Speaking in terms of Numerology, many recognize the number 2022 as 222 which is considered an angelic number. 222 connects us to the angelic realm so that we may divine messages from our angelic guides to help us along our life’s journey. 222 is also considered a dual set of numbers of 2 + 22; 2 being recognized as a number of teamwork, friendship, partnership, and cooperation. We see the number 2 in the Tarot to reflect two working as one, or two meeting to conjoin with each other. 2 in the Tarot can also represent opposing forces or opposing ideas, emotions, and positions. This can be both an energy of light or shadow. And how we experience it will depend on how we perceive the experience.

Master number 22 is recognized as an energy of the builder, manifester, and amplifier. The original Hebrew Alphabet consisted of 22 letters, symbolizing many things from creation to eternity. The circular shape reflects the emphasis of the unending of the soul through creation, life and death, and rebirth. There is no ending without new beginnings, and the energy of transition is emphasized. We celebrate the great wheel of life. Master number 22 reminds us we must use our power carefully. We are at the helm of great beginnings and endings, which can be influenced and altered by our intentions and actions.

We are not in this alone. We get to do this together. But how we tackle the number 2 vibration of teamwork will either work in our favor or become destructive to us. How we master ourselves by healing our inner wounded child, and working through forgiveness, will either elevate us or become our stumbling block. This energy often includes both. We will experience both elevated highs, and sinking lows. But at the end of it, we are fleshed naked from the layers of ourselves that no longer work. Work is the optimal word here. We are tasked with work on a soul level, emotional level, and have to figure out how to do it as a team. We have spent so many years going within to experience healing and become strong, that we have become isolated at times in the process. Leaders often walk alone. They are tasked to rely on their own expertise and inner guidance to travel in the right direction. They have to rely on their own inner compass to know where to go, and when. At times their journey swings them towards extremes, experiencing polarizing truths and lies, so that they can know the difference in order to return to a middle ground. 2022 will offer us polarizing experiences but if we know how to navigate them, we will arrive safe and sound to our inner middle ground. Moderation will be the theme here. Letting go of ideas of lack and excess will help us return to center where our true core values and inner power resides. All the rest just gets in the way.

Many leaders are returning from the abyss to share their teachings with others. Many who have wandered in the spiritual desert of their soulful growth are returning to the oasis to reconnect with the others who have gone through their own drought. Those who have had to go it alone, some for far too long, will find safe harbor with others who are seeking companionship along the way. We are stronger together than apart. We are stronger in numbers, so it’s time to come together to make magic happen.

2022 also deduces to a number 6. A life path number 6 represents harmony, service, creativity, charity, nurturing, and cooperation. This is a number of humanity, and we are going to see a reflection of this echo through the ethers this coming year. So many darknesses have fallen upon this Earth, which most recognize and have rebelled against. Mobilization has already been in motion but now the efforts get to become refined without falling into as much chaos. This is when we get to align with productive measures. Groups are brought together. Retreats are born. Together we are many and can create immense change for the world in a positive light. Compassion, ethical responsibility, family structure, and community oriented projects are being made a priority. People are finding it safer and empowering to reveal their true selves. In so doing, they get to rise into their greatest presence in order to effect change in a healthy way.

Because this is the year of community, many singles who have walked the path of healing Gaia and welcoming in the New Earth, will be conjoined with counterparts who mirror their highest good. This is the year of building the tribe. The rewards of honest love and healthy relationships come after the great sacrifices made from the many tower moments and shadow work many have done to precede it. We cannot meet our divine counterparts unless we’ve done the inner work and let go of all that no longer serves us. For some, this won’t be the year they meet their forever soul friends or romantic beloved because they rejected the invitation to do what was necessary to prepare for it. It’s not just a matter of someone being ready for us, but us being made ready for them. This is where the surrender to deep healing from 2020 and 2021 happened. Those who have made it through and come out clean on the other side will find themselves feeling lighter and ready for something new that better serves their highest good. This is when we are placed in the camp of the others like us, who share the same intent and parallel life story. This is when we get to rise, together.

This is also the year we will focus more on the children. They are our future. And they are the ones born to welcome in the new generation of seers. They are the ones who will incorporate higher understanding and smarter work practices to balance out the inequalities of the world, all the while, setting free those who have been held prisoner to poverty, indoctrination, and societal restrictions. They are the ones who get to say that it’s time to do things a different way.

This is the year of Humanity Rising.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: C & C Ench

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