Ascension Plateau’s usually happen as a gap between stages of spiritual growth. It’s part of the rhythm of the ascension cycle, like exhaling or sleeping between periods of wakefulness. Because we are in a physical body, there are steps we must take to absorb what we develop and learn, before we are on to the next phase. It is what our brains need sometimes in order to capture the mundane, so we don’t lose touch with physical 3D in the process of attaining 5D coherence. I like to think of it like a plane that is ascending in altitude. If it shot right up without acclimating to changes in atmospheric pressure, the turbulence and disorientation would likely cause a crash. So, it has to be done in stages.

A plateau can deliver winds of emotional deflation such as depression, boredom, apathy, fatigue, and a feeling of discontent. We may interpret this as being slowed down or that we’ve lost momentum. In longer periods of plateau, we may even become concerned that we’ve lost our spiritual connection to other people or that we’ve lost our edge with our connection to the Divine, such as with our Guides. We do not lose what we have attained though. It just goes into dormancy for a little while. The pause is simply a stop on the journey, like taking a picnic break while driving cross country. We need to get out and stretch sometimes, so we don’t become too fatigued. If we’re constantly in download mode, and continual action of learning, we won’t have time to reflect on what we’ve learned, in order to process it, transmute it, and integrate it properly. It’s like having to say goodbye to someone we love who has died, but not giving ourselves pause to grieve. We need the grief to process loss. We also need pause to process growth.

These break periods can kind of suck too, on a material level. We could discover that our friend circle changes, that we’re not happy with our jobs, house, or even hobbies. We could experience financial interruptions, contentious friction in our connections, and a feeling of being displaced. Those are parts of realignment when our vibrational signatures change. As we change, the world around us does as well. As we change, the way we see the world changes too. A plateau gives us a chance to get those things in order and make necessary changes before rising again into the next phase of our spiritual ascension. Any little break is important to regroup.

Plateau’s can include not having dreams for months and then suddenly having precognitive dreams for weeks in a row. When that next surge hits, you’ll know! Your mind will race with amazing new ideas, and your attention will be drawn to new things to learn that will catapult you further. Working on the mundane is just as essential as working on spiritual growth. It keeps us organized and functional so they can be in order once your next phase of action and change hits.

Journaling, meditating, and taking time for reflection is really helpful during a plateau phase. It brings us to attention to how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown. It gives us the opportunity to collect ourselves and come to conclusions that become part of the next active phase of our spiritual growth. There’s really no time table to how long these cycles take. Some plateau’s take longer because there are more things that need tending to in the physical world. Usually however, these gaps in between spiritual growth happen in cycles and as we focus to track those cycles, we can learn when our most natural dormant and active phases will rotate.

Once an active phase begins, and your next step of spiritual growth occurs, several common things happen. Insomnia tends to be one of the most common symptoms because our Pineal Gland becomes more activated. Creative problem solving comes, and new inspirations of how to get things done come through. It’s like paving the way for the next journey, and preparing for what’s to come. Prophetic dreams, interests towards learning new healing modalities, therapies, and asking questions about how things happen in the astral realms often pop up. Synchronicities expound, and a lot of moments of Déjà vu happen back to back. Signs are easier to spot, and things move quickly into a new alignment. Spirit encounters increase, and communication with Guides in Spirit feel easier. Interests and ease of Meditation come back, and new visions unfold almost effortlessly. Dreams become more vivid and precognitive. It is part of the psychic attunement that occurs. As the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies become aligned and activated again, sensory experiences increase as well. Heightened senses of awareness are activated, which can create confusion at first, but deliver condensed information that is useful going forward. Our Empathy can spike, and sensitivity to geomagnetic disturbances such as earthquakes can spike as well. Nausea, headaches, and body aches can be common, although positive symptoms can come through too like a sense of euphoria, optimism, emotional coherence with people around us, and a feeling of deep inner connection to all life is more noticeable. We feel less disconnected or alone, and quickly discover many new people on our journey that have entered our sphere. New people can teach us new things that we haven’t yet learned. With each active phase, we are once again aligned with people, places, and things, that harmonize with us vibrationally.

If you are in a plateau, be sure to get plenty of rest and allow yourself the time and attention you need to take care of mundane tasks in your daily lives so that your world is clutter free when the next active phase begins.

©Debbie Edwards


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