Mirrors are often revered in magical workings for their capability of opening portals into other dimensions, the spirit world, and realms beyond our understanding. While it may seem like a tale out of dark folklore, and the substance of spooky campfire stories, there is historical and quantum context to the claims.

A mirror is a wave reflector; light waves to be exact. And many spirit energies vibrate in the frequency range of the outer bands of the visible light spectrum. What is reflected back at us, isn’t just from our reflection alone.

Mirrors are used in many ways through many applications. Besides traditional mirrors that hang on the walls, we have mirrored lenses in our telescopes and cameras too, which sparks the debate and questions about apparitions and spirits that are able to be captured on film or video, whereas to the naked eye they remain unobserved. Most commonly, we hear stories about orbs, whisps of foggy light, and even ambiguous figures that appear in photographs during times we feel a presence in our environment. These manifestations from the Spirit world often congregate around a specific person, or in times when the person is experiencing extreme emotions. The way our mirrored lenses capture these manifestations help us validate what we feel, but often cannot see on our own.

Historically, early rudimentary mirrors were created from Black Obsidian dating all the way back to 6,000 BC. Remnants were discovered in the Middle East in what is now known in modern day as the country, Turkey. Black Obsidian is a Volcanic Glass that is commonly used in energy work for its grounding and protective properties. It is also the traditional Scrying Mirror material that many magicians use when divining information through Clairvoyant channeling.

Later, in 4,000 BC in Mesopotamia, and 3,000 BC in Egypt, mirrors were comprised of polished Copper. It is widely known Copper is a powerful conduit that is used in modern day wiring, as well as used in energy medicine for its ability to regulate the human magnetic energy field. Copper grounding rods are used in energy medicine to help people ground with the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Copper bracelets are often used to reduce pain by dispersing and reorganizing positive ions in the persons energy field. Copper in mirrors was theorized to draw energies to it, much like a funnel or an energetic vacuum, where spirits are collected and bound by the density that radiates as a result of the exchange between the copper and the Earths geomagnetic energy field. This density harmonizes with the Earth by creating a coherence. This is why Earthing helps people who are experiencing what is known as Geomagnetic sickness. This sickness occurs when people are disconnected for too long from the Earths Geomagnetic field. Too little or too much exposure to magnetic energy fields cause neurodegenerative disease. In essence, these copper bearing Mirrors create a possible earthbound portal state for the Spirits that get drawn in.

During the Bronze age, mirrors were comprised of multiple metals including Copper, Silver, Bronze, and other metals. Up until a couple of centuries ago, Speculum Metal was used to manufacture mirrors, which was comprised of a highly reflective tin and copper alloy.

It wasn’t until the 1st century that glass was incorporated in the manufacturing of mirrors. Artisans in what is now known as modern day Lebanon, used glass coated with Lead or Gold leaf in the back. The glass provided a smooth surface, while the metals provided high reflectivity. While Lead is one of the least conductive metals, Gold is an excellent conductor of electrical energy, ranking the 3rd highest metal for conductivity. For a metal to be a good conductor, the electricity moving through it must be able to move electrons. The more free electrons in a metal, the more conductive it is.

Around the time of 500 BC in China, silver coated metal mirrors were developed by using a Silver Amalgam with Mercury. The Mercury was boiled away in the forging process, and a beautiful, highly reflective silvery mirrored surface was left behind. Silver ranks 1st as the highest conductive metal, so it comes as no surprise that early silver coated mirrors gave rise to the whispers in the dark about how they brought about Spirit encounters. This is also further emphasized by the use of glass. Glass is a silica or silicon dioxide material most widely known to come from Quartz. Quartz is highly conductive and considered Piezoelectric. It not only emits its own vibrational frequency, but it can adopt and emit other frequencies it encounters. This is what makes Quartz so desirable to work with in meditation or energy work.

Spirit energy often uses electrical currents to manifest into, or manipulate, the physical plane. And attaching to the conductive stream of energy of a metal is a perfect vehicle they can use to interact with the physical plane in a more material way. For this reason, it makes sense that Spirits would use a mirror as an anchor to pass between the astral realms and our physical plane.

Stories of vampires, ghouls, disembodied voices, and the lovelorn dead left to roam the Earth moving through mirrors began to surface. As traditions of Occult workings brought practitioners and Magicians into the realm of using mirrors for scrying, it became known that mirrors were entry and exit points into the spirit world.

Today, mirrors are often manufactured using thin electroplated layers of Aluminum because it is cost effective and highly reflective. It is worth noting that Aluminum comes in at number 4 on the list of the highest conductive metals, just one spot below Gold. So it goes without saying that even today, mirrors are highly conductive and responsive to electrical currents of energy.

It is advised to hang a mirror facing every entry way into the home as a protective measure to reflect and push out any unwanted or unsavory energies that someone may bring with them when they walk through the doorway. Mirrors should be placed where energy can depart the home, or at least dissipate so that it doesn’t pool. Mirrors that are exposed to natural light are often cleansed energetically by the Sun’s UV rays, even if they filter through indirectly. It is important to keep mirrors out of hallways or areas where they do not have frequent exposure to light. It is especially important to not face mirrors towards each other. This amplifies the portal “vacuum” the mirror creates.

Should a mirror attract unwanted Spirit energy, it is important not to break the mirror! Shattering or breaking the mirror creates a “punch” or sudden release of tension in which the Spirit energies that used the mirror portal are given free entry into the physical space. It temporarily transfers the portal state to the physical space. Instead, it is advised to cleanse the mirror to bring it back to a neutral state. Doing a smoke clearing, submerging the mirror in salt water during a water ritual, or burying the mirror in clean soil can help the energy ground, dissipate, and scatter until it no longer pools or concentrates in the glass.

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