To an Empath, other people’s energy transmissions can feel like an assault, invasion of space, and cause a sensory overload that unravels critical balance in a backward spiral of thoughts and emotions. It becomes difficult to tell what is theirs versus what belongs to other people. Invasive thought patterns and unsettling emotions can send an Empath on a roller coaster of confusion, depression, anger, and instability. This is not mental illness. This is not a phase of “crazy”. This is a bi-product and set of symptoms that occur when an Empath’s Auric Field is too open.

An Auric Field, or Energetic Body, is an energy field outside of the human body that is comprised of seven layers of energy. These layers hold different vibrational signatures individually which correspond to specific systems within us such as our physical body, emotional body, organs, Chakras, and spiritual body. Collectively, they can align vibrationally for specific purposes, or involuntarily during a response to encounters with strong transmissions of electromagnetic energies. Our Auric Field not only transmits energetic information outward, but it also receives and interacts with transmissions of energy projected onto it by others. For an Empath, these energetic exchanges can be intensified compared to other people. This is because of the nature of their Auric Field being energetically more “available” or “open”. Think of it like a widely woven fishing net compared to a tightly woven sheet of cheesecloth. More energetic information and foreign energy signatures breach the protective layers of the Auric Field easier, and can penetrate the subtle bodies. Once this occurs, two reactions typically happen. Either the person rejects the foreign energies, or, assimilates to them.

Unwanted energetic assimilation, or coherence, can create instability in a number of ways, including physically. Empaths often experience physical symptoms of energetic assimilation such as nausea, headache, fatigue, bloating, vertigo, memory lapses, heightened sensitivity to pain or touch, and wobbly motion when walking or standing. Panic attacks, feeling suffocated, not wanting to be touched, feelings of being watched, invasive dreams, and night terrors are also symptoms of unwanted energetic assimilation. It can feel like an onslaught of overstimulation even in small crowds or just being in densely populated areas. Driving through congested traffic can cause a whirlwind of emotions, and that is because all of the others drivers who are projecting thoughts, intentions, emotions, and physical distress if they’re sick, all bleed through the ethers where the Empath senses them. Many Empaths unfortunately turn to prescription medications or isolation as a way to cope with the overstimulation. Prescription medications, while they can offer some forms of relief, often make the Auric Field more vulnerable because they can often create a “stretching”, “marbling”, or “pooling” of an already loosely woven energy system. They can dampen sensitivities and energetic responses, which in turn can hinder the Empaths ability to control their Auric Field altogether.

An Empath is highly intuitive, psychic, and sensitive to other people. This doesn’t have to be compromised in order to gain better control. Psychic sensitivity doesn’t have to be suppressed in order to desensitize Empathic symptoms. Chakra meditations, protection work, smudge, not allowing toxic people to enter our homes, Orgone jewelry, grounding crystals, emotional clearing, reiki, acupuncture, alkaline foods, and even massage therapy to help align meridians in the body can help let in the good but keep out the rest. This can create a more uniform oscillation of our Auric Field. Once an uncomfortable thought, emotion, or physical sensation occurs, the Empath can pause and document what they are experiencing. Then, they can objectively picture in their mind what is happening around them, as though investigating anomalies that need attention. They can visualize a circle of people around them and if someone in particular stands out, they can examine what is being shown. Is the person standing out crying? Are they angry? Are they injured? What is their mood or current state of awareness? This person could unintentionally be projecting those things outward in which the Empath unintentionally absorbs those transmissions to a point where they take on those things as if they are their own.

Discerning what is coming from us rather than toward us is a game changer. An Empath tends to “wear” other people’s thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms as if they are their own. Understanding who’s actually thinking or feeling those things helps us separate from what isn’t ours. Our energy systems can be carriers for other people, especially if they are sick, are in their dying or death state, or if they have extreme emotional intensities that bleed outward. We get to decide what we are willing to carry, even if it comes from us. This is why it’s important to pause and take notes when things suddenly shift within us.

In other situations, it is not uncommon for a more evolved Empath to experience energetic radiation of imprints that have been left behind in physical locations. For example, an Empath could be traveling over a bridge and suddenly get a flood of sorrow and fear wash over them. Upon researching, it could be discovered that a car crash or death occurred in that location and the energetic signatures got stamped onto the physical location from the past, which can still replay over and over as a residual imprint. When the Empath moves through that residual imprint, some of that imprint can replay within the Empath personally. This can also occur in homes where there are repetitive thoughts, emotions, or health situations from the occupants who currently live there or used to live there. That’s why it’s important to cleanse a space before moving in, so nothing residual remains. When residual imprints pulse for a long enough period of time, the home can also act as a carrier, similar to an Empath, in which it takes on those energies as its own. This can cause residual “hauntings” or energetic disturbances in which physical things can happen, especially poltergeists. The living can cause these things if their energetic projections are strong enough. Not all hauntings are from the departed. Places of worship, cemeteries, hospitals, malls, public transit stations, and other public places where many groups of people all project the same or similar thoughts and emotions can imprint energy signatures onto those locations. One of the most common symptoms an Empath can experience from being in places like that it is vomiting, shortness of breath, anxiety, or a sense of dread and grief.

The more we understand what is happening, the more we can gain control of it when it does.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: silviovieiraart

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