Our Moon moves into the sign of watery Pisces tonight, June 18th, 2022, where it will Square off with Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini. We are going to be really tackling all the paradigms we’re involved with when it comes to matters of the heart, songs of the soul, and the ever-subtle beckoning of our far away dreams.

Pisces is a water sign, and in their highest vibration, they are one of the most beautifully expressive signs of the Zodiac when it comes to emotional maturity and intelligence. They are creative, mystical, colorful, and full of wonder. They are the stargazers, the Psychics, the Spirit walkers and story tellers. They feel the world around them and bring all dead things back to life through art, music, writing, and poetry. They are the graceful swans on a river full of murky water. They are the dreamers and doers of Magic. This is the energy that is coming.

The Universe is going to align just right, to allow us to bring all of our beautiful mystical energies to life, so that a new form of abundance and love can enter your sphere. We glow differently when we’re loved properly. And this love that will be pouring through, will be rooted in us from our higher self. We will know that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves to feel whole. We will be inspired to share what we have learned, so that others can feel the freedom from the trauma’s and pains they’ve endured. This will provide an opportunity for healing.

With that said, we may struggle to communicate our expectations, set boundaries, or say no to toxic people in our lives due to the Squares with Venus and Mercury. For those who have no problem saying no, they may struggle to want to be in public or interact with people in person, simply because their register of Empathy and emotional sensitivity will be amplified.

Can we trust our feelings about people? Can we make logical decisions and stick with our plans for the long term? Some people may decide, rather suddenly and haphazardly, that they no longer want to be with their current partner. Some people may head towards a break up unexpectedly. While others may jump into something with their long-time crush because their heart is screaming to do it!

What cannot be said, or will not be said, is often communicated through dreams instead. Sometimes messages have to come that way, in an etheric belt of symbolic layers, delivering the impact of deeply meaningful information. Soul to soul communication is the theme for this Moon in Pisces. So, it’s best to get that dream journal handy, and prepare for long stints in meditation. There is much to receive.

Telepathic exchange will be a vehicle used in which a communion of energy will be shared between ourselves and others this weekend. Poetry, music, love letters, and soft whispers in the dark hours of the night will echo. We have been through a lot this past summer and as we inch ever closer to the closing of the month, we are reminded to pay homage to those we have loved and lost, and those we have yet to reunite with who are on their way to us.

Something will pull at our attention, keeping us awake, giving us a sense of being watched or even held. We may be asking ourselves if we are ever truly alone, and who exactly is touching the edges of our Auric Field beyond the veil. Bonds of love and friendship have a way of tethering us together. They are the silken threads that keep a line of communication open no matter the distance we are apart. We are going to sense it, and this may cause us to feel like we are standing between wakefulness and dreamtime. We are likely going to feel sleepy, and possibly distracted, but unable to fully concentrate or fall asleep. A lot of mental noise will need to be sifted through in order for our thoughts to be simplified. This is when we need to just surrender and let ourselves move in flow.

Time is moving differently now. Timelines are collapsing to make room for new ones, and convergence points are changing. The collective is growing, and becoming more aligned and coherent. Spirit is creating massive shifts for us, so that we can ascend in a healthy way without the impact of so many ascension symptoms. Many of us will feel that this weekend with the influence of the Pisces Moon.

This weekend, spend time in ceremony if possible. Connect with meditation groups. Move your body and work with mindfulness to keep your attention in the present as you move through layers of the past. This is also a perfect time to do past life regressions or do regression work with a qualified hypnotherapist to access childhood experiences that need healing. Dance, paint, sing, and enjoy the bliss of being alive. Make time for water bath rituals, or offerings to your favorite Deity to bless you with emotional healing, protection, and psychic receptivity. Work with gratitude, and remind yourself what you are thankful for. If negative patterns persist, push through it with healthy exercises that keep you focused on moving forward.

Angelite, Celestite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Calcite, Pink Calcite, Amethyst, Super 7, Lithium Quartz, Lava Stone, Desert Rose, Selenite, and Black Obsidian are just some of the crystals you can work with to connect with your psychic centers and emotional body.

Lotus Flowers, Rose of Jericho, Blooming Cactus, and Violets are some of the plants you can work with to connect with your emotional body through Gaia’s gentle touch. No matter how long we spend in the desert walk of our spiritual journey, eventually the rains do come. Eventually our thirst is quenched. This also reminds us to learn how to bloom where we are planted. Sometimes we must be planted in the mud in order to bloom.

Hummingbird, Narwhal, Beluga Whale, Whale Shark, Seahorse, and Swan are some of the animals you can work with to connect with your higher self through Shamanic journeys. Their medicine has much to teach us about grace, gentleness, and honoring our emotional bodies.

Be gentle to yourself, and others. Most importantly, allow yourself to feel. Swim in the waters of you, so you can become baptized by the process of letting go. Surrender. Give it up to Spirit. And know that you don’t have to do it all alone.

Life is a treasure. And there is gold inside, just waiting for us to find it. When we peel back the layers of what love isn’t, we discover what love is.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: doomshots

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