The Moon has entered the sign of Scorpio and will ping pong in a powerful way with the Sagittarius Sun and Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces for the next couple of days before the New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse comes on December 4th, 2021.

Over the next couple of days we will be invited to work with our wounded inner self regarding sexual development, sexual health, and ideas about sexual expression. Those who have experienced abuse or strict oppression will find a renewed sense of liberation! This is a magical time in which we get to come out of our shell and embrace our sensual divinity.

We could see couples reunite together under passionate fireworks, so if you’ve been hoping to reconnect with a former lover, the opportunity is there. However, be mindful that the dreamy energies of Neptune in Pisces, which is no longer retrograde, will have us feeling those sparkling lofty fantasies that could cause us to omit clear red flags. Exes are exes for a reason. But with that said, some couples may feel inclined to start over and work towards building a new depth of intimacy and healing of old wounds. Some love is meant to be rekindled. Some love was never meant to be broken apart. This is a good time to take honest review of the people we have in our circles, especially when it comes to third party influences that contributed to break ups in the first place. Anyone who caused disharmony, sabotage, or displacement in our intimate relationships will be reaping the karmic return of their actions. This is also a time to guard the love and connections we have from outward interference. Don’t give too many details about your circumstances to other people. Protect the integrity of your connections so they cannot be tampered with by people who want to see you fail.

Sagittarius Sun and Mercury say, “I have to tell you what I’m thinking. We can do this a different way. Let’s try something new! Let’s expand our horizons because the world is our oyster!” Yet Scorpio Moon could be saying, “don’t trust what already broke you first. Don’t give hidden enemies a second chance and don’t let someone back in who saw you merely as a backup option.” But then here comes Neptune in Pisces to say, “ah but they’re so sexy and dreamy! They are my kryptonite and I need them!” We have to be careful we don’t deceive ourselves or get sucked back into the lures and temptations of lust. Lust can trip us up when we least expect it. Those who have been trapped in a situation of unrequited love, don’t break your own heart chasing after someone who barely understands your pain. This will create blockages in your Sacral Chakra, and make you question your value, worth, and attractiveness. On the flip side, we could see some people finally decide they want to settle down and give all of themselves to their chosen beloved. Big decisions about commitment, family, and children will come up.

With that said though, the energies are going to be very hospitable to couples who are crazy in love or magnetically attracted to each other that have been kept apart for far too long. A window of opportunity will finally be available to pursue the love that has always been out of reach. Long distance lovers will be able to come together. Gaps of separation can be closed. New couples who can’t keep their hands off each other may find themselves falling in love almost at first sight! And that could complicate things if other parts of the connection aren’t hashed out first. Make sure there’s compatibility beyond the bedroom or it could result in heartbreak and disappointment.

Just sayin’, we could see some babies being made over the next couple of days. So, for those who aren’t looking to start a family or add to one, it’s important to exercise safe sexual practices.

Through the shadow side of the Moon in Scorpio, we could see some flared fires of jealousy, possessiveness, darker lustful desires, or unwanted sexual advancements from people who can’t take no for an answer. Communicating clear boundaries are necessary. Especially if mixed signals have been in play already. Anyone who’s been playing head games or playing with people’s emotions are going to go through a setback by realizing the jig is up. The truth is going to come out and this could happen in the form of exes getting together to talk about the guy or gal who used them. Players won’t have a free couch to sleep on if they keep it up.

For the most part, this is going to feel like an invigorating magical time, which makes for a perfect opportunity to explore Kundalini healing, exotic dance, Tantra workshops, couple’s retreats, and building deeper bonds of intimacy. Expect unions for cosmic lovers, starseeds looking for their other half, divine counterparts, and high vibrational lovers. The Universe is speaking its love languages, if we have ears to hear it, and hearts open enough to receive it.

 ©Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: incredartible

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