Strawberry Super Moon in Capricorn, June 24, 2021: Achieving Goals, Assessing Values, and Reaching for Abundance

This months Strawberry Supermoon brings a lot of inspiration and harmonious energies, more so than what we typically see or feel during full moons. So some of us may be feeling more inspired and motivated to take charge of the things in our lives we have felt lesser in control with. This time, we are given the freedom to be in the driver’s seat, to make the best of things, no matter what life throws at us.

We are now in Cancer season, and Cancer energies have us wrapped up into our heart spaces, reminiscing, and diving deep into all of the “feels”. Sometimes that can bring with it, an illusion or unrealistic perception of what we think people feel about us. We can become tempted to fall down into a rabbit hole of despair, depression, or apathy during heartbreaks or moments of grief. But this Strawberry Supermoon is here to say, “not on my watch!”. In a symbolic sense, just as this beautiful full moon illuminates the night sky with silvery glow, it illuminates our thinking to help us elevate our perceptions relating to the way we emotionally relate to situations we are going through.

Embracing Significant Change with Jupiter in Retrograde, June 20, 2021

Jupiter, the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our Solar System, represents expansion. This expansion is supported by the energies of optimism, good fortune, blessings, a higher understanding of all of life’s lessons, growth, and opportunity. It truly is a planet of abundance for all that we need, shaving off all that we think we want but won’t benefit from in the end. Jupiter tells us to think “big” for ourselves!

Sunday June 20th, 2021, Jupiter moves into a retrograde position in the sign of Pisces. It’s important to note that Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces, and this retrograde will stronger emphasize its characteristics. Retrograde will shift into the sign of Aquarius July 18th, where it will conclude its retrograde period on October 18th. This is an incredible opportunity on several fronts and almost as if by grand design, Jupiter will stir things up for us, to help us end up right where we belong.

Pyrokinesis- the Art of Manipulating Fire by Psychical Ability

Pyrokinesis utilizes a psychokinetic ability of altering vibrational frequencies of the atomic structure of atoms by speeding them up which causes a chain reaction of temperature change. This reaction creates heat, and if enough heat occurs, an ignition of fire can be created. Similar to the way a magnifying glass can start a fire through just the right angel with a refraction of light from the sun, an adept is able to concentrate enough to increase vibration of the atomic energy into a point of light, in which ignition can be created at will in a specific way or specific location.

Pyrokinesis can also happen haphazardly though, and without intention. To un untrained person, manipulation of a fire already lit can be achieved, such as with moving a candle flame or even snuffing it out.

Eir- Norse Goddess of Healing and Medicine

In Norse Mythology, Eir is known as the Goddess of Healing and Medicine, especially relating to Herbalism and Naturopathic Medicine in particular. It is questioned by some that she instead is a Valkyrie, and debate has raised questions as to whether or not she is one or the other, or, if the myths are describing two separate beings.

Eir is a Patron Deity of all of those who work in Medicine. Her name Eir (“EYE-eer”) translates to mean “help, mercy, clemency, and protection”, and her specialty is her skill with herbs. Simplified, her name means “healer”.

Love is in the Air as Venus Moves into Watery Cancer. Are You Ready?

Despite all of the swirling energies of our current planetary retrogrades, among other forms of chaos in the world, Venus in Cancer holds us steady, to remind us what life is really all about; love, connection, and unity.

Intimate personal relationships are going to be placed at the forefront of priorities. Addressing vulnerabilities and allowing bonds of trust to form are going to be highlighted. Almost as if by the wave of a magic wand, the Universe is going to pull people out of your life who have proven dysfunctional for your highest good, and open the door to new companions, friends, colleagues and especially divine partners. Cravings of intimacy, touch, and confessions of love will draw us into a headspace of deciding where our relationships are going, and what we really need or expect of our partners.

To the Beloved

The wise at heart has lived his pain and has known the scars of rejection, neglect and surrender. And yet he finds a way to see his opportunity without tainting his understanding of her with his hurt from long ago. He understands she is not like the rest, and that the rest were only tests that led him to her. They were his dragon he had to defeat to make it to her castle. The wise at heart has learned how to differentiate between dragon and goddess. He has understood what he must do which requires the most trust he has ever given. But, he knows he must do it, so he gives her his trust, freely. He needs her to see it, so they can be one, together.

A Winged Messenger- the Rare Melanistic Black Barn Owl

Similar to the Raven or Crow, Owls can come at a critical time as an omen for a death soon to come. But death can come symbolically and metaphorically as well as physically. Owls denote a time of great transformation and invite us to transmute what no longer serves our best interest into something that does.

When a Melanistic Owl appears in a vision or dream, it emphasizes the rarity of something special and sacred. This could be you personally, or a person you have met, or a person yet to arrive in your life. This could also be an omen of a true miracle that is about to happen or has happened to you recently. On a darker note, this could symbolize the feeling of being trapped, caged, or confined without the ability to be or feel free.