Love is in the Air as Venus Moves into Watery Cancer. Are You Ready?

Starting today June 2nd, 2021 until June 27th, 2021, Venus moves from fun and flirty Gemini into the water sign, Cancer.

Venus, the planet of love that natively rules Taurus and Libra, is about to go even deeper into all of the “feels”, stirring emotions, empathy, and compassion in profound ways. For those with Cancer placements in their Natal chart, especially and specifically Venus in Cancer, you can expect that this will harbor even deeper resonance for you.

Despite all of the swirling energies of our current planetary retrogrades, among other forms of chaos in the world, Venus in Cancer holds us steady, to remind us what life is really all about; love, connection, and unity.

Intimate personal relationships are going to be placed at the forefront of priorities. Addressing vulnerabilities and allowing bonds of trust to form are going to be highlighted. Almost as if by the wave of a magic wand, the Universe is going to pull people out of your life who have proven dysfunctional for your highest good, and open the door to new companions, friends, colleagues and especially divine partners. Cravings of intimacy, touch, and confessions of love will draw us into a headspace of deciding where our relationships are going, and what we really need or expect of our partners.

We are also going to be facing a little bit of shadow work within ourselves regarding our own role of intimacy and how we come across to others who love us. Are we open? Are we receptive, caring, and know how to show and express love properly? Do we hold back? Do we have too many walls built up where we cannot and will not let others near our hearts? Venus in Cancer reminds us that we all are fallible, and nobody is perfect. Forgiveness will help us move through these sensitivities, so we can understand love in better ways.

For those prone to depression or who are naturally empathic to the emotions and wellbeing of others, it’s important to remain grounded so that you don’t spin in a downward spiral. In full spectrum, the pendulum of love can swing both into the darkest of shadow but also the brightest of lights. Those who feel deeply, will be challenged to compartmentalize what they are feeling in a way that is constructive, rather than destructive. Sometimes journaling or talking with a counselor can help during this time. Be mindful that things do not get blown out of proportion. And if need be, step away from the situation to get a different perspective.

The beauty of Venus in Cancer is that we get to more naturally explore all of the things that bring our Heart Chakra to life. Whether this is our passions, talents, love interests, hobbies, or just life in general, we will be reminded to stop and smell the roses, and seize every opportunity that life has to offer.

While we’re all up in the feels, it’s mighty important we are careful not to try and rekindle past relationships that went out in a ball of flames. Mercury is in retrograde, which influences the potential to feel nostalgic about past lovers. Don’t drunk dial your ex. Don’t drunk text your ex! Let sleeping dogs lie, as they say. Some things are best left alone in the past. Loneliness might creep in, especially for singles who are nursing the wounds of a broken heart over a break up, but keep in mind- don’t drink from a poisoned well just because you’re thirsty. Toxic ex’s have a way of worming their way back in so keep your guard up and don’t let just anyone have access to you. The higher your standards are, the higher you will vibrate in the ethers. And that means those who vibrate higher too, who resonate in a more mature realm of expression, thinking, and action, will sense you and come towards you if you are ready. So for those looking for love, don’t let yesterdays lover occupy the space that is meant for the one coming next. Let go of past lovers who used you, abused you, and refused to change.

For those who have been doing the difficult shadow work on their heart space, who are ready for new love to enter, it is coming! You may have already met your beloved, or they may just be right around the corner. Hold a space for sacred love, and don’t allow toxicity to camp out in your heart. They’ll say and do anything to get a free ride, and free meal of “you”. You’re not a service station. You’re a temple to be honored and respected.

© Debbie Edwards

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