Our Full Moon in Aries on October 20th, 2021 will be nothing short of heated, liberating, rebellious, and full of action! Mercury has gone direct, still in the sign of Libra, as we are closing out Libra season. Venus is in the fire sign of Sagittarius, and Chiron, known as the Wounded Healer, is still Retrograde in the fire sign of Aries.

Nothing is standing in our way. Nothing is going to restrict us. It’s time for anyone and anything meaning harm to step aside because the warrior movement is going to make strides this week! Communication about love, passion, life goals, and purpose will take center stage. Aries is one of the most intense signs of the Zodiac, and his fires will be activating the shadows sides of the way we communicate about fairness, equality, and judgements because the Moon will be squaring off with Mercury. Mercury, being in the sign of Libra, wants to communicate about what is right and just, but Aries will be inviting people to take action instead, rather than just talk about it. This could provoke heated debates, legal disputes, and confrontations in personal romantic relationships. Sometimes talking doesn’t get it done. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking action instead, and showing by example that we mean business. We are finally in a position where we can follow through on what we said we’d do. The handcuffs are off. The chains are broken. And freedom is within reach.

Venus in Sagittarius will have us feeling like we need to break free from whatever isn’t working when it comes to love. Especially in situations where couples have a long history together of not seeing eye to eye, or being unable to resolve differences, we are going to see a lot of people just get fed up and need to walk away. People will learn that they need to set higher standards, and do better at communicating boundaries. Chiron Retrograde in Aries is going to be triggered by the Full Moon in Aries too. Old wounds will surface so they can be cleansed in the fire. But it might manifest unexpectedly. People are likely to be extra sensitive and defensive during this Full Moon, especially towards lovers, friends, and family who have done them wrong one too many times. How much should someone take? We all have our breaking point. We can expect some dysfunctional or toxic couples who’ve been together far past the point of no return to finally part ways. Long term partnerships in business, or dysfunctional family relationships will be challenged to either change, or break apart as well. Loving others from a distance will be a solution too, if it’s only a time out that we need. There’s no more room for deliberation. Mercury has gone direct now in Libra, and the time to decide has come. We are inches away from Scorpio season and patience is running thin. Trust that has been tested and failed, won’t get a second shot this time. There will be a lot of lessons to come out this Full Moon, but it is all for our highest good! This is a time for tough love, if nothing else. And those are heavy karmic lessons that cannot be avoided. That is what we need to remember. Loss and heartbreak have purpose. It gives us perspective about appreciation, gratitude, and humility. We cannot fully appreciate what we have unless we lose it once in a while. It is a roulette wheel of spiritual discipline. Life is precious, but so is trust and love. Self respect and self discipline will be crucial during this Full Moon. Chiron will make sure of it, because there’s no more tolerance for childish behavior or disrespect. We will be asked to pay attention to our tolerance levels. If those we share our lives with only bring out the worst in us, then it is time to let them go and set ourselves free. On the other hand, if those we share our lives with bring out the best in us, then this is a moment to express gratitude for their role in our lives!

Old cycles are ending. New cycles are beginning. And we are going to hear the echoes through the ethers proclaim, “No more!” There are different ways to go about things, different ways to address situations diplomatically. We don’t have to go to war with someone unless we participate in one. But with that said, we might not be able to avoid conflict during this Full Moon. Sometimes conflict comes so we can hash out the things diplomacy couldn’t resolve. Sometimes we are put in situations to pick up our staff or sword and take a position. How we go about that is where the skill and maturity we have acquired will work in our favor. We can respectfully disagree, and make choices going forward, without it dragging us through the fire.

