Do not fear beloved. You will love again one day.

In the deafening silence between twilight and dawn, the heartbroken will swim within bouts of overthinking, to try and understand why they are emotionally bleeding; why others pained them so deeply. At some point within the darkness, they will realize they broke their own heart trying to love someone who wouldn’t let their love touch them. The wounded nearly bled themselves dry, left to wither away among the carcasses left unburied in a desolate place, trapped in-between the living and the dead.

But do not worry beloved. Your wounds will heal because you will remember that you are your own hero, and the compassionate gentleness you deserve is something you can gift to yourself. It all begins with you. This, in essence, is the root of self love that will blossom within you until there aren’t any crevices or canyons for shadows to reside. Your scars will glow with a gold light, and it will cast a brilliance that will be seen from the farthest corners of the Multiverse. your Divine Counterpart will be called to you, as if by a series of random events that were all strung together by the threads of your wisdom, and readiness.

Do not fear beloved. You will love again one day. And you will be whole. Your heart will sing with a harmony that only the choirs of Angels could create. Your soul song will be heard by those with ears who can hear you, and your light will be seen by those with eyes who can see you. “You were never alone. You were never abandoned in the dark. You were merely wrapped within a cocoon and hidden away from the world so you could heal. And heal you must, so that you don’t bleed on people who didn’t cut you.

Rest. The time is almost here.

Artist: Unknown

© Debbie Edwards

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