VENUS IN ARIES MAY 2nd – MAY 28th, 2022

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, as the saying goes. Venus has moved into the fire sign of Aries today where it will remain until May 28th, 2022. Venus in Aries coils together with the long-standing energies of Chiron in Aries. Chiron, known as the wounded healer, has much to say about liberation, vindication, and justice for wrong doings he has endured. Together, this energy certainly has a statement to make about betrayals in love. But this energy also has a lot to say about redemption and recovery too. We are not weak beings whatsoever. We can and will heal. We will evolve, and love will forever leave its mark on us.

Matters of the heart are going to be front and center right now, along with all of the other cosmic energies at play. We are going to take a good long look at what fuels our desires, our inner need for connection, and sensual passions we feel with others. Because of this, we are also going to be looking introspectively at how and where we have endured emotional turbulence, and decide how to turn our passions into constructive firelight.

Some will feel as though their flames have become extinguished in the anguish of unrequited love. Where others may feel a growing spark of Sacral Chakra union in their process of a Kundalini awakening. Love will be set ablaze! This can be life giving, or reduce us to ashes. This is where we embody the Phoenix vibration, and allow ourselves to be reborn anew. Love doesn’t have to ever be experienced like it was before. It can be so much better, even if the love we desire is inward reflecting towards self love.

Now is a perfect time to take steps towards formal excommunication with unwanted attachments that only drain our energies and feed us low vibe confusion. In order to receive healthy love, we must pour out the poison we have been drinking. It is said, “do not drink from a poisoned well just because you’re thirsty”. This is a time to no longer accept minimal efforts from someone who prefers to breadcrumb us or keep us in limbo.

We can expect grand gestures and confessions of unconditional love, sexual attraction, and even proposals for marriage! Love is bold, brave, and honorable! It is time to ONLY accept a love like that, and say no to anything that love isn’t.

This is a time in which we are tasked to step into our warrior persona, speak from the heart, and go after what we desire most that makes us happy.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: twisted.sweven

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