Palmistry, also referred to as Chiromancy, Palm Reading, Hand Reading, or Chirology is a divination practice in which the trained Palm Reader determines information about a person’s life by studying their palm lines, mounts, and fingers.

Regardless if a person is left or right hand dominant, it is customary to have the right palm read during a Palm Reading.

Throughout the years I discovered something quite profound, something that had been hidden in plain sight all along. After doing a full right hand Palm Reading, I instinctually switched to the left hand palm to acquire additional information for the client for reflection purposes. I realized in the beginning of my training many years ago, that both palms are almost always quite different. It is rare for them to be identical. In fact, if they are, there is something very specific to understand about that, which I’ll cover in a moment.

In a Palm Reading, we have 4 main Palm Lines to study. They are known as the Heart Line, Life Line, Head Line, and Fate Line. These are the primary rivers in which our nervous system carves out a road map of our lives. We can understand much about a person just by studying those 4 lines, before even looking at the other parts of the palm. If you look down at your own hands, you will see how your lines differ between your right and left palm. In a brief explanation, I share with my clients that the left palm shows us the past; what we experienced and what happened to us as well as the choices we made. While the right palm shows us how we are evolving from what we experienced, and how we are adapting, changing, and doing new things. The left is where we were, and the right is where we are and where we will be when all is said and done in this lifetime.

I realized quickly into a two palm comparison that I wasn’t just seeing the past from this lifetime when I studied my client’s left palm. I was seeing past lives, and the signatures of those lifetimes that were carried forward into this one. We were able to see farther back on his journey, to better understand where he was going and why. We pick up where we leave off, and we keep going. And that is where we look to the right palm, to see exactly how that journey is continuing on.

Our lines change with time as well. As we reach each crossroad, and make our choices of how we wish to proceed, our lines reflect those choices. And the older we get, the more we see that take place. This is also why the lines from the left palm differ from the right. And if they don’t, that means all life experiences and lessons from past lives are set on repeat. Some lines deepen, and produce more branches of finer lines to show us the accessory aspects of what has been influencing our choices and outcomes. Some lines lift and soften. And some lines fade away altogether. We never lose our main 4 lines. They grow, much like tree branches, and they contract, much like roots. There are profound stories our palms tell us. We just have to learn how to speak their language to receive their messages.

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