Wednesday August 18th, 2021, the Moon moves into studious Capricorn, and alerts our attention to all that is hidden regarding things we need to revamp, change, and modify, in order for it to become more efficient. Capricorn says, “There’s a better way to do this. We need to update the old, and streamline what takes too long or has too many steps to get to the final conclusion.”

We need this energy now more than ever, and what’s beautiful here is that the Moon vibrations representing all that is hidden within the ethers, the background, subconsciousness, and inner realms, are all getting new spiritual downloads to work through and operate with more efficiently. That means on a soul level, we are receiving new profound understandings and in some cases, evidences that support the ideas of how to “upgrade” our ways of life, in not only a spiritual context, but corporeal one as well.

This Moon in Capricorn happens in the midst of Leo season, so this is particularly unique, in that, what is hidden will be made manifest publicly. The inner working of innovation on how to do things better will find its way to a public center stage, and we are going to see this play out in a very public way. This will effect us both personally and globally. All the world is watching; our personal world of people we have as our sphere of influence, and the population of the world around us. They will see what we are doing, and how our choices affect us and them together.

The message here is all about transmutation, transition, innovation and change. Leo season offers that additional confidence to make it happen. And reminds us that it’s okay for others to see what we are going through, how we are elevating ourselves, and how humility and transparency are signs of strength, not weakness. Honesty speaks volumes. And there is nothing more honest than allowing others to see our rise into wisdom and higher consciousness. In that process, we find reverence for what pain does to us. Pain removes excess, ego, and pride. Pain shows our heart. And perhaps that is why heartbreak is necessary in order to grow.

August 18th, Uranus moves retrograde in the sign of Taurus as well. It takes Uranus 7 years to move through each sign of the Zodiac. And Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until the year 2026.

Uranus is a planet of powerful energy! While many other planets receive more attention, Uranus deserves attention of its own too, considering its attributes that come in and shake up the routine of our lives. Uranus is a planet of chaos, change, revolution, rebellion, free thinking, and upheaval. It is much like the Tower card in the Tarot. It denotes change, massive change, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Change must happen in order for new and better things to come. And this aligns with the energies of the Moon in Capricorn. We cannot keep doing what we’re doing if we want something better. The popular sayings, “be the change”, and “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done to get it”, are coming to mind.

Change is never easy. Humans love their creature comforts and repetition of the predictable. It’s why people stay at the same job, or same small town they grew up in, or same dead end options; the familiar is safer than the unknown. We have no choice though, but to break free. Nature is calling for it. Spirit is calling for it. The world has fallen into chaos, and it is calling for it. We cannot keep going the way we are going and we cannot keep doing the same things if we are ever going to expect a different result! We have to be willing to make a change, and that change starts within each of us. We have to do this for our own future and survival. But especially, we have to do this to ensure a bountiful world for our future generations.

For the next couple of days, many of of us are going to feel the immense pull towards action. Uranus, going retrograde in slow and steady Taurus, tells us to slow down and think things through. Take action, yes! But take action properly to avoid casualties. We see how taking action in haste can lead to catastrophe in places like the Middle East this week, namely, Afghanistan. The Universe needs us to strategize, and think critically. This is where the Moon in Capricorn urges us to make redundant plans for the most efficient actions we are going to employ. We have to be willing to sit down and strategize. Strategy will help us attain our most abundant goals for our highest selves. No matter what actions we take, we will affect those around us, not just ourselves. We are in Leo season, and as mentioned, this will be a public ordeal. What we do will echo in a very public way. What we express, choose, and decide will affect the people in our sphere so we must be considerate of that, and at least understand that if we act with haste, it won’t go unnoticed.

Many will feel a tug of war of what to do, both on a personal and public scale. Some of us will feel pulled in multiple directions spiritually, politically, and financially. Don’t make rash decisions. Think things out, and only act once you have all the facts. Bitterness and potential snarky words are likely to surface but this is where we have to maintain a professional, and almost stoic attitude. We aren’t always right, and we don’t always have the best information to go on. So just wait it out if it doesn’t feel right, and do your best to be patient!

