The Connection Between Empathy and Misophonia- Hypersensitivity to Sound

You are working to attune your spiritual and psychic sensitivity. So why are you experiencing strange and sometimes negative side effects of this growing hypersensitivity that is not part of using psychic senses in general? For those who are working regularly to increase their Psychic receptivity and awareness, they will often experience an equally increased condition called Misophonia.

Misophonia is a disorder of decreased tolerance to specific sounds or their associated stimuli that has been characterized using different language and methodologies. Reactions to trigger sounds range from anger and annoyance to activating a fight-or-flight response.

Empaths often experience this the most, while it is also possible for other types of energetic sensitivities to cause this too.

As time goes on, you may require more space to feel like you can breathe. You may need to turn the music or tv down, unless you have a controlled closed sound environment like with earbuds, or if you’re in a large wide open space where the sound waves aren’t immediately encompassing. You may need to have the windows down in the car when babies cry or people are coughing because the punch and frequency of the sound waves are too much for your ears in a small pressurized space. Sometimes just hearing someone cough suddenly or burst out in singing to the radio can cause a visceral reaction and pressure pain in your eardrums. The register of people’s voices can cause visceral reactions too if they’re abrasive, loud, or gargley. On the flip side, those with soft soothing voices come through as therapeutic and healing.

It is completely natural to have Misophonia if you work in the spiritual field, and especially while you are in a meditative trance state.

Those who are in an especially chaotic high energy environments will often feel the need to flee or retreat to a quieter room. Confusion from others as to why, could result in family or friends thinking the sensitive is avoiding people intentionally, or is being rude, or simply doesn’t like people. But that is not the case. It just means the environment is too “noisy” and “busy”. There is too much to filter through and it can cause massive anxiety or even anger to deal with it.

With sensitive children, they may cup their ears with their hands, turn away from people who are loud and abrasive, or hide their face into an adult they are seeking reassurance from.

Acoustics and sound waves for a sensitive person, matter.

© Debbie Edwards

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