Brace for impact! There is no tip toeing around what to expect this coming Saturday, April 30th, 2022. We need to meet these energies head on and lean forward into the strong winds coming in order to stay upright. This celestial event will target our money, career, home, relationships, and deep-rooted dreams of the future. Are you ready for it? Are you prepared?

Think of this event like a hurricane with a lot of rainbows appearing after the storm. In the Tarot, it could be equated to the combination of the Tower Card, Hierophant Card, Moon Card, and High Priestess Card. Expect sudden surprises, grand gestures by the Universe, secrets to be unveiled, truths from our higher self transmitting through the ethers, and massive revelations that change everything in our personal lives.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so that is why I’ve included the Venus conjunction in this article. All of these celestial alignments are going to be influential together, and will set us on a new course going forward.

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus is known as a Black Moon, and pulls at our subconscious awareness. Deep into the caverns of our inner selves we go. Deep into the constructs of our soul contracts, life purpose, and material persona we swim. We are tasked to bring out what lies within, and bridge a gap between the unknown and known. We can expect major revelations through meditation, dreamtime, and psychic visions. The intensity of these revelations will be influenced by how disciplined we’ve been with reaching into the astral plane for answers. Have we spent enough time communicating with our guides in Spirit to recognize their important messages this weekend? We need to carve out time to hear them, and be receptive to what’s being transmitted. New Moons are receptive in nature, and connect us with the Sacred Feminine archetype. She is a Yin energy, and nurtures new life. This weekend we get to decide what kind of new cycles we plan to start. This is the beginning of an important gestation period, and this is when we sew the seeds of new ventures. We mustn’t become impatient though. We don’t get to eat the fruits of our labor the same day we plant the seeds. We need to give it time to grow. And Taurus energies will help us plan for the long haul.

On a personal level, we can expect to go through sudden disconnects in order to make ourselves receptive to new connections. We could see some couples suddenly call in quits, and then meet someone new shortly after. We could see tension in strained connections suddenly give way, and people either calling a truce, or just letting go and moving on. The energy is very favorable towards resolution, and finding ways to reconcile differences. We may find new solutions, pathways to clear communication, and walking in truth this weekend. We get to start over, even if we never expected to have a shot at it. This could also be a time in which old family feuds are resolved, long bitter grievances are healed, and new perspectives are revealed. This is the breakthrough we’ve needed.

We need to pay attention to these energies of endings and beginnings, because on April 29th, the day before the Eclipse and New Moon, Pluto, the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, and organized chaos, will station Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn until October 8th, 2022. This pulls at our inner shadows, shadow work, and destructive traits. This will be influential during this weekend as well, especially in regards to our perceptions of value, work, career, money, and self-worth. Some things will be reduced to ashes, so new life can grow.

We have to keep in mind though, that we have this intense Sun Moon Uranus in Taurus conjunction. And Uranus has a lot to say about our new beginnings. Uranus takes 84 years to make its way through a single Zodiac cycle. And Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 2025. So, it has a longer stretch to go yet. This conjunction liberates us from old school dogmatic beliefs that have stifled our growth. We get to break free from limiting perspectives, constricting paradigms within our relationships, jobs, spiritual foundations, and creative pursuits. Being in the sign of Taurus works in our favor because this helps us slow down enough to process change, while at the same time building something solid going forward. This current conjunction coming up is the “new builder” energy. In order to build new however, we must tear down the old to make room. This is why I am referring to this energy as a hurricane. All old structures we’ve built in our lives will be tested, torn down if need be, so we can clear a path to rebuild better and new.

We may suddenly be facing job loss, with new offers coming in right after. Or a sudden career shift, change in salary, or opportunity to open a new business. We may also be making a sudden choice to sell our home and buy new, or move to a new town or state for better opportunities. In relationships, we may discover a need to break free and go our separate way, or reconcile and start over with our current partner. For singles, expect to be noticed by potential lovers!

Love is most definitely in the air for this cosmic event! With the Venus Neptune Jupiter in Pisces conjunction, mixed with these Taurus vibes, people are going to be seeking out love, friendship, companionship, and new connections that are better suited for a growing awareness on a subconscious soul level. People seeking each other are more likely to connect or reunite at this time. Instinctually, a bit of a gravity and magnetism will be felt on a deeper level. The Universe is asking us to clear a path and make room for it. Some of us however, might just be buried in work, because Taurus pushes us to think deeply about our career and financial world. Balancing both work and play will be essential.

Keep in mind, that what we seek is also seeking us. And if we truly are ready to find our forever person, or our vibe tribe, they too have to rise to the occasion and be ready for the transformation. Sometimes delays happen because of how many moving parts are in motion to make an important connection happen. Free will plays a role too. And sometimes people let themselves drown in fear instead of taking a risk into the unknown. This is why it’s important we help each other get through the mires and mud. Compassion, empathy, tenderness, kindness, and encouragement are essential during this time.

Dreamy Pisces energies will have our heads up in the clouds a bit too, and this can be a good thing because it keeps us optimistic if we feel pressured or restricted by day-to-day happenings. Even if we get bad news, have challenging things happen to us, or just aren’t happy with the way things are, Pisces reminds us that we are master creators of our own world, and that we get to manifest whatever we desire! This can be tricky to navigate though, so it’s important we don’t get lost in fantasy or idealistic pursuits that would be nearly impossible to attain without proper planning and steady pacing. Taurus is the practical one, while Pisces is the lofty one, and together, they make a great team that balances out. Get ready for all of your dreams to anchor into solid ground. This is the planning stage of making it all happen! So, dream big, and organize it all into a sensible blueprint.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: reverse.visuals

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