Our thoughts and emotions radiate out into the ethers that surround us. They become the space junk that oscillates and collects in our spiritual atmosphere. Eventually when we die, that radiation becomes the density upon which we have to pass through in order to make the voyage to the other side. If our thoughts are violent, it is violence we must pass through. If it is compassion, it is compassion we must pass through. Even if we weaponize love, and commit crimes against others out of the self-imposed duty of love, it becomes self-righteousness we must pass through. We determine our terms of engagement. We leave behind the mine field we must navigate, that we had deceived ourselves to believe was meant for others.

Mindfulness creates a hallway of safe passage. There, we find a way to balance and neutralize what we radiate. There, we create a space of simple presence of awareness, rather than reactive projection. Observe, don’t absorb. This is where it is most risky though; apathy can cause a detriment to our spiritual growth. It is an ever evolving task to seek balance and neutrality, without allowing ourselves to become numb and placid to the conflicts we encounter. It is through mindful engagement rather than avoidant escapism that leads us through.

Debbie Edwards

Artist unknown

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