Pluto, the great revealer, planet of purging, exorcism, death/rebirth, and liberation of core truths, has moved into retrograde status in the sign of Capricorn where it will remain until October 8th, 2022. Last week, we bathed in the dark light of the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus as well.

We are tasked with cementing ourselves on solid ground, protecting our stability, and keeping an ever-watchful eye on movement in the astral plane. The unseen moves into a visible state, and this is how we are able to detect what doesn’t belong there, what has violated the treaties of Universal Law, and made way into our material plane to devour us. The serpents of deception are revealed, and in the discovery of their presence, we recognize the need to rise into our primal innate Root Chakra power to protect, defend, and set free our souls from their influence.

A new beginning has emerged for us. We have to ask ourselves what we are fighting for or against. What are our core beliefs? What are we willing to change in order to grow?

This is a different type of new beginning from the beginnings introduced by other New Moon’s or eclipse cycles. We have a renewed sense of freedom of willpower, and the time has come to script our life story with new themes, outcomes, and adventures unlike before. And this is something we are going to be doing on a group collective level. This stretches beyond the radius of just our inner personal circle, or even just ourselves. This involves us all.

Bravery, courage, resolve, compassion, and innovation will be energies to consider today as we go forward into the unknow.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: nichenovus

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