Embracing Significant Change with Jupiter in Retrograde, June 20, 2021

Jupiter, the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our Solar System, represents expansion. This expansion is supported by the energies of optimism, good fortune, blessings, a higher understanding of all of life’s lessons, growth, and opportunity. It truly is a planet of abundance for all that we need, shaving off all that we think we want but won’t benefit from in the end. Jupiter tells us to think “big” for ourselves!

Sunday June 20th, 2021, Jupiter moves into a retrograde position in the sign of Pisces. It’s important to note that Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces, and this retrograde will stronger emphasize its characteristics. Retrograde will shift into the sign of Aquarius July 18th, where it will conclude its retrograde period on October 18th. This is an incredible opportunity on several fronts and almost as if by grand design, Jupiter will stir things up for us, to help us end up right where we belong.

Expansive Jupiter likes to harness the bright side of things and being in its home sign of Pisces, we see more opportunities to flesh out what we want for ourselves spiritually, artistically, and emotionally.

Retrogrades help us review, reconsider, and rewind a bit when it comes to our life lessons and life goals. Many people consider a retrograde period to be negative, but it’s not. It’s helpful in ways we don’t expect which lend us a period of “pause” so we can go deep within to make decisions with better contemplation. The best part about retrogrades are the energies of organization and “cleaning house” that come with it. By cleaning house, it means we can get rid of old ideas, patterns of thought, patterns of behavior, and bad habits we may have fallen into.

Jupiter in retrograde in Pisces is telling us that there are better ways to go about things. We must reach for higher goals and know that there is a higher understanding to all of the pitfalls we have gone through. Essentially, we must stop holding ourselves back when the only blockages we have in front of us, are created in our limited awareness or belief that this is our only path. Some say, “If God closes a door, He opens a window.” And this is a good philosophy to apply to this planetary retrograde. You are going to experience blockages but all that means, is you are getting redirected to something even better. The idea here is to see it as a redirection rather than a stopping point.

This particular Jupiter in retrograde will come in two very strong phases that will likely feel quite different from each other. So let’s take a deeper look.

The first part of Jupiter retrograde in Pisces happens as we enter watery Cancer season which beings June 21, 2021 on the summer solstice. This is incredibly magical! This is a time to really get all into the “feels” about our deepest passions, goals, desires, ambitions, and hearts calling. This is a divinely guided time in which the veil will lift and we will get to examine the deeper parts of our psychic awareness, spiritual calling, and perhaps even have a brief encounter with our loved ones from the Other Side.

Fleshing out the framework of our soul’s purpose on Earth can come to the forefront and those beautiful emotional energies of Cancer and artistic whispers of Pisces can help guide us to see just how beautiful we are on a soul level. We can see how beautiful life can be, and is, in its most evolved form. Humanity is often filled with so much chaos, confusion, primal fury and doubt. But in this moment, we can see things from a different point of view and discover a pathway forward that illuminates the magic within us all. Humanitarians and Lightworkers will find more to become inspired by that can help humanity and mother Earth. This is also a time where many Lightworkers will come together and those who share a similar spiritual journey will find each other. This is a moment in which many solo spiritualists will find others just like themselves which may lead to lifelong bonds of friendship and love.

The best part of this retrograde is that it will feel less punishing than the other more recent retrogrades and eclipse season we just went through. This particular retrograde review period will come more with profound epiphanies of how to do things differently in a positive perspective, rather than feeling like things are going wrong, so we just have to adapt to survive. This isn’t about survival this time. This is less about wounds we carry, and more about healing, rest, and rejuvenation.

Take more time for rest, play, and contemplation. Journal, pay attention to your dreams, and consider more disciplined meditation practices. July especially will feel quite emotional but this will bring a beautiful cleansing of muddy emotions that old wounds have left behind. This is a gentle process that of course may be accompanied by tears. But this will leave most of us feeling lighter and more free. And that’s important because as we enter Leo season, then into Virgo season, and then eventually in Libra season as Jupiter ends its retrograde in Aquarius, something absolutely transformative happens.

A newfound strength, and maybe even fun diva attitude starts to emerge as Jupiter retrograde goes into the sign of Aquarius, and enters Leo season first. Those who haven’t had much confidence in their spiritual abilities or Psychic receptivity will begin to celebrate the ways in which it begins to grow. Signs will come from the divine. Spirit will be more recognizable, and things will begin to fall into place. Those who are more adept that work regularly with manifestation, law of attraction, rituals, and ceremonial work will discover even deeper ways to connect with the divine. New creative ways to discipline and work with Psychic abilities will improve. Expect more profound dreams, visions, and ideas to flood in. But be mindful to examine them carefully if you want to pursue them. There may only be 2 great ideas out of 10 that flood in, but that’s okay! What’s important is that creativity is about to flow, and confidence is growing.

Aquarius vibes help us examine things in a more stoic or analytical point of view and this is really special to have this energy because it keeps things in balance for us. For those of us who operate more on an Empathic and emotional register, these Aquarius influences will help us slow down enough to make sure we are making the right choices based on critical thinking as much as emotional waves.

As Jupiter retrograde moves into Virgo season, the Aquarius energies are going to be even more pronounced. Virgo influences keep us keenly attentive to small details, precision, and organization. Any business plans, especially those that revolve around creative arts, healing arts, spiritual arts, and healthy living will find more structure and concrete planning. Especially for those who wish to open new businesses this summer or wish to grow the businesses they already own, this is going to be a really expansive time to make these plans happen. BUT, expect delays! Retrogrades do bring delays. So don’t get discouraged by having to repeat steps or apply different approaches before the right approach works. This is also about narrowing things down to what works, so the rest can be tossed away. This isn’t about harnessing something that is good. This is about harnessing the best! And sometimes that means thinking outside of the box and weighing options with more concentration.

By the time Jupiter in retrograde reaches Libra season, many of us will feel a bit exhausted because of how much time we’ve spent tending to the details of what we’re trying to build, do, or accomplish. Libra energies are gentle. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which speaks to us of love and creature comforts. Libra is known by the symbol of the scales so we can expect that folks will be working towards balance, harmony, or trying to decide between two choices that will set the course for many years to come about their future. This very likely can be a romantic choice. Perhaps the decision has to be made between a current lover and new lover that has entered the picture. Possible 3 party situations could arise but it’s important not to go backward into fantasy or make rash impulsive choices based on lust. That will only lead to failure. Jupiter says, “I am going to grant your wishes. So you need to be sure you are ready for that wish fulfillment to come.” That means all you’ve dealt with all summer is giving you the courage, bravery, and critical thinking to make a solid choice. Don’t avoid decisions because otherwise Spirit will make that choice for you. Don’t go back to that former lover unless you’re simply looking for resolution. Reconciliation can only come if both partners have evolved enough to be better people who behave differently with the same partner.

Keep in mind that many other celestial things are happening this summer and depending on where your planetary placements are in your chart, this could hit you differently.

Keep a keen eye on your goals. Set up a vision board or formalize your requests of Spirit in a ceremony. Be prepared for your world to open up to show you just how much else is out there to explore!

For those who aren’t looking to expand on business or relationships, this is where opportunities for travel and meeting new people will be more emphasized.

Enjoy this period, even if you experience setbacks. There really is a lot of good happening around you and us all.

©Debbie Edwards

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