The Moon has entered the fire sign of Sagittarius and with it comes a renewed sense of liberation and quest for adventure. Where is Spirit going to take us? On what new journey are we going to travel, and who will our travel companions be?

For the rest of the weekend, we can expect to feel the sun on our shoulders, and a bit of bravery in our hearts. There is so much out there in the world to explore, and the time has come to follow through on what inspires us to try something new. Whether it be doing something out of routine like trying different food for dinner, enjoying the company of friends, or planning a trip to explore somewhere we haven’t been before, the vibes for this weekend are inspirational.

While it’s important to follow through on our daily mundane tasks, we can take advantage of the way the Universe is going to inspire us. Sometimes we need to act, instead of just think about it. And this could create contention for folks who feel bogged down by a heavy load of responsibilities. Some of us may be tempted to blow off work and just have fun, but if we shirk our workload too much, we’ll end up getting behind next week, putting pressure on ourselves to do more than we can in a day. Some of us may also feel a bit scattered, wanting to explore a lot of things but not having the time or the organization skills to put them in motion. A vision board or checklist can help. Journaling ideas can help narrow things down enough to make a plan for practical action. This will move the mental noise and chaos out of range of influence.

This is a perfect weekend for think tanks, group meetings, and innovative projects. The Moon in Sagittarius helps give us more clarity of thought, and inspires us to dig deeper into the mysteries of the unknown, especially when it comes to our shadow work internally. Past Life Regressions, Hypnosis, and Deep Meditation work can be productive so be sure to keep that meditation journal handy. Write down everything that comes to you even if it doesn’t make sense. Study habits can be refined too, and a lot of progress can be made for things that are fun to research. Get that writing project going, or work on your courses for certification. Learning, teaching, and sharing information is highlighted this weekend. Don’t forget to feed your body as much as you’re feeding your mind. Take care of your blood sugar and get enough sleep so you can be clear headed and sharp for the next couple of days. Sometimes we tend to dive in deep and lose track of time, and that could cause us to go too long in between meals or not get enough sleep.

It’s important we ground ourselves and clear any energetic debris that may be clogging up our auric fields. Shungite, Hematite, Black Obsidian, Ruby, Kyanite, Broznite, Axinite, and Smoky Quartz are just a few crystals we can work with that help keep us grounded with the Earths geomagnetic field. This is especially important right now while we are experiencing surges of geomagnetic storms and Solar flares that can throw us off balance. We may experience more headaches, fatigue, or brain fog, and forget what we’re doing. We could accidentally miss appointments or show up late for important activities. Drinking plenty of water and working with salt can be very therapeutic. Electrolyte imbalance can lead to heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and feeling scattered. So, we need to be sure we take in enough salt as well as water in order to maintain balance within our circulatory system and brain. For those who are fasting, be sure to get enough electrolytes and stay hydrated. Adding salt lamps to a space, Orgone by electronics, or Orgone on our bodies can shield us from toxic levels of EMF too.

This weekend we can benefit from limiting time with electronics or devices, and spending more time in nature to stay grounded. Working with the Sacral and Root Chakra this weekend can also help us stay grounded and focused. Releasing fear of the unknown, frustrations over things we cannot control, and discouragements over not having enough hours in the day can help us sort through the barriers we have around us.

The Moon in Sagittarius will help lend us good vibes for the most part, despite other aspects of friction working against us in the cosmos. The Moon will be square to Neptune which is Retrograde in Pisces. So, we could feel a bit triggered by doubt or discouragement when it comes to our dreams, ambitions, and desires. We could feel stifled and held back, but this is just a temporary energy. This brings us back to what we talked about earlier with being mindful to not shirk responsibilities just because we feel a need to get out, enjoy ourselves, and be free. We can transmute this energy by incorporating artistic expression to what we’re doing, and find meaning even in the mundane. Multitasking has a good place for us this weekend. Listening to a podcast while doing chores or jotting down notes of inspiring ideas in between work tasks are great ways to capture the magic and mystical vibes that are flowing through. The same goes for writing down our dreams when we wake up. There are many important messages coming through from the Ethers into our subconsciousness.

On a personal level, we could see some relationships go through some turbulence this weekend. One partner may want to explore new things or feel the need to just get out and breathe, while the other wants to keep things as they are and stay in for a quiet evening. There could be a tension between the energies of shrinking and expanding within our connections. Some partners could feel suffocated while others feel left out. Working things out through communicating needs and goals will help. And sometimes that means involving the right kind of third party to mediate the situation to help aid communication. For couples who haven’t been able to see eye to eye for a while when it comes to big life decisions or ideas about the future, we could see some breakups and people going their separate way to chase after their dreams. Some relationships fail because people outgrow each other, or don’t make room for growth. Compromise is important, but it’s equally important to not surrender an important goal or aspiration just because it’s not what the other person desires for themselves. Codependency could be tested too. People who always have to be with their significant other or who hover over their children will find a bit of push back this weekend. We all need our space to explore life and the things that make us happy. Communicating boundaries will help other people understand what we are and are not okay with. Without proper communication, we could see some rebellion spark up because some of us feel unheard or silenced. Being supportive towards others who want to grow will help provide space for change without having to break away completely. It’s important we give each other enough breathing room to expand.

The door to new adventure awaits!

©Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: Liam Pannier

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