Often referred to as the Hat Man, Shadow Figure, or Humanoid Black Mass, a Shadow Person is typically described as a very tall, solid black figure, that is typically in the form of a humanoid type of entity. The do not have a face, although sometimes arms and fingers are noticeable. They are seen arching in contorted stances but are not especially animated. They linger, and hover higher than a person would stand, often in the corner of a room, or at the end of a hallway. Some people describe them being eight feet or taller in height, and sometimes appear as tall as the ceiling of a room. Their size grows over time. Their lower body tends to morph into a solid black mass that blends in with, and bleeds into, the space they are occupying. So it’s mostly the torso and head that appear in human like form. Shadow People are not human although they may occasionally be mistaken for one.

No matter how dark the room or physical space may be, these Shadow People have been said to have a density greater than the atmosphere, and are often described as being blacker than the blackness of night. All of the lights can be out and the room pitch black. But the Shadow Person appears blacker than the pitch black and is sensed as something solid that cannot be seen through, yet is not made of physical matter that can be touched.

At first, Shadow people manifest only occasionally, and may seem about the size of a regular person or small child. When they are anchoring an energetic footprint, they may at first start out as a shapeshifting grey or black misty mass, that takes on the form of a human shape, although they may only appear to have a few body parts at first like a head or arms but no other form. In the beginning, they are seen peripherally, and sometimes a sense of ominous dread, or impending doom may accompany it. Oftentimes though, at first, signs of their presence are quite subtle. People may shake it off as being tired, seeing things that aren’t there, or just letting their fears get to them.

As the frequency of sightings increase, Shadow People can tend to be seen in groupings of several Shadow People that tend to gather around a specific person or room in the household. The person who is the target of the gathering often has a classic profile of symptoms that has drawn them in.

I have spent decades tracking Shadow People and have discovered a pattern with their cycles of manifestation, who and why certain people are targeted, and how to exorcise them from a physical space.

People who have been targeted by Shadow People can be any age. It’s not so much their age that is the factor but children are the ones who most often witness them because of their sensitivity. When this occurs, children will often have night terrors, nightmares, feel like they’re being watched, or feel unusually hostile or sad at night when having to go to bed. Shadow people tend to manifest mostly at night but as the frequency of their sightings increase, they can be seen during the daytime too.

Shadow People do not show up randomly. There is always a reason they manifest or cluster and a lot of that has to do with specific circumstances of human activity.

People who have suffered extreme bouts of grief and despair are one group in which Shadow People are drawn to. The amount of electromagnetic current that punches out into the ethers through the emissions of the Heart Chakra, or frontal Assemblage Point, can be like a dinner bell to Spirits in the Astral Planes. A grieving heart bleeds energetically. And if enough of a person’s life force bleeds out without replenishment, their soul emits a signal much like an animal in the wild that calls out when they are hurt. Sometimes the energetic bleeding gushes out to a point of physical injury or death. We often refer to this as death by a broken heart. Shadow People feel it. They are like the wraiths of the Spirit World. They feed on the suffering of the human world, but interestingly enough, they do not interfere with the people they attach themselves to. They encroach. They feed. But they do not touch, or harm, or kill.

People who have been very sick or suffered terrible injuries are another group in which Shadow People are drawn to. Illnesses like Cancer, Chronic Infections, Chronic Fatigue, CPTSD, Acute Depression, Acute Respiratory diseases like COPD, or Chronic organ dysfunction can signal a pre-death state beacon into the Ethers. It is like an S.O.S. signal of a sinking ship.

We can measure the level of danger or emergency with how many Shadow People linger, and how large or pronounced they become. During an active period, Shadow People will draw other entities into the same space and their presence becomes more dominant over time. It is like a perfect storm, and this is when spirit activity becomes a problem. It is not the Shadow Person that we have to worry about per se’, it is what comes with them that we have to worry about, such as Earthbound Departed Souls. I call them, Walkers of Twilight.

Walkers of Twilight sometimes do not know they have died. Some that know they have died, decide to stay behind and not cross over fully for one reason or another. Some want to cross over but can’t, and end up stuck in the dense magnetism of the Earth Plane. These Walkers are drawn to both the light of the living, and the suffering of the living. And it is common they eventually cluster together with other Walkers over time. Walkers can sometimes still be in their death state, repeating the experiences of physical sensations and emotions of dying, or what happened to them prior to death. The Walkers in particular who died of chronic illness and had a long dying period may still hold that signature with them. That death state energy can make a living person sick, sometimes to a point where the living takes on those death state signatures themselves. Phantom and unexplainable illnesses can surface. For example, a Walker in life could have suffered from throat cancer. If a living person is in contact for too long with that Walker, they may begin to have problems swallowing, breathing, or develop Thyroid issues. Without intervention, the living may in fact, take on the full Throat Cancer signature and end up having to seek out medical treatment to prevent experiencing the same fate as the Walker, which is death. Another example is how a Walker can influence the psychological and emotional health of the living. People in the household can begin to take on the thoughts or emotions of a Walker, or even group of Walkers, that may all share a common history. The reason this happens is because of energetic coherence. Whether the influence is intentional or not, humans, both living and departed, can end up sharing a coherent frequency and vibration if they align or harmonize together over a long enough period of time. That means, what happened to one, could happen to another, if the imprint of it is strong enough. Like ripples on a pond, those waves of energy can touch everything within the body of water it ripples through. Protection against exposure reduces risk of complications. And this brings attention to the way we react to our environment, and measures we take to maintain great health and happiness.

Other types of entities that can be drawn in with Shadow People and Walkers may be departed spirits of animals, or even non-human entities that have never been alive. Those spirits or entities sometimes do have access to the physical material world, including us. Vibrationally, we must keep a high register, and take steps for preventative protective measures. This is why we need to be mindful and present of how we are affecting our own environment, and how our environment is affecting us.

The location of where these entities appear plays a factor too. For locations with a history of violence, tragedy, or war, this can amplify the likeliness of a problem occurring. Those energies or historical events affect the Ethers with friction. Especially for folks who are psychically sensitive, it’s imperative they choose a residence or workplace carefully. And if activity has made it dangerous or impossible to stay there, vacating the premises or steps towards intervention becomes necessary. We get to decide what happens to us though. And we have more power and control than what we may think we do! The more we learn, the more equipped we can be to take countermeasures to provide a safe, tranquil, and harmonious place for ourselves and our families.

©Debbie Edwards

Image Credit: delirium.dreams


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