After five long months in Retrograde, Saturn stations direct in the sign of Aquarius October 11th, 2021, and the energies it brings will feel like the burst of a tension rod, freeing us from a confinement and sluggish energy we have worked hard to emancipate ourselves from.

Saturn is the great wise elder of the Universe. It is like the strict father who expresses tough love in order to get a point across and flesh us to become better people. The lessons, hardships, and disciplines are nothing short of punishing sometimes, although that is not the point of the experience. The point is to help us become the absolute best versions of ourselves we can be, and rise into our divinity. It helps us overcome our own shortcomings, and reminds us that we must earn all the we are rewarded with. Blessings aren’t free. We must traverse our rites of passage and succeed at the tasks before us, if we’re going to be granted access to the wisdom and teachings waiting for us. Our currency of time is what is most precious. Saturn, a slow moving planet, takes its time to cycle through the cosmos and our Natal Charts, in order to fully express its energies in both shadow and light.

We have been in a period of great discovery, innovation, and reset in order to be part of the construction crew in building the New Earth. Saturn has been helping us along the way. It has been giving us inspiration and new ways of understanding the way the world works, in order to make the necessary changes we need to going forward. It is not just for our own benefit, but for Mother Gaia and our community.

Saturn in Aquarius inspires us to think outside the box. We are going to need to do things differently if we want different results. And on a personal level, many of us have spent our entire lives doing just that; thinking outside the box and trying new things because that is what we were born to do. That of course has not come without resistance from people clinging to old world thinking and ideologies. For those who have followed their knowing, and have pursued a more eclectic pathway, especially spiritually, it would come as no surprise that there have been deeply passionate adversaries pushing against us along the way. Classmates, friends, colleagues, family; people we have held dear that betrayed us by wanting to see us fail because they did not support the path we were on. People who have said they loved us, but only pressured us to conform, to stop going down the path we were on, because they believed it to be wrong, foolish, or blasphemous, will get a wake up call that their judgements were unjustified.

Saturn in Aquarius is about to lay the smack down on everyone who thought it wise to betray their fellow human, whether it be for power, money, envy, or control. Those who were diligent in staying the course with their path, despite isolation or slander, will find themselves receiving incredible blessings and bountiful rewards for all of their trust, dedication, and hard work! And yet, those who wished nothing but failure to befall others, will turn around to discover they are reaping the exact types of failure in return. Money will dry up. Material security will shift with the tides, and loss will come. Love will break. Public shame, gossip, and personal betrayal will infect their circle. All the ways they wanted others to fail will become the mantle they’ll be made to wear, all by the making of their own intent and will.

All that was stolen or taken from those walking in divinity will be returned, including their voice and full story so that it can be publicly known. Abundance, acclaim, praise, and loyalty from others will come. All things have a way of coming full circle. And crimes committed against the innocent have a way of returning to sender, so that new perspectives can be gained through living life in someone else’s shoes. We are going to see this play out personally but also on a cultural and societal scale as well.

Truths will come out about crimes committed against others in the name of God, Country, and Race that were immoral, unjustified, and evil. Unmarked graves will be found. Dead will be exhumed. Understanding of human sacrifice, oppression, slavery, imprisonment of the innocent, and many more crimes against humanity will come into the light so that others can learn what happened, and not just what the edited versions tell us. Going back in time to study ancient societies, and the founding of religions, belief systems, countries, and laws, gives us perspective about the values and principles we support. When we understand our past, we can change course for a new future based on more evolved thinking. Not all is as it seems, and not all we have been taught to believe is true.

We are being invited to dig deep, explore, and not stop until we have more information.

Time will be revealed to us in new ways. We will be unearthing things we never knew, and receiving visions about things yet to come. Humanity is growing. It is waking from its slumber of spiritual amnesia, and remembering what is most important.

Truth changes things. It allows room for contemplation so that the full story can be understood and revealed. We will understand that we must see all sides and experience all sides in order to fully understand there is no enemy, just different perspectives; we are them and they are us, and in that discovery, we realize that we are just different versions of ourselves reincarnating over and over, experiencing life through the lens of a prism. What we see and understand about what we see, will be different every time. This will highlight aspects of war and tension we didn’t understand before. This will help us rise in our awareness that there is no separation, only mirrors. And sometimes the reflections we see are grotesque to us, unfamiliar, beautiful, awe inspiring, or exactly what we hoped we’d see. We will be tasked to bear witness to humanity in new ways so we can learn. And in our learning, we evolve.

Saturn in Aquarius is all about evolution. It is about growth and surrender as well.

Continue to expect the unexpected over the next two remaining years that Saturn will be in Aquarius. The same theme will continue to cycle; you weren’t the same person you were a year ago. And you won’t be the same person a year from now that you are today. No matter what happens from here on out, look at it as an opportunity to become your best self and build on that for future generations who will look back at your life to say how you were the change we needed to see, the change that gave them a better future.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: photospreader

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