Today December 28th, the Moon moves into watery Scorpio. This is a bit of tempered emotional energy which is really good compared to most water Moons which often trigger deep sorrows, insecurities, emotions currents of dreamy love or moody bouts of depression and anger. This Scorpio Moon for the most part will feel magical, and may even inspire new ideas and concepts about love, partnerships, and spiritual passions! This is because the Moon will be surrounded by very grounding energies of multiple Capricorn placements, and airy Aquarius placements. Pragmatism and analytical thought will dominate the chances of any volatility for the most part.

Make no mistake however, Venus Retrograde in Capricorn could have us ping ponging with the Scorpio Moon to evaluate past loves, past heartbreaks, and emerging conclusions about why we have to protect ourselves emotionally. And if this happens, we could see unhealed wounds take central focus, especially since we’re still in the long haul of Chiron in Aries. Chiron, the wounded healer, has a lot of intense things to say about who did what to us. Can we let it go and move on? Can we let the dead things die off and end the cycle? Victim mentality could either drown and burn us, or it doesn’t even have to be given enough power to hold sway. We are only victims if we choose to be.

This particular Moon in Scorpio will give us a polarizing lens to view life through. Those who have struggled to see the good in their life circumstances may feel a bit grudgey, and cheated out of better opportunities. But this offers us a reminder we have to make our own opportunities work for us. We can’t be handed a magic wand where all the hard work is done for us. We have to learn how to wield magic ourselves. We have to come up with new ways to make ourselves happy, abundant, and free if we don’t like the circumstances we’re in. This is where we get to see what we’re made of, and how resilient we are. Resiliency and innovation will be at the helm, as we sail out into deeper waters to discover the new treasures that await our finding. On the flip side, those who have done a tremendous amount of shadow work may feel liberated by this Moon, where emotions are disciplined and anchored in higher understandings of the bigger picture of love, loss, and renewal.

Here we go, into new territory. It won’t look like anything we’ve experienced before so that means we have to trust the process since it’s new. Anything new and unfamiliar has a learning curve. And that means our pacing and timing may feel cumbersome and slower than what we would like. Those who are building new relationships, businesses, residencies, educations, families, and so on, may feel slowed down to a crawl. But that’s only because it’s not routine or what we’re used to. As humans, we’re creatures of habit and tend to rely on cycles of familiarity. The familiar is ending however, and we’re faced with the challenges of growing pains to attain something new. This all leads to good things though, so we need to keep in mind that our attitude towards change will either ease the process or put obstacles in the way of it.

Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way in order for things to run smoothly. It’s the old adage that when a door closes, God opens a window. If we want something different, we have to be willing to do something different to get it. We will be invited to leap out of our comfort zones and try something new. In a way, this will feel like the Fool’s card in the Tarot. New journeys await, but with it comes easy mistakes. So, we need to be easy on ourselves in the process.

Moon in Scorpio asks us to evaluate who and what we trust, and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus Retrograde all in Capricorn ask us to place the right value on it. It’s time to let the past die out, and let go of people, places, and things we no longer vibe with. Mercury will be going retrograde soon, so this will be even more impactful in the weeks ahead. It’s best we get it out of the way now, and not fight the endings in front of us.

This is a time to carve out a better life made from the substance of dreams, and not a fake front that merely masks the truth. We are tasked to go deep, really deep, and evaluate what matters. We are invited to use love as our guide, and the importance of spiritual influence in all of the decisions we make going forward. We get to meet new people who are aware that they are whole by themselves, and are not seeking other broken people to fix, who will also fix them. This is a time to recognize we have to be our own savior, and that we are stronger than what we have believed.

We are also asked what we want to contribute to this world, if it is for selfish gain, or if it is for something bigger and beyond just our own wants and needs. We are going to see a division between the givers and takers of the world, but this is good because it helps us see truth from fiction so we have a place to start from. We get to filter out what no longer serves us, so we can keep our intimate circle full of worthy influences, where there is strength in numbers. In a perspective, it is like taking two siblings from a broken home and seeing how they function as adults. One may fall into dysfunction, addiction, blaming the world for their plights, and keeping themselves imprisoned to the idea that they have no control over their life. Yet the other may rise into success, realizing they are the ones who must make their lives functional, healthy, and abundant. They get to be the one that stops the cycle, and step into the position of a powerful person who views the world in front of them through a lens of opportunity. We are not our past. We are not our parents. We are not our environment. We get to decide who and what we become. And this will be a factor this week in our mindset going into 2022.

This Scorpio Moon also invites us to get close and cosey with people we love and admire. We could see some new couples come together and celebrate with a hot steamy getaway, or lustful romance. Physical attraction is going to come into play with couples who have felt a bit in a frump in the bedroom. Importance on touch, play, and deep conversations could surface. This is a perfect time to take a look at Tantra work, or book a couple’s retreat. For those on a budget, making time for each other outside of the normal activity schedule can spice things up. With all of this Capricorn energy, couples might fall into the trap of thinking more about money and work than love and romance. And if things move out of balance, cracks in the relationship can cause unnecessary grief or tension. This is also a time to pay attention to avoid distractions. We could see questions come up about infidelity, straying eyes, and grumpy moods due to boredom and frustration. It’s important all needs are met, so that the rest of the relationship runs smoothly. On the flip side, we could see some couples want to go their separate ways in search of greener pastures. We could see people come to a realization that the relationship is droll and only tethered because of financial reliance. Temptations will be pulling at a lot of folks during this Moon in Scorpio. So, we have to keep our minds about ourselves, and not get wrapped up into temptation that will only lead to suffering. Healthy boundaries and communicating with each other about how things can work, rather than not work, will be helpful. This can help a lot of couples reignite trust and mutual respect with each other too. There are many ways to get from point A to point B. We have to think outside of the box but be respectful to each other along the way. We may see a push-pull dynamic happening between selfishness and selflessness. But this is where we get to see things for what they are and decide if they’re right for us going forward.

The Moon in Scorpio is also a perfect time to enjoy time in ceremony, Root and Sacral Chakra healing, ritual work, and law of attraction for manifestation. We are just a little bit away from the New Moon that’s coming up on January 2nd. As with all New Moons, they appear in the same sign as the Sun season we’re in. So, we will have a whole load of Capricorn energy at that time! Now is a good time to access that deep heart and soul energy during this Scorpio Moon so that we can best apply it on the New Moon. It will be a phenomenal New Moon to welcome in abundance in every form, and get down to business about what we want for ourselves going forward. It’s all about dreaming, building, and doing!

Whatever we do, if we do it from a launching pad of honesty, heart centered, soul centered integrity, we will move ahead into a position for our highest good.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: surrealgradients

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