This Friday September 10th, 2021, both the Moon and Venus move into the depths of watery Scorpio. While we may be feeling her tides for only a couple of days with the Moon, we are going to be deep in her mires with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and sensuality, for the duration a month, and there is much to glean from the power of her energies.

We must tread carefully. This is not going to be a time to sail lightly across the surface of our emotions. We cannot just glide safely into the pleasantries of talking about the weather, or asking mundane questions to those we have deeper connections with. In all honesty, this is going to hail a time of immense emotion, and we have to exercise not only caution, but strict self-control if we end up in a situation where things could go sideways, especially when concerning our intimate relationships. We could lose our temper. We could cry, mourn, drudge up the past and find a hundred and one reasons to be spiteful. Despite the fact this is not in the nature of many of us, there will be a lingering pressure from Scorpio that heralds that little voice from the devil on our shoulder to lash out.

The Moon will pull at our subconsciousness, dreams, hopes, fears, desires, and inner dialogue. Venus will pull at our heart, what we place value in, and all that we devote our love to. This is a powerful team of deep inner heart space consciousness that will be brooding in Scorpio’s watery depths. She will pull us under and demand that we either hold our breath, or learn how to breathe under water. Because we will not be able to come up for air anytime soon. She is the mystical siren, the Mermaid that submerges us until we reach her city beneath the sea. She is the caretaker of our soul, and tells us that we must adapt and grow fins. We must learn how to swim and feel with all of our senses if we are going to survive from here on out. We can no longer linger on the shores of life’s mysteries, only barely putting our toes in the waters edge.

What is important here, is to note that any contentions are likely to only happen between people who have a history together. This is not necessarily an energy that will generate heat unless there has already been a fire stoked from simmering coals already set ablaze. There may be a temptation to get even, to say every little mean thing we want to say but haven’t, and to launch a counter attack if we feel we’ve been wronged. But this is where the grace and divinity of Venus speaks to us on a soul level. She whispers, “it will be alright Beloved. Do not despair. There is no need to hurt another, or retaliate. Love will bless you. It will shine a light on all of the shadows that have kept you longing. Love will feed you. But you must be patient, and take the higher road. You must be disciplined, and say no to the temptation to hurt others as a means to an end. Lady Justice will serve your need to have others receive the same suffering they have put you through. That will be her karmic blessing to help them see with new eyes and hear with new ears. But it mustn’t be by your hands. Trust the Universe to guide you. It won’t fail you.”

Let’s digress. Let’s go back in time to remember when love was new, and trust was fresh, and we had so much wonder in life for every small thing that we experienced. We can have that again, and no matter how old we grow, we can have all of the magic, mysticism, and beauty that love and trust have to offer. Somewhere along the way on the pathway to becoming brave, we told ourselves that the only option we had to surviving was to become hardened. But there is another way. We don’t have to block off and guard ourselves from every person entering our sphere. We don’t have to point arrows at their hearts or launch a laundry list of questions at them to vet them and make sure they’re safe to rely on. Not everyone we meet is an enemy with a fake smile. We have to remember, that sometimes in our desperate attempts to protect ourselves, we become the villain in other people’s life stories. We hurt them with our silence and apathy. We must at some point, let our guard down, and understand we are looking into the eyes of someone just like us.

Beginning Friday, we may start to feel a tension rising within us that pulls at the core of our beliefs; the foundations we have build for ourselves in relation to trust, honor, respect, and surrender. Scorpio does not surrender to others. It is not in their nature to do so. And this is where the most healing needs to take place. There are going to be things that surface that challenge our willingness to trust someone else to take the reins and lead the way. We may find ourselves reliant on others, which is not something Scorpio likes in the very least! She/He is very independent, and prefers to be in charge of her/himself. So we could see a test of wills this weekend especially when it comes to needing to listen to others who have more experience, and better means to make something big happen. Sometimes we have to listen to what someone else is saying and advising. It is like getting lost in the woods and having to rely on a trail guide to lead the way out, even though the person lost is a survivalist. Thoughts of shame, anger, and frustration could surface. None of that matters though. What matters is finding a way out because of safety reasons. Sometimes we have to put pride aside and listen to sage advise from people who have the best experience and vantage point. Whether we like it or not, we are going to have to face some of our inadequacies and realize that there are other good people who know how do just as much as we do. We can’t always be the best at everything. And if we aren’t ready to hear that, this is where the Universe is going to deliver a swift lesson so we can learn it her way.

We may also see a power play between genders where some people feel superior to others just because they are male or female, or a different chosen sexual orientation. They may believe they have something to prove, and the world is going to know it by the roar of their voice. They may begrudge other genders or sexual orientations simply because of biased points of view they grew up with. But the Universe will have something to say about that. Either new people will be brought into our lives who will completely uproot our thinking so we can see things from a less rudimentary point of view, or we may find ourselves exploring some amazing new options that elevate our perspectives to recognize truths far beyond what we thought were the only truths out there. It is an expansive experience and the reason behind it is to evolve. We need to evolve in order to fully appreciate or understand the bigger world out there. Sometimes our point of view is narrow and until we learn that, we cannot appreciate what someone else brings to the table that pivots from a point of view outside of our own.

