A Winged Messenger- the Rare Melanistic Black Barn Owl

Owls as a totem animal augur wisdom, keen attention to things outside of the normal range of vision or auditory sounds, and sensing things beyond the veil that separates the material world from the Spirit world.

Similar to the Raven or Crow, Owls can come at a critical time as an omen for a death soon to come. But death can come symbolically and metaphorically as well as physically. Owls denote a time of great transformation and invite us to transmute what no longer serves our best interest into something that does.

Death is an ending but that just means new beginnings are about to come.

Be alert and aware of the world around you. Many things are often on the move in the hidden shadows beyond what you think you are seeing and hearing.

When Owls appear, pay attention to your dreams, thoughts, emotions and Spirit activity in your presence. Nature is trying to tell you something important, which may be the confirmation of a prayer or request you’ve been asking for.

Melanism in Barn Owls occurs in only one out of every 100,000 birds, making them not only rare, but at risk in the wild. In fact, no Melanistic Owls have survived in the wild.

When a Melanistic Owl appears in a vision or dream, it emphasizes the rarity of something special and sacred. This could be you personally, or a person you have met, or a person yet to arrive in your life. This could also be an omen of a true miracle that is about to happen or has happened to you recently. On a darker note, this could symbolize the feeling of being trapped, caged, or confined without the ability to be or feel free.

© Debbie Edwards

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