Today, the Moon moves into the air sign, Libra, setting a tone of gentle balance to temper the heat and tumultuous flames of cosmic intensity we are experiencing right now.

Here are today’s aspects to pay attention to-

Mars Square Sun

Mars Square Saturn

Uranus Square Sun

Uranus Square Saturn

North Node Square Saturn

Chiron Square Venus

Sun Trine Jupiter

Venus Trine Neptune Sun Trine Chiron

Some of us may be reeling in a bit of heated bitterness, trying to figure out why things have happened to us the way they have. This may bring a lot of old wounds to the surface, especially personal ones we have harbored for many years, even since childhood, involving people we thought were supposed to nurture, love, and protect us. Some of us may be trying to figure out the best course of action; do we throw in the towel and walk away from the people, places, and things, that have caused us tremendous pain? Or, do we find a way to reconcile what we’ve experienced, so that we can all be free? This is quite a tall order, but we are receiving a bit of help from the cosmos to sort it all out.

With the Moon in Libra, we are going to have an opportunity to diplomatically state our case, and find a middle ground. We are reminded that we are all just people, trying to figure out the curveballs of life. We all desire to reconcile the ebbs and flows of life on this material plane. The truth is, we all suffer. We all experience unfair and unjust wounds. But we also have a resilience within us that lights a fire in our heart space to remind us that we are strong and can heal from anything we have endured. We are capable of great achievements including forgiveness. It’s not revenge we are seeking. It’s closure. It’s acknowledgement and resolution.

Jupiter has now gone Retrograde in the sign of Aries and although it will be in Opposition with the Moon in Libra today, it will be Trine to the Sun in Leo. The gifts we are about to receive will come from within the spark of our soul’s embers. The light we carry, the torch we see by, while deep in the bowels of life’s darknesses, will lead us to the solutions we are seeking. We will be tasked to find a way to reconcile our disappointments and discouragements. We will be invited to let our guard down, just enough, so that others can enter our sphere and walk beside us in the dark. Perhaps it can lend a consolation that even if others cannot offer help, their company can speak volumes of the fact that we are never alone to face life’s challenges. In this companionship, we realize that we are all in this together which provides a perspective of harmony and union in our collective existence.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. The Moon in Libra pulls at our heart’s desires, and brings attention to all we see that adds a twinkle to our eye. Venus is currently Trine to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces where it will remain Trine even into the following Moon phase with Scorpio. Everything revolving around the topic of love and trust will be emphasized, giving us front row seats to the greatest show on Earth; the experience of the human condition, compassion, empathy, and unconditional love.

This is also the moment in which the masks come off, so that we can reverse the bewitchments we’ve put on ourselves during weaker moments when fantasy and illusion blanketed the truth. Sometimes, we just want to see the best in people. Sometimes, we just want to give them the benefit of the doubt and overlook the glaring red flags waving in the wind. We must be mindful not to become snared in the traps of our own making. Venus is pulling back the curtain to show us the full picture so we can learn the full story. We are ready to face it, no matter what it is, so we can meet it in its truth where it stands.

Which path do we choose? Peace or war? Or do we choose a middle ground of fighting the good fight without allowing anger or violence to lead the way? We cannot forget that Saturn will be Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius until October. That means all our issues of karmic cycles, karmic debts, and karmic adjudication will be on the table. During this Moon in Libra especially, we will be walking into the cosmic courtroom to deliberate on some of our life’s biggest positions of personal justifications.

The key to remember is that although we cannot control how others behave and act, we absolutely can control how we behave and act. We are accountable for our actions, as well as our thoughts and intentions. What we think about, we bring about, so we need to take extra measure to exercise self control and direct the current of our thoughts appropriately, so that they are constructive. We need to do whatever we can to get out of our heads a little bit better, and plant our feet into the Earth to be deeply grounded. What we say, think, feel, and do right now matters a great deal.

For many lightworkers, things may feel too intense or suffocating, but this will pass. We are reminded that steel is tempered by fire, cooling, and force, over and over, until it’s incredibly strong. We are made stronger by life’s tempering. This is when we get to see what our limits are, which ignite our positions of courage, bravery, stamina, endurance, and self-discipline. Self-discipline especially is required if we are ever to master ourselves. We cannot run, hide, or pretend our way out of conflict. But we can stand firm and resolute in our position, with an ear to hear new perspectives, eyes to see new angles, and a soul to guide us home to the truth.

Debbie Edwards

Artist Credit: Android Jones

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