We can expect new alliances to form this week too! People who hold the same passionate position, goals for the future and our planet, or even personal beliefs will find support from others who share the same mindset. This is where we may meet more people from our vibe tribe and soul family who are on their way to us. Our groups are going to expand, and there is power in numbers. We are not alone, and don’t have to keep the flame lit by ourselves. Expect action! This could come in the form of protests, press conferences, employee walk outs, strikes, signed petitions, and new disclosures or contracts being signed. We can expect to hear about new laws or ordinances being implemented, and people holding meetings to rewrite important rules or documents to include updated policies. This is where the pen can be mightier than the sword, even though it’s the sword that sometimes has to get us to the point of being taken seriously.

Many of us on a personal scale will be revisiting chapters of our lives that we suffered through. This is where we get to discover hidden strengths we didn’t know we had. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we’ve been through until we look back to see how far we’ve come. Bravery is born from that. Bravery and courage will be ignited in a lot of us, reminding us that we are powerful creators of our world, and together we can make incredible things happen! We get to shift our perspective to recognize life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving. We get to create the future we desire most for ourselves. No more fear. No more bending over backwards until we break, to compromise for people who wouldn’t even notice our efforts. We are going to be tasked to put ourselves in better positions, so that we can take our own needs into consideration. Partnerships formed on anything less than that will be challenged this week. Those that cannot evolve, will dissolve, and people will be set free from what no longer serves a purpose for growth and fairness.

We could also see some health hazards pop up too, like high blood pressure, headaches, digestive issues, vertigo, and impulsive behavior that could lead to bad decisions with substances, food, or addictive tendencies. For those who know they get triggered and what their triggers are, it’s best to redirect that energy intentionally this week, and avoid confrontations if possible. Self destructive or self deprecating habits could be an issue this week, so it’s best to keep busy with healthy activities to stay out of that emotional tailspin. Pay attention to self soothing tendencies. Sometimes we eat our feelings or spend away our sorrows. We need to remind ourselves to be disciplined and not overspend or overindulge. We’ll regret it later. Instead, we can put our attention to movement. Getting out and moving our bodies will feel great! Dancing, jogging, hiking, swimming, playing sports, and gardening are great ways to redirect any frustrations or darker emotions we may be swimming in.

On the flip side, folks who have been going through long term illnesses, medical treatments, and debilitating diseases may feel more invigorated to fight the good fight! Aries says, “You’ve got this! Keep going! Don’t give up!” People who want to heal and overcome their obstacles will be inspired to push harder this time and break through the plateau. This is where people are tested to decide whether they want to continue on this Earth, or let go. We could see the pendulum swing either way. Those who don’t want to keep going may finally decide to give themselves permission to let go, to stop treatment, and die gracefully. We could see some of our loved ones go out with a bang by doing it their way. We may not be able to control if we die, but sometimes we can control when and how. Living and dying can be on our terms. Dying doesn’t have to be feared. Talking about death doesn’t have to be weird or taboo either. It’s just as much a part of life as being born. We go out the same way we came in- naked. We don’t get to take anything with us but the love and connections we’ve formed while we were here. That is what matters most. Those are our living assets. Those are what survive when our body can no longer keep us going.

In an abstract way, we are invited to burn off what no longer serves us, so we can rise again from the ashes of our former selves. We are the Phoenix. We get to decide how bright we shine our firelight, and how far reaching our glow touches the world.

Venus in Sagittarius with the influence of the Full Moon in Aries will especially put a fire beneath the feet of our global pioneers! We could see some incredible accomplishments happen, or at least go into the planning stage. This could be climbing to the highest mountain peak, signing up for triathlons, running marathons, discovering breakthroughs in medicine, science, and technology. This could also inspire some of the biggest dreams we’ve ever dared to dream! We can do anything we set our minds to! So, for those who thrive on thrilling adventures, this is definitely the week to put those adventures on the calendar. We could also see amazing architectural achievements, or progress made on ocean clean up projects, clean water projects, and finding new ways to irrigate crops in arid climates. Growing, expanding, and reaching higher than before will all be possible.

The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. Reach higher. Dig deeper. It is time to succeed. Your rite of passage to the next destination of your growth awaits.

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