This all happens while Venus just moved into the sign of Libra, where it will be until September 10th. Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Venus. And in this home energy, Venus reminds us to examine all sides equally. We must be willing to evaluate all that is in front of us so we can make the best choices going forward.

In matters of love, all of these planetary positions remind us to take our time. We don’t have to rush! We don’t have to rush any of our commitments, marriage, engagements, promises, or convictions. If we move too quickly, that could backfire. If we move too slowly however, we could lose the opportunity. So it’s important to go with a natural flow of timing and not divert from what is in front of us just because we are afraid of the unknown. Venus in Libra sometimes deliberates with what to do regarding whether or not to get involved with someone to a point that they deliberate themselves out of an opportunity. Love is lasting but it doesn’t wait forever when it hasn’t yet been solidified. Don’t let others play with your heart. If they are unsure and can’t decide about you, then keep moving. Because the Universe will align you with someone who IS ready to be your everything, who resonates with you and is parallel to you on a soulful level. When one bows out, there is room made for another to enter the ring of fire, the ring of initiation, to earn your love. Indecision is one of the most toxic forms of emotional manipulation. Putting someone on hold only works for so long. Making someone beg for attention or to be heard is abusive, in an emotionally deprivating way. Even if a Soulmate or especially Divine Counterpart has come and they are too afraid to say yes and accept the risk of the unknown with you, accept their indecision as a “no” answer and move on.

Some of us will see delays in soulmate unions or reunions. Some of us will feel on the back burner of a lover’s attention or priority list. And some of us will feel out of sync, wanting to take it faster or slower than the other person does. Just give it time. That is what the Universe is trying to say. But also, don’t wait too long either. Don’t wait yourself out of the best thing you’ll ever have because you can’t make up your mind!

On a career level, you may see profound progress regarding finances, new business opportunities, new partnerships, and so on. There will be breakthroughs regarding insurance claims, leasing opportunities, public receptivity, and growth. Expect news about your loans, mortgages, investments, and future money planning options. This is a great time to really scope out the best opportunities for yourself. Don’t wait too long to jump in, but certainly don’t make hasty decisions financially and lose everything you have. Seek out skilled tax and financial professionals to get the best advice. Some of you are going to have amazing financial rewards coming your way!

Regarding health, we could see some conflicting situations, especially when it comes to tests, or doctor opinions. Sometimes it takes several professional opinions or medical tests to determine what’s going on. There is bound to be some kind of chaos or uncertainty surrounding medical situations right now but the important thing is to be diligent and steadfast in figuring out what’s going on. The next couple of days, that Moon in Capricorn energy will help expedite the process, and eliminate guesswork. Don’t take just one example as gospel. Make sure you have all the facts. Don’t avoid tests out of fear of what they’ll find. Spearhead the tests and be on top of what life has thrown at you, because you ARE a warrior! Don’t back down. Spirit is on your side to help you through everything. You are never alone.

There is a lot of tension right now swimming in the ethers, and manifesting on this Earth plane. Stand in your truth and hold to your convictions. Go within to drown out the noise and don’t give in to darker thoughts about having to compromise on your ethics or morals just to comply to the pressures around you. Stand in your truth. Your journey may take longer to do it the right way, but there are no rewards for pathways that consist of shortcuts. Do it the right way, and you will prosper.

Between the havoc and fear resides a place of sanctuary, a place of peace and true union with Mother Earth. Listen to the guidance coming to you, so you can be guided to the best place to be at the right time, to ride out any wars that may come to your doorstep. You don’t have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can allow yourself to be guided to the right place at the right time, so long as you don’t fight the current. Be well. Be safe. Love thy neighbor.

© Debbie Edwards

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