Full Thunder Moon in Aquarius July 23/24 2021 Delivers a Power Punch of Self Actualization and Expansion

Just moments after the Moon moves from earthy Capricorn late Friday night on July 23rd, the Full Thunder Moon will peak in the skies at 1 degree of Aquarius. Some of us will experience the peak of the Full Moon at the close on Friday the 23rd, and some will experience it in the very early hours of Saturday morning, the 24th. To say this will provoke a mixture of energies is an understatement!

The Full Thunder Moon, or more commonly known as the Full Buck Moon, comes just as Leo season has begun, igniting passion, purpose, bravery, and clarity that we have needed all summer. For those who have been hanging on the fence of what to do in their lives personally and professionally, this Full Moon will help us get down to the nitty gritty of what we want, what we don’t want, and how we want to make our next goals happen. Almost as if by grand design, the Universe will help us sort through any confusions we’ve had, so we can make solid decisions.

Leo invigorates us to take risks. This is needed, especially in situations in which we sit idle too long in the mires of confusion. We need to embrace the fiery energies of courage and just make things happen. One way or another, life moves forward, and we have no choice but to move with it. We can no longer stand stationary or still and let life happen to us. We have to take charge so that life can happen for us on our own terms.

Aquarius energies will have us feeling the need to break free from everything that has held us in place. And the fiery energies of Leo will give us the courage to take the leap of faith to do that. It may sound idyllic, and in some aspects, a hail Mary pass we’ve been hoping for from the Universe. But like with all big changes, life can get messy. And that’s where some of the more troubling emotions may stir. How we cope with sudden change emotionally and spiritually will determine how we experience our liberations. Will it be through conflict and war? Or will it be through a higher understanding of needing to emigrate to a new level in our lives? The truth is, you cannot take everyone with you where you are going. Not everyone is meant to follow you, and not all who follow you will agree with where you choose to lead them. So you can expect to be in situations where you will be prompted to offer deeper explanations, exercise more patience, and let go of any petty misunderstandings if there are any.

Both Leo and Aquarian vibes can provoke some flares of self protective or ego centered defensiveness, so it’s important we pause and contemplate how we want to answer questions, or outline details. We may be tempted to react because we become triggered by the way other people talk to us or give us directions. With a desire to break free, some of us may feel a bit suffocated, micromanaged, or criticized for wanting more from life, or at least a different path than the current one we’re on. But it’s a temporary flare, and with enough time, people in our sphere will begin to understand and support our choices for change even if they don’t necessarily agree with them.

On the relationship front, some couples may find they’ve reached the end of the road with each other, especially when one partner uses emotional manipulation, or is prone to jealousy, controlling behavior, and overt nit picking. Leo and Aquarius are like two besties that tag along to a party and act as wingmen to keep their friend from getting bullied or picked up by some random sleezeball who just wants to use and abuse them. Not today, Satan! Not today. Everyone deserves to shine and be appreciated for all of the wonderful parts of themselves that make them who they are. Anyone who thinks they can continue to dull their shine simply won’t be allowed access anymore. The narcissist’s can all go hang out together and complain about their lovers or friends who got tired of their games and are no longer putting up with it. This is not a time to wallow in sorrow for people who are finally feeling the karmic sting of their abusive tactics. Let go. Move on. Breathe in deeply. And rest. You’ve got this! And your Guides in Spirit have your back.

In our professional lives, this is a fantastic time to take on that new project, open a new business, or push forward with something creative. There may be several planetary retrogrades slowing us down, like they do every summer, but by now we’ve gotten used to that and can trudge through. The world is our oyster and we have an invitation from the Universe to prioritize what matters most to us. For those in a dead end job, there just won’t be any more compromising or intimidation that will keep us quiet. This is a time to ask for that raise, put in for a transfer, or pursue higher learning to get that degree.

On the home front, this is a perfect time to work on additions, remodeling, and renovations. Adding aesthetics that contribute to a sense of calm and relaxation will be helpful. Let in the sunlight! Update windows or put in that beautiful ornamental garden space you’ve been thinking about. Update furniture and add functional pieces that can better display your art, collectibles, and personal mementos.

This weekend it’s important to keep keen attention to our finances. There is a potential for overspending or making frivoless purchases. We’ll be feeling liberated, and in that liberation we might be tempted to throw caution to the wind and spend money we don’t have. We have to be careful of our investments. Making smart investments for long term planning will set up in a fabulous position! So any money spent will be best spent if it has long term rewards in mind. With that said, be careful of risky investments. The market may be a bit more volatile than usual, and risk of loss is possible. Review contracts carefully, and read the fine print. Even though we’re not in a Mercury Retrograde period, we may still end up in a situation where impulsive decisions this weekend could cost us later on.

This weekend we need to remember just how hard we’ve worked to get where we are. It’s okay to celebrate and acknowledge everything we’ve accomplished. For those who are usually very humble about their milestones, don’t feel guilty if you feel good for what you’ve done. Healthy pride helps us examine how we contribute to the lives of others and ourselves respectfully. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that it’s healthy to celebrate our talents and skills. We are here to be the change we wish to see, so it’s okay if we actually see ourselves as the change from time to time.

Be well. Be blessed. And break free.

© Debbie Edwards

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