When Scorpio enters the sphere of both the Moon and Venus, she brings with her a lockbox of secrets. There are secrets that need to be revealed, and secrets especially that need to be healed. Some of us may become suddenly aware of secrets we didn’t expect that revolve around family histories like sexual abuse, rape, molestation, body shaming, sexual perversion, cruelty, and other dark things that have been kept in the shadows, hushed away by shame and neglect. From the outside, things could have appeared plain, simple, and just fine. But underneath, something toxic was being fed by the fear that things would get out. So it was pushed even deeper into the dark places where we don’t talk about those things. It was left abandoned, to wait, until something one day would come along to unearth it. Truths will reach for the light, and will need unearthing, so healing can begin and the record can be set straight. Family secrets will reach the surface and people will begin to learn exactly what happened after all. People who outed secrets but weren’t believed will find a new opportunity for vindication. And those who were completely unaware will be made aware. All things have a way of being made known.

This also stretches us into the aspect of adoption, addiction, and criminal behavior. Secrets are needing to be confronted and revealed, and there are families who are grappling with other types of secretive behavior that have gone on way too long without mention. Children, and their children, need the truth. This is a time where the Universe is providing us passage to find out what we have been kept in the dark on. It’s time to seek the deeper answers we know have been buried, but were afraid to dig down to learn. The Universe wants us to dig deep though. This is what it is all about. This is about self-love and knowing our worth, so that we can face and throw off whatever darkness has been blanketing us in our family history. We need to remember that we are not our family members but we are part of their story. So, it is time we tell our side of it in order to set the record straight. Be ready to find out about criminal records, ancestry records, real paternity results, adoption records, or other surprising details when it comes to family history. Don’t just take one person’s side of the story as gospel. Do your homework to learn the truth on your own. In fact, do a background check on people you aren’t sure of. Find out the truth. Learn what has been kept from you so you can move forward. If people have avoided telling you the truth, find out another way.

This weekend will begin a new cycle in our friendships and partnerships as well, especially regarding intimacy, sensual communication, and sexual health. Wherever there have been wounds from the past that have compromised our ability to be open with our friends or partners, we are going to have the little push from the Universe to let our guard down and share our vulnerabilities. We are going to be invited to step into our divine power of Sacral and Root Chakra light, so we can experience profound healing and communion with others. We will be exploring what love looks like to us when we do become physical with another person. This is where unabashed expression will be welcomed, and we will have the opportunity to explore what we like, what we don’t like, and what we’ve never tried before but have wanted to. Talking about sexual needs, fears, and desires will keep an open dialogue and intentions transparent. People cannot be victimized if they are communicative. They cannot be coerced or persuaded if they communicate their boundaries as well. No topic is off the table. Intimate partners should know where they stand with each other. It is only fair. On a side note, this could be Divine Intervention getting your attention that the sexual situation you’re in is being kept secret by the person you’re involved with. Be careful of liars, secretive lovers, and 3rd party situations.

With that said, there are definitely going to be energies swirling around of the amorous kind, and some of us may get swept into a hot and heavy love fest with people we barely know. If we are prone to letting our bodies do the talking for us, we need to be responsible and communicate with our sexual partners about our sexual health, and what we are and are not okay with. For those who are not wanting to risk a pregnancy, keep in mind that this is a very fertile season! We are in Virgo season which is an Earth sign, and with Venus in Scorpio, there are likely to be some steamy nights that could lead to unwanted pregnancies. With the Moon in Scorpio, we could see some people not being honest about being on birth control or even knowing how to use it properly. Ask questions and think twice because one night of passion could lead to a lifetime of responsibility, or implications of being made to choose whether or not starting a family is ideal. How well do you even know the person that could mother or father your child? Be responsible. Be careful. Don’t put yourself at risk if it’s not necessary.

For couples who are already in a relationship, we could see the kindling of a new spark! Passion is pulling at some of us from the ethers and it may even be creeping into our dreams. This is a perfect weekend to book a honeymoon vacation, couples retreat, or tantra workshop. New opportunities to explore deeper intimacy with your partner are available. Take time for other aspects of intimacy too including deep conversation, non-sexual touching, and just spending quality time together. On the shadow side, we could see confessions of porn addictions, cheating, or desires to explore new partners outside of the relationship. Ask for the truth. Demand honesty. Know where you stand.

If you’re starting a new relationship, be careful it’s not founded just on lust or physical attraction. The chances of it cementing into deeper ground this weekend are less likely so be sure you communicate you are looking for Mister right, instead of just Mister right now. It’ll save you a lot of guesswork and heartache later on. Be sure to ask new partners a lot of questions too, so you can determine if they are just in it for the temporary satisfaction or if they too are looking for something steady and long term.

The Universe is saying, “Be comfortable in your body. Love yourself all the way through. Know your worth and only give all of yourself to someone who has earned it.”

Choose wisely, Beloveds.

 ©Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: Vasylina

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