dreams. This can alert the dreamer that they have been sleeping through some of life’s situations in which they need to pay more attention to. This can also in a different way, teach the dreamer they need to take better care of themselves. They can’t be on alert at all times. The body, mind and spirit need rest from time to time.
  • Invisible- Sometimes when a wolf appears in a dream they appear to be unaware of the dreamers presence and go about their life naturally. This can mean a couple things. A single wolf that appears to do their own thing without interacting at all with the dreamer can show that the dreamer could be feeling neglected by a specific person in their life that is important. Or, they could be trying to form a connection and communication with someone that isn’t giving them their time or attention. This can also show the dreamer that they may be more distracted in life and missing out on opportunities or connections that are there, but are not fully noticed.


The wolves’ environment plays a big role in what message the dreamer receives as well. Is it night? Is it day? What about the weather? Are the stars and moon out? What about the temperature and season?

  • Night or Day– A wolf appearing at night will reveal things either hidden in the subconscious or things that may not be “visible” in the dreamer’s perception. Something is happening that the dreamer is given an inside view on that otherwise has been elusive from view.
  • Clear Skies or Storms- Clear skies represents a clear solution or non-threatening and calm nature of a person or persons. Storms can represent difficult emotions or confusion in a situation and depending on the nature of the storm, it can tell the dreamer there is confusion surrounding the dreamer or a situation the dreamer is in.
  • Stars and Moon- If there is a moon visible in the dream, it can reveal to the dreamer the timing of something or in what stage something is in the process of. Is something nearing completion or is it just beginning? Stars have been known as guidance systems for millennia in most cultures and history. Whether through navigation of sea captains on ships, or calculating the change in seasons or even astrological calculations, stars can reveal a number of important things.

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