Today, September 3rd, 2021, the Moon moves from watery Cancer into the sign of fiery Leo. Almost as if by the waving of a magic wand, we’ll start to perk up if we’ve been feeling down, and we’ll realize not all is as bad as it may have seemed. This will also be a time where we will feel more in control of our emotions, and find creative ways to pick ourselves up from the bootstraps and give ourselves a talking to.

Sometimes we can tend to lose focus on just how lucky we are. We may not have everything we could fully hope for. But we have more than many. So, this is an energy all about gratitude and being thankful for what we have. It’s this perspective that lends a mindfulness to be ever present to life’s many phases, and that we can do more for ourselves and others by focusing on today more than yesterday or tomorrow. It is not to say that yesterday and tomorrow have no place in our thinking. It is a matter of application rather than contemplation. This Moon in Leo is going to inspire us to apply what we have learned, so that we can change the patterns of what was, to carve out a new pathway for what will be.

For the next few days, we are going to be encouraged to stand proud, and love ourselves as much as we love others. We are going to be reminded that a healthy level of confidence does wonders for our relationships and friendships, because as we exude confidence, others around us will be more inclined to recognize their own strengths and offerings too. We attract what we are. And our environment reflects what we project. If we see a glass half empty, surely, that perspective will ripple and all we’ll see around us, are more examples of how that’s true. Yet if we see a glass half full, or especially see that the glass can be refilled, then that perspective will ripple too. We get to decide what we do with the time we are given. None of us know how much of it we have left, so it’s vital to take charge of every single day and make it the best we can. Even if that means knowing when to slow down and rest after we’ve fatigued ourselves from heavy labors or stressful events. We cannot pour from an empty cup, and there is something to be said for people who know their limits and express to others that a time out is necessary to recharge.

Confidence matters with this Moon in Leo, because many of us will be feeling like we want to take action on all of the stirring of emotions we’ve been feeling over the past few days while the Moon has been in Cancer. Some of us will use this firelight of Leo to seek out vengeance, while others will use it to decide better for themselves, and let go of the beliefs, people, places, and circumstances that have held them under water. This is a period of arrival and departure. Some of us will feel called to duty to advocate a position we are passionate about. And some will make decisions to start over, and begin again where pastures are greener and opportunities are more plentiful.

With both Mercury and Venus being in Libra, this adds the emphasis to use critical thinking when taking action on anything we have going on. Libra says, “weight out all of your options when you want to communicate your plans, and especially if love is involved, don’t make hasty decisions. Think things through, but know that the Universe has your back, no matter what you decide”. And Mercury says, “Communicate your needs and goals.” This is also a really positive influencing energy because no matter what plans we want to take action on, there will be a lot of favorable ways to get it all done. Careful analysis and consideration of all sides helps things go smoothly.

For those who are planning to take on new business or work projects, now is the time to be assertive. Ask for that promotion. Check out what is required in order to advance a position. Or check out what classes or programs are available to up the game of professional portfolios and credentials. We have a New Moon in Virgo coming up on the 6th of September, so between now and then, remind yourself you have what it takes to make it! Those who work in the entertainment industry, beauty industry, and hospitality industry will find this weekend to be very favorable for customer relations and public response. Photo shoots, video shoots, and graphic design will also go over really well. So if you’ve been planning on upping your game as a social media influencer, recording that epic song, or working on rebranding your website or channel, this is a perfect time to do this! This is also a great time to attract a new fanbase, create engaging content, and explore a new skillset to add to your already polished resume’. This isn’t a time to sit it out. Not unless you are taking a break and need it. Use the time wisely, and take advantage of the great opportunities in front of you. We could see a lot of up-and-coming stars be discovered, and new contracts be offered. Get out in front of people this weekend and shine your light! Showcase your talents. With that said, be sure you get the credit you deserve for all of your hard work! We could see some scene stealers and coattail riders trying to pop up and take your ideas as their own, or guilt you into doing all of the work for them. That’s a whole lotta nope! So protect the integrity of your work. Copyright or trademark your creations and be strong about your branding. Don’t make it easy for people to steal from you. Put a lock on those inventions, innovative ideas, and creative visions until you have it in writing or have made it manifest already. Develop your dreams in private, and then hit the ground running when it’s completed. People are watching you, and some will want to be you, or figure out a way to be better than you. Healthy competition is flattering and an indicator that what you are doing is gaining traction. However, sabotage and fake friends are not flattering, and threaten the framework you have worked hard to build. We have some foxes in the hen house ya’ll. It’s like winning the lottery and all of a sudden you gain a flock of new friends who are seeking an easy payout to feed their financial lusts. Learn to differentiate between the two and keep yourself guarded if need be. Keep in mind though, you have a fire that cannot be put out! When your talents and skills come from within, nobody can copy that. It can’t be bought or sold. Because nobody can take away what has always belonged to you.

This may also be a great time to go on that family trip and enjoy all the adrenaline-fueled activities you have been wanting to do, but kept putting off for one reason or another. Think white water rafting or zip line tours! Go camping, fishing, or hiking and enjoy what nature has to offer.

As a cautionary flag, we will want to make sure we keep our ego’s in check. Some of us will be feeling so invigorated that we might not take other people’s feelings or concerns into consideration. This could lead to unexpected arguments, or inflated attitudes. We may find that some of the people around us will want to brag about what they have, what they can do, and how they are better than the rest of us. It’s important people keep themselves balanced and remember, money comes and goes. Fame comes and goes. Popularity comes and goes. For those who have taken advantage of the love or generosity of others, this may be a weekend of Karmic return, where what was given will be taken back, and gossip could stir. People notice when they’re being taken advantage of. And we’re going to see them put a stop to it and say, “No more!”. Attention hogs, narcissists, emotional manipulators, users and abusers may find themselves out in the cold. Those who have been taken advantage of by these people will have that extra sense of confidence and determination this weekend, and won’t be putting up with a bunch of nonsense.

Open the curtains. Let the sunlight in. Feel good about all you’ve accomplished and remember that this is your life! You are in control of what happens to you. You are the one walking in your shoes so don’t let anyone step on your toes to tell you how to dance.

©Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: aronvisuals

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