In an attempt to raise the collective consciousness and vibration of the planet to welcome in the New Earth, adepts eventually reach a state of grace in which they are able to perceive new aspects of causation towards suffering, digression of spiritual growth by the amnesia caused during human incarnation birthing cycles, and newfound options toward sustaining momentum of transfiguration while still alive in the material plane. The adept discovers that a key component to ascension relies on willingly choosing to abandon reincarnation altogether, while simultaneously remaining invested in the evolution of the human collective. This balancing act rarely reaches a point of success because everything protecting the construct of the system tries to stop her.

The adept realizes that part of her requirement to reach a state of transfiguration while still alive means that she must become transformed first. She must allow ego death upon ego death to strip her of self made layers of humanness, in order to fully embody her spiritual identity. Her identity emerges in a rebirthing form through an alchemical process of transmutation. She changes entirely, even in physical form. She must change, and unbecome all she’s become, in order to return to the base layer of her being. She must vibrate at a frequency high enough, to rise into her sacred deified Godhood.

To become deified and emulate the holiness and sanctity of her divinity, she must be willing to forgo attachments to all of her former selves. She must be willing to thread apart the silver astral cord that tethers her to the Earth Plane, but do so with enough gentleness, she does not unplug herself entirely from the lifeforce that keeps her embodied. If she succeeds, she will carefully work towards dwelling in the Tonal and Nagual simultaneously. This has rarely, if ever, been accomplished.

The adept must be able to reside within a safe material space that can provide her sustenance while she undergoes this transfiguration. She will need reclusion, rest, and protection. Her attempts to go rogue from the construct of the divine matrix will alert beings from all realms that she has “unplugged” from their delicately modeled system of servitude. She no longer serves anyone but herself. She does not employ herself to any indoctrinated foundation. She chooses to become sovereign. This is when she is most at risk of attack from lower vibrational energies that feel threatened by her disobedience and refusal to remain within the construct.

The adept must step into the power of her light, and shine brightly, as it was always intended from the birth of her souls creation. She knows she must take on the mantle of attributes that she will be known by in her Demigod form, so that others may recognize her throughout time and space. All of her former incarnations that added up to this one revealed to her, through life lessons and soul group interactions, that she was meant to help heal the world. She intends to sew together the Tonal and Nagual, by her example of Demigod, Godhood status, and transcend the concept that duality implies polarizing separateness.

Perhaps, if the efforts of the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the Earth have worked well enough, and have held space long enough for her, and others like her, she may have a chance to break through the electromagnetic membrane separating the Spirit world from the material world, and succeed in showing humans there is another way.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: stuart_griggs_art

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