The Moon has moved into the air sign, Gemini, in which it will be conjunct with Mercury in Gemini on the 2nd as well. The Moon and Mercury are going to have us revel in deep thought.

The Moon, pulling from our subconsciousness, will inspire Mercury to communicate all that needs to be said. This is a time in which we can be thankful with the cosmos for helping us say what we’ve struggled to say, so we can gain closure, reconciliation, and resolution in difficult situations. We may receive texts, calls, or emails from people we’ve been hoping to hear from who want to reach out and make amends. We may also hear from people we’ve tried blocking in the past, who still feel a need to get the last word. This is important to pay attention to because we are now in the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde which will start out in the sign of Gemini before it moves into Taurus.

We may also hear from institutions, companies, or organizations we’ve been waiting to receive correspondence from in regards to applications we’ve submitted. This may be good news involving career changes, education, insurance programs, or financial investment portfolios.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is the ruler of Gemini. And when a planet is in its home sign, its attributes and energies are truer to nature, and more intense. Perhaps we can expect vivid dreams, visions, or epiphanies to come through. We may find ourselves feeling “different”, because we have suddenly understood something on a deeper level that has had us puzzled. We can expect to receive answers, moments of clarity, and easier times with self-expression. This is a moment in which our Throat Chakra is clear and unblocked, and this is important considering the Sun is in Taurus, since Taurus governs the throat in the body. This is great news for those who struggle with public speaking, writing, or singing. Communication will feel more at ease, like a gear being slathered with a fresh gloss of grease.

keyword here is “smooth”. Thoughts and communication will feel smoother. There could be less awkward moments of silence, stuttering, or frustration over not being able to effectively communicate thoughts articulately. Simultaneously, this will add a glint of sparkle for those who work in finance, mathematics, mechanics, legal services, content creation, video/audio production, and things that have to do with multimedia applications. This is a great time to work with formalities and organization of future plans. Anything that could benefit from more rigid structure will have help from the cosmos over the next couple of days.

Dream big! But keep in mind the pragmatic and practical approach. The Moon in Gemini will be taking turns squaring off with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune which are in the signs of Pisces and Aries. Mostly we will see contradictions between Gemini and Pisces energies where Air and Water face off on ideals, morals, ethics, and inner values. Gemini asks us to be practical. While Pisces asks us to keep soaring into the unknown. Some of us may feel disenchanted by the mundane tasks and busy obligations of daily life. While others may feel a need to escape from them altogether and procrastinate with things that need immediate attention.

An example of how this could play out too, especially in family dynamics, are conversations between spouses or parents and children who have differing views on the best ways to make money. One person could be pushing to go into the arts, theater, dance, esoteric studies, theology, etc., while the other could be saying those career choices are risky, that they are impractical and unreliable. One person could be reaching for the stars while the other claims the stars are an illusion of success.

Our Sun and Uranus in Taurus are making us restructure our foundations, and Gemini will have us investing in our foundations wisely. On one hand, we may be tempted to act miserly and cling to what we have because of the perception of lack. On the other hand, we may not have the discipline to budget properly and end up being careless with our money. Money habits we be addressed. How we perceive wealth, abundance, and the energy of money altogether will be influential this week.

We can serve our needs best when we prioritize professionalism and avoid acting on impulse, emotional fuel, or sudden reactions towards change that we don’t like. Limiting beliefs may have us thinking life can only be lived one way. Whereas the cosmos is inviting us to break through those limitations and recognize there is another way.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: _jpierce

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