There will be times in which your guides in Spirit or Ancestors will prompt you to just wait, not make a move, and hold your position right after you’ve been given instructions to make a move. It’s like being told to hurry up and wait! There is something to be said for stillness and that’s because it has to do with critical phases of timing for everything predicted to fall into place accordingly. Sometimes it could be to help us prevent making a big mistake, especially if we misinterpret a sign or assignment. Other times it could be because the people involved in our movement aren’t holding up their end of the commitment or plan with their soul contracts. And if we ignore those promptings, we could put ourselves in their lives much too soon before they’re ready for us. This is one of the biggest ways in which we sabotage connections. When we are in pursuit of attracting new counterparts or soulmates into our lives, we might be put on hold simply because the other person or people are not rising to the state of action in their own lives to meet us half way. Essentially, they’re dragging their feet and won’t be in the right place at the right time to connect with us. So, we must honor the instructions or instinct to just sit and wait until it’s time to make a move again.

Not everybody has our best interest, and to weed out those who act immaturely and impulsively, Spirit tells us to hold so they can pass us by and not drag us along on a drama fueled setback.

When we’re in an active period and do a lot of work on the astral planes, we will draw attention to ourselves. Not all attention is positive though and we must prepare for times in which we need to pause, so as not to be detected or give away our position to entities and forces that wish to infiltrate our energy field in order to suppress our reach or stop us. So, while we are stationed in a position of stillness, working with energetic protection can be a great way to redirect our energies and learn new ways to amp up our skillset. This is also an important time to work acutely with meditation in order to “check in” with Spirit for new promptings and warnings about any dangers that lay ahead that we may not have otherwise noticed. Don’t move too quickly, because you will be slowed down, or blocked altogether. There is always a reason for it.

Timing is one of the most essential components to working with our divine path.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: atonik.art

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