Mae West once said, “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” And this holds true for how a lot of us may feel during this New Moon in Libra, Wednesday October 6, 2021.

There have been some heavy hitting energies the past month or so, especially while a lot of our long standing planetary retrogrades enter their final stretches before turning direct. Right when we feel like we just need a break, the Universe sends us this New Moon to remind us that all things eventually come full circle and balance out. But we have to be ready to see it through to the end. It’s not over just yet. So, rest, regroup, and be ready for the final lap.

The New Moon is just one way in which Libra influences are blanketing the ethers. We are also in Libra season, and on Wednesday in the background, we’ll also be feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Mars in Libra. Libra, an Air sign, has us all up in our heads with things we’ve already been up in our heads about for a bit of time now. It doesn’t matter how much we try to compartmentalize our thoughts or opinions about what is going on around us, sometimes we have no choice but to verbalize it, even if it stirs the pot. Sometimes we have no choice but to pick a side, even if it costs us to do so. We can’t sit idle in limbo.

This New Moon in Libra is going to feel a whole lot like, “Been there, done that”. And that could drudge up feelings of discouragement, frustration, and disappointment. We’re going to see a lot of the same things cycle, and continue to rise to the surface so they can finally be deliberated and decided about. And once we make that choice, the tension will snap and the pressure will lift. The Universe is waiting on us to give the final say and when we do, the cycle will come to completion. The New Moon reminds us we can’t stay in a soup of stagnation. We have to come to a decision or else surrender by default. And if we hand over the pen to someone else to write the chapters of our lives, chances are, we’re not going to like the story they write about us. If we’ve expressed ourselves until we’re blue in the face and still feel unheard, then it’s time to withdraw communication and let go.

You’re not going to please everyone so let’s get that out of the way first. You’re not going to be able to be submissive anymore either, to someone who just wants to dominate your life and make your decisions for you! This is a New Moon of taking action that you are more than justified to take. And there are going to be situations in which you might be guilted or shamed for putting yourself first, but they don’t get to do that because they’re not the ones walking in your shoes. You are taking your power back. They cannot possess you if you exorcise their attachment on your thinking. This week we’re going to see people own their power and unapologetically say, “No more! I choose me, and I am letting go of all of the toxicity.”

Transformation is often messy. With Mars and Mercury Retrograde in Libra, we are going to see people taking a stand and demanding justice. Fear, intimidation, and gossip might swirl but those are phantoms. Those are noise makers to force us to back down and shrink. But the New Moon in Libra again says, “No more!” This could manifest through court cases, local or state governing laws, or even household rules in place where we live. Decisions cannot be made unilaterally when there is equal voice or say in a matter. We could see vindication come for children, spouses, elderly, or animals who have been treated unfairly or abused. Evidence is coming out. Truths are being told.

Communication mishaps and misunderstandings are likely because of Mercury Retrograde in Libra, but sometimes these are the blessings in disguise we need. When people can’t navigate a debate, and tempers flare, we get to see how people solve problems, or don’t. We get to see if people are willing to admit mistakes or take the blame for something they may or may not be responsible for. Are those closest to us able to be diplomatic? Or are they avoidant and dismissive? Do they point fingers and deflect questions? Do they throw temper tantrums or walk out because they can’t handle a confrontation? The deeper part of this experience leads us to understand how someone navigates confrontation, by the influences of Mars in Libra. What is justified? The difference between right and wrong are simple. Don’t let someone make you think it’s all a grey area when they’re just being covert and trying to cover their own tail. Sometimes it’s much simpler than that. Sometimes there are no contingent factors. It’s either good or bad, lies or truth, manipulative or helpful. Sometimes, there is no in between.

We can expect to see some legal situations pop up too but this is where we have an opportunity to create an initiation through ceremonial workings during the New Moon to manifest the best outcome possible. Asking for protection, clarity, truth, fairness, and an outcome for our highest good helps us make it clear to the Universe that we are aiming towards a conclusion with integrity. With folks who have already been dealing with something of this nature for some time, it may feel like a repetitive cycle that’s getting dragged out even longer, but this is where the outcome can be different because the emotional investment this time is different. There has already been a lot of new things learned that weren’t learned before. When perspectives evolve, how we navigate a situation evolves too. Tactics change. Hindsight can be helpful right now.

Sneaky people from the past might reappear to bring their drama to your doorstep. Former bosses could approach you to rehire you. Or old roommates might ask you to move back in. Not only is this from Mercury Retrograde in Libra, but also from the New Moon in Libra, because those two combined talk about new opportunities with people from our past. This can also be a really huge blessing in disguise too. Those whom we have lost, especially with long term separations and absences, will have an opportunity to return because they’ve done the healing they needed to in order to come back. This could be someone getting out of jail and returning home to start a new life. This could be someone who did something to you that was against the law like stealing from you, or vandalizing your property, who has paid their restitution and wants to return to apologize. When karma has time to come full circle, people who have wronged us get to go through their karmic lessons, and realize what they put us through. There is a kindness in this kind of pain. When others get to realize what they put us through, they get to figure out how to be better people and prove they have changed. There is nothing more beautiful than a reconnection after honest review, where apologies can be offered and received. Hurt can heal. And communication gaps can finally be closed. We may hear, “I was wrong. I didn’t treat you fair. I’m sorry.”

With that said, we are also going to see that some people haven’t changed and for those situations, blocking communication once and for all, and starting over, is required. This New Moon in Libra helps us do just that.

We are going to receive an opportunity to form new connections that make us feel loved, beautiful, and free. Venus, the planet of love, governs both Libra and Taurus, and we are going to feel her loving vibes this week, moving towards the weekend. We are likely to feel deeply nostalgic and as much as we know we shouldn’t reach out to our exes or people who have wronged us because of Mercury Retrograde, some of us may end up doing it anyway, because the pull is so strong. This is where resolution can happen, but only if we’re willing to set clear boundaries and not allow past cycles to repeat themselves. Gaining closure is the goal. Broken hearts we thought we mended might not be mended after all. So, if you are on the hunt for that explanation from those who wronged you, and you need it to move forward, ask for closure and clarity during this New Moon. Because that can still come even if you’re not in communication with the person who caused you pain. Closure and clarity can come in more ways than just reconnecting with the person directly.

New love that blooms during this New Moon might need careful consideration, especially if it happens through trauma bonding; feeling close and trusting with someone because of a mutual history of hurt, pain, or betrayal, which can lead to a mutual desire for retribution or revenge. We could fall into the trappings of feeling confident to carry out plans of vengeance with a cheerleader cheering us on. But this only leads to deeper wounds. This can ignite a shadow side to Libra energies, and fuel devilish tactics to making someone pay for what they’ve done.

New love between two people who have already done their shadow work, and have healed a great deal, can feel good that the relationship has tremendous potential against all odds to flourish into something extraordinary. This is a time where we could meet new Soulmates, and perhaps even a Divine Counterpart who can rise to any occasion to be there for us, and vice versa. This is a very blessed time. If we’ve finally let go of the past, the Universe will bless us with new people to share our journey with, people who we have no karmic history or past lives with. And that is how we’ll know we’ve finished very important cycles.

This New Moon will remind us that Universal Law, Karmic Law, and Karmic cycles are in motion. We are going to see some incredible blessings of abundance, love, financial freedom, joy, and personal fulfillment come full circle for those who have worked hard and earned it. And this is where many of us may become inspired to advocate for the health and safety for others. We may discover a strong inner voice this week we didn’t expect to have, but had been there all along. There is a kind of liberation and equality that comes when we let out all that we hold within us. Our words of experience may become someone else’s motivation that helps them keep going. There is poetry in the tapestry of speaking up.

This time, we get to decide how the story begins, and how it ends.

©Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: pocketofwonders

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