Pyrokinesis- the Art of Manipulating Fire by Psychical Ability

Pyrokinesis utilizes a psychokinetic ability of altering vibrational frequencies of the atomic structure of atoms by speeding them up which causes a chain reaction of temperature change. This reaction creates heat, and if enough heat occurs, an ignition of fire can be created. Similar to the way a magnifying glass can start a fire through just the right angel with a refraction of light from the sun, an Adept is able to concentrate enough to increase vibration of the atomic energy into a point of light, in which ignition can be created at will in a specific way or specific location.

Pyrokinesis can also happen haphazardly though, and without intention. To un untrained person, manipulation of a fire already lit can be achieved, such as with moving a candle flame or even snuffing it out.

“Firestarter” is a name often referred to when a person is known to have Pyrokinetic ability.

In an abstract way, folks who have a lot of intensity with thoughts and emotions, emotions especially, have been known to inadvertently cause fires to ignite, simply by the sheer outburst of their electromagnetic current of energy while experiencing extreme emotions. Anger and rage are often the emotional signatures that are known most to contribute to unintentional Pyrokinesis. This happens because of the immense amount of concentrated electromagnetic currents of energy that are released from the Heart Chakra into the surrounding environment. Typically that burst of current will result in electrical surges. Electronics will break, engines on vehicles can stall out, and the indoor living environment can become charged with an increase of positive ions. This can be damaging both to the body and physical surroundings. Of course it can be expensive too, to have to fix what continues to break when an emotional outburst occurs. This elemental form of Psychokinesis is different than a more common form known as Hydrokinesis, in which water is manipulated instead of fire. Hydrokinesis can result in broken pipes, floods, changes in rain patterns over a home or even a town! Hydrokinesis is dominated by emotions as well but form a different register and vibrational frequency, typically in an Empathic register. Immense sorrow and grief can cause Hydrokinetic disturbances to occur, usually shortly after the intense emotions are released from the Heart Chakra space.

Pyrokinesis is easier to create than to control, so it is imperative that mastering ones emotions and Psychokinetic releases are regulated! Over time, if not guided and controlled, this type of energy release can damage the physical body, not to mention potentially start unintentional fires. This can occur through acceleration of cellular degeneration and deterioration, and increase of sickness, illness, or fatigue.

To test where your ability lies naturally with Pyrokinesis, you’ll want to light a candle in a space where there is no air movement; no wind, drafts, or in proximity to your breath that could blow it out or make you think you’re moving it with your mind, but are in fact just blowing on it. Make sure your candle is secure and not on a flammable surface or in a flammable container. Of course never leave a candle unattended!

Next, sit comfortably with the lit candle in front of you. Disconnect from intrusive thoughts so that you have full attention and focus on what you’re doing. If need be, go into Meditation first to get into the right headspace to give yourself proper opportunity to see what you can do. Picture your Auric Field growing, to where it merges with the elemental raw energy of the candle flame. What this will do, is create a union, a bond between you and the flame. Keep in mind that you must disconnect from the flame properly at the end in order to complete the exercise. Never leave yourself bonded to something outside of you without properly closing off the connection. After you have visualized this connection, visualize your Auric Field swaying the flame from one side to the other. Or, you can visualize it pushing the flame away, or pulling it close to you. Never do this if you are intoxicated, distracted, or not in a serious mindset! The Fire element can be one of the most unpredictable elements to work with so be sure you are in the right frame of mind to work with it.

It is common for this to barely work in the beginning which is why it’s important to continue concentration, practice, and repetition. You are training your Auric Field and Spirit Body to engage in something outside of its normal range of motion or activity. Like any exercise, it gets easier the more it is performed.

Once evidence is achieved that the flame can be moved by you at will, the next step will be to extinguish it. Visualize energy around the flame compressing and contracting, as if it is a solid object suffocating the oxygen from the air, until the flame is out. Take your time. This doesn’t happen overnight.

If these methods are proving difficult, you can cup your hands around the lit candle flame and concentrate your energy into a ball between your hands. Focus on that ball vibrating at a more rapid frequency, perhaps even visualizing it oscillating faster and faster, where it appears brighter and brighter in your mind, funneling that energy into the candle flame. You can visualize that ball of light making the flame taller or wider, or the opposite in which you visualize it smaller until it goes out.

After you have become adept at this stage of Pyrokinesis, the next step is to start fire without a flame already lit. To do this, you must take caution that you do not attempt to start a fire that could easily get out of control. Do this only in a controlled setting, never in nature where a fire could cause an uncontrolled burn. The best course of action to start is to do this by working with flammable materials inside of a steel bucket or fire safe container. As with the candle flame, get your materials ready and set up in a space that has no draft, air flow, or in proximity to your breath when you exhale. You can use kindling that is easy to light such as dry leaves, paper, or other combustible materials. Do not use accelerants!

Put yourself into a meditative mindset and healthy headspace just like you did with the candle. This will be more difficult to achieve than just manipulating or extinguishing a small candle flame. You will need to access raw emotional and mental energy for this, in addition to visualization. When you are ready, visualize all of the suppressed anger, hurt, and intensity within you that needs release. Visualize that energy as a ball of light, building to a point of light that is then released into the kindling. Picture your energy as its fuel but keep in mind not to deplete your energy reserves in general. You can also visualize energy from Source, from the Universe, from the ethers to collect into a point of light in which it concentrates in the kindling, and starts a fire. A helpful visualization is to picture the atomic structure of the space around the kindling, vibrating faster and faster until they burst. You can do this by also visualizing a point of light oscillating so fast that its motion creates heat, and the heat ignites a fire.

Another aspect of Pyrokinesis is a bit more broad in which it isn’t a flame that is lit, but rather the temperature of the physical body or physical space is raised. For those who are naturally born with the ability of Pyrokinesis, they will notice that any time they become angry, it can literally raise the temperature of a room, or their bodies become overheated. It is not the same sensation as feeling overheated, but rather literally raising the core temperature of the body itself.

Practice with these techniques, or feel free to develop more on your own. Healthy release of emotional energy is key, and taming down any energetic spikes of fire energy within yourself will help you regulate and control what you are experiencing. Jot down your experiences in a notebook to document your progress.

© Debbie Edwards

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