New Moons appear in the same sign that the Sun is currently in and tonight’s New Moon will be entering the sign of Scorpio to reflect the shadows of the Scorpio Sun. For each New Moon, we experience an intensification of that particular sign’s attributes, especially the shadow aspects of that sign. This is what helps us welcome in change through the cleansing process of shadow work, and quiet reflection.

New Moon’s are a time of new beginnings, manifesting desires, and setting new goals. It is the beginning of a gestation period, much like a pregnancy in which new life grows. In order for new life to grow, we must allow ourselves to mourn what no longer serves us, and let it go.

Tonight, as the New Moon in Scorpio makes its presence known, we will be invited to sit quietly within ourselves and decide what it is we want going forward. This is where we need to allow ourselves to kill off the parts within us that hold us back; the triggers left behind from old wounds, the grief we never embraced when we lost someone or something important to us, and outdated patterns of thinking that keep us feeling small. We cannot move forward unless we break those chains that bind us. We hold that key to our freedom.

Currently, there are celestial events taking place that are strongly influencing the way this New Moon is working with us because of how much we are affected physically and cognitively from them. We have had a series of intense kp4, kp5, kp6 and kp7 geomagnetic storms over the past several days, and especially the past 24 hours. We have also been experiencing an intensity of C class Solar Flares, M Class Solar Flares and an X Class Solar Flare all within the past week! We should expect to feel the peak of many of these storms and flares by Saturday, as the New Moon begins to wane.

We are also still swimming in the energies of the Saturn/Uranus square and since the Sun is opposite Uranus today, we will have no choice but ride the great roller coaster of cataclysmic change. Knowing what’s going on around us will help us temper any sudden flares within our relationships or emotions that may suddenly rear up. Let it pass. It’s only temporary.

With all of this intensity, it is no wonder why many us feel drained, fatigued, and hit with a bit of brain fog. Some of us may also be experiencing unusual emotional sensitivity, feelings of vulnerability, sorrow, emptiness, or anxiety, mixed with body aches and sluggish movement. The key here is to just allow ourselves the time needed to rest and recuperate. As much as we may want to spearhead a lot of things and be on top of our schedules, we may have to slow down a bit and just do things with more patience and breaks in between. This is very much a hibernating Bear type of energy. It’s okay to sleep it off if you can’t keep your eyes open.

Botanicals, herbs, resins, and supplements can help us relax. Chamomile tea, Valerian Root, Kava Kava, and Ashwagandaha can be helpful before bed to relax the body and sooth the mind. Lavender or Rose essential oils, Frankincense and Myrrh for Smoke Cleansing, and detoxifiers like Dandelion are just a few suggestions to work with to reduce stress.

We can also take this time to create vision boards for positive goal setting and write lists of the things we’d like to accomplish throughout the rest of the month. This can help us offset the blue’s if we’re feeling down or discouraged. Nature is there to help sooth our discomforts as well. We can spend the evening with a long hot bath, relaxing Smudge, or entertaining film. It’s important we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves to plunge into our to-do lists. Energetically, we will benefit more from simplifying the next couple of days. We can put aside the need to “do” and just allow ourselves to “be”. Just be present, aware, and tuned in to what is going on around you. Don’t expect more from yourself than that, so you can stay in alignment and centered.

Scorpio energies will have us swimming in the tides of our emotions, old and new. So, we can work with the water element to help us transmute any dark emotions into a neutral energy. Working with crystals that hold a water vibration can help like Angelite, Blue Lace Agate, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Blue Calcite, and Fossil Corals. Doing crystal baths with water safe crystals like Clear Quartz, or full body Chakra meditations with crystals that correspond with our Chakra system can help release any tensions or energetic imprints that are toxic or low vibrational.

We don’t have to suffer in silence, so to speak. There is something to be said for letting go and releasing all that creates suffering, especially if it’s self-imposed. Usually Full Moon’s are a time of release, but we may be feeling the need for that now during the New Moon. We can use the receptive feminine energies of this New Moon for focusing our attention on positive transmutation. We can create Moon Water as well that can symbolize and hold space for emotions we wish to heal. This is a beautiful moment in which we can infuse this water with both the Moon’s energy, and our own intentions in order to program the water with specific vibrations. This can be achieved through recitation of Mantra’s, prayer, or specific words while picturing them imprinting into the water. We can also create sigils or symbols that are drawn on the Moon Water jar to “mark” the water with its meaning. Protection Sigils, symbols for abundance, wealth, prosperity, healing, love, and many other things can mark the jar accordingly. Water molecules respond to human intention, and through the great research and documentation by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, we see how each emotion and specific imprint creates different geometric configurations within their molecular structure. Once it is ready, this water can be collected the following day for rituals such as performing sacred body washes. Pouring this charged Moon Water over our bare feet to set intention for the steps ahead we’ll be taking, or pouring it over our whole body, to wash away grief can be a creative way to make space for renewal.

Forgiveness, reminding ourselves we are human and make mistakes, and releasing the need for any self-deprecating thoughts will help elevate us emotionally.

The New Moon in Scorpio says, “You are only one person. You can only do so much. Don’t put yourself in a space of toxicity in order to feel in control.” We must release control so we don’t drown in the mud of our own making. We have already outgrown so many of our self-sabotaging ways. And now is the time to go a step further to acknowledge all of the good that happens in our lives, so we can celebrate and honor all that we are grateful for. We can create a gratitude jar as well that we set outside to be charged by the New Moon, to remind us that all of our life cycles have purpose. All of our life cycles help us grow. We can be the great Kings and Queens of our domain, by allowing ourselves to rise above the poverty line of lack; the idea or perception that we don’t deserve the best that life has to offer. It is time to outgrow our limiting beliefs that we deserve pain. We have paid many of our karmic debts and now it’s time to step into a new vibration of wholeness and truth.

Scorpio energies have us questioning loyalty, love, and the cosmic downloads we are receiving from Spirit about all of the great mysteries of life and beyond. The time to step into our power is now. We have come a great distance already, and there is much more ahead waiting for us, after we pause for now to regroup and rest. Newfound trust and healthy connections are coming. This is just the beginning of great change.

Many important messages come through to us subconsciously while we are dreaming. So, if you feel sleepy and just need to go to bed, allow it, and let yourself dream. Keep a dream journal beside your bed to jot down what you remember when you wake up. Deep meditation and dream work will aid us in our pursuit of answers over the next couple of days.

Plant new seeds. Water the growing spouts of new goals. Travel light, emotionally, so that you can overcome whatever tries to bog you down. Be kind to yourself, and each other.

©Debbie Edwards

Photo Credit: Chad Griepentrog

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