In the dark, quiet, stillness, shortly after midnight May 16th, 2022, we welcome in the powerful energies of the Super Flower Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Just hours following, while the Full Moon energies are still pulsing strong, the Moon moves into the fire sign of Sagittarius, setting this energy ablaze.

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars, and during this event, the Moon will be Sextile to Pluto in Pisces, and Trine to Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries, and Neptune in Pisces. With what could begin as explosive and detrimental, may become tempered by gentleness and love. Make no mistake however, this is going to be an emotional and intense event that will have enough momentum to throw us to our knees. Yet it could also have us rising into our sacred divinity, renewed in holy union with our highest integrity, virtues, and values.

We cannot walk through a tower moment unscathed, but maybe that is the point. We have to be willing to rip away our layers of comfortable masks and soft robes, so our true nature can be fleshed naked unto the cosmos for immense transformation.

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is considered a planet of death, destruction, chaos, raw power, and regeneration. In Mythology, Pluto is known as the God of the underworld.

Mars, the second ruler of Scorpio, is a planet of war, power, stamina, courage, and masculine strength.

The Scorpio Blood Moon and Sun in Taurus are opposed to each other astrologically in the Zodiac, and will also be squaring off in the skies. They are a Yin/Yang energy which require mastery to reach balance between them. It’s like trying to merge a Hurricane with a Tornado in its most destructive moments. But it is also like the emergence of a gorgeous rainbow that touches the land with a kiss in its most healing expression. Do we have what it takes to call a truce and hold a position of Temperance?

Perhaps we will feel as though we are losing track of time, being drawn inward into the long-nested cocoon of our inner wounded child. There, we discover how much is left yet to heal within ourselves. Dreams may come; vivid, surreal, and emotionally radiant. Memories may surface that we thought we had erased, and long forgotten, but are still held within the library of our soul’s story. Meditations may lead us into emotional waves of ecstasy, that eventually plummet us into the deep delta waves of the cosmic void. This is where we go to lay new bricks in the foundation of our lives. This is also where we go to face our deepest fears, regrets, humiliations, fury, and need for justice. We must look into the mirror to face our inner truths. We must be willing to come to terms with the full spectrum of who and what we have chosen to become, so we can change.

“Know thyself.” is an appropriate statement.

With the added intensity of the Eclipse, we may feel drawn into a vacuum of things from the past that have long been thought to be dead and gone. Secrets and betrayals could surface so they can be faced head on. Only with truth can we TRUST one another. There is no other way to pass through the veil of separation between life, death, and resurrection, without facing truths. This also speaks of our interpersonal relationships as well. Lies have a way of being unearthed, and there is no safe harbor for those who have lied their way through life. Those who have abused their position of authority or power will be seen for who and what they are. This goes for people who have lied about money, core values, sex, love, lust, and intentions. Those who have betrayed others will have to face the gallows of Universal Law.

If lovers can move forward from the pains of the past, and allow forgiveness to transform their relationship, then many good things will be waiting for them afterward. The Universe rewards bravery, humility, and good intentions. Perhaps a tantric retreat is in order, or healthy sex magic, to take the spiritual and emotional connection to a deeper level of intimacy and union. Love can evolve into a storybook romance, and shine a light so bright, that even the haters might feel a little warm. Love has a way of healing parts of ourselves we didn’t even know were bleeding. And this extends to healing past traumas as a result of abuse or injury.

This is a time in which we must go deep within our psyche and subconsciousness to rip out the blackened roots that have grown from the seeds of our pains. There, the ballooned grotesque distortions of fragmented memories can be transmuted back into the original whole things they once were. We can once again see them for what they are, and shrink them back into proper shape. Trauma’s and injustices have a way of festering. And this is part of what we must face during this Super Blood Moon.

The monsters under our bed and deep inside our closets may simply be remnants from unresolved fears we never allowed ourselves safe sanctuary to deal with. Perhaps it’s time now. Because if not now, when?

We will be invited to sit quietly within ourselves and decide what it is we want going forward. This is where we need to allow ourselves to kill off the parts within us that hold us back; the triggers left behind from old wounds, the grief we never embraced when we lost someone or something important to us, and outdated patterns of thinking that keep us feeling small. We cannot move forward unless we break those chains that bind us. We cannot grow until we let go of the contempt we have over our life’s failures.

Healing is messy business. But it must be done. If it extends any comfort, we at least get to do it together. In that, we have each other to lean on and guide each other through it.

Focusing on our own growth, and pursuing our most inspired goals will be a great way to fuel the engine of our dreams, without worrying about who is trying to stop us. There could be undertones of envy, jealousy, bitterness, and petty competitions from secret enemies or people in our circle who act happy for us, but are just hoping we fail. You already have an idea of who those people are. So just distance yourself, move on, and don’t give them inside information about all of the wonderful things you’re planning for the future.

We hold the key to our freedom. This is where we get to see what we’re made of, and how resilient we are. Resiliency and innovation will be at the helm, as we sail out into deeper waters to discover the new treasures that await our finding. On the flip side, those who have done a tremendous amount of shadow work may feel liberated by this Moon, where emotions are disciplined and anchored into higher understandings of the bigger picture of love, loss, and renewal.

With all of this intensity, it is no wonder why many us feel drained, fatigued, and hit with a bit of brain fog. Some of us may also be experiencing unusual emotional sensitivity, feelings of vulnerability, sorrow, emptiness, or anxiety, mixed with body aches and sluggish movement. The key here is to just allow ourselves the time needed to rest and recuperate. As much as we may want to spearhead a lot of things and be on top of our schedules, we may have to slow down a bit and just do things with more patience and breaks in between.

Botanicals, herbs, resins, and supplements can help us relax. Chamomile tea, Valerian Root, Kava Kava, and Ashwagandaha can be helpful before bed to relax the body and sooth the mind. Lavender or Rose essential oils, Frankincense and Myrrh for Smoke Cleansing, and detoxifiers like Dandelion are just a few suggestions to work with to reduce stress.

Smudge, making Sacred Oil, Sacred Ash, Sacred Holy Water, or taking part in water bath Rituals for heart Chakra healing can help offset fallout from shadow work or exhaustion. Working deeper with Ritual Magic to purge all that no longer serves us can aid in powerful energetic cleansing of the people, places, and things, that no longer serve us.

This is a truly powerful moment for liberation! Being free of our darkest selves, projections of fear or mistrust, or misplaced blame, is life changing and integral to moving forward into the next exciting chapters of our lives. This can be a moment of escalation or de-escalation for any sensitive situation.

The best possible outcome can happen by exercising self control, and protecting our personal space from those who are intent on disturbing our peace.

Keep the flame lit you brave warriors. Rest if you must. But don’t give up.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: katiewatersell_art

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