From the Greek Pantheon, we have the beautiful Goddess Antheia. Born of Zeus and Metis, she is a Patron Goddess of flowers, flower blossoms, nature, animals, and many human attributes that are in a similar vein of Goddess Kuan Yin.

Goddess Antheia is a wonderful Patron to draw upon for those who are seeking stillness, serenity, peace, kindness, and a return to innocence and youth in their lives. It is said that when she appears, some can smell the aroma of fresh floral fragrances, sweet honeysuckle, or dew drops of honey in the atmosphere.

She is adorned with a crown of botanicals, often in the color range of gold, pink, and green. Although she is commonly seen in visions in a flowing white gown. Her appearance differs some; she may come forth as a fair haired maiden, or, her features may appear darker, to accentuate Greek ethnic roots. Some say she comes through the signs of the Hummingbird, and reminds us of the purpose of gentleness towards others. She emphasizes the purpose in tender loving care.

It is her emphasis on nature, Mother Gaia, and our communion with one another through the heart space that is her message. Green being associated with the Heart Chakra, it only made sense to give her a green gown.

To work with Goddess Antheia, we can give her many offerings such as adding golden Citrine and Rose Quartz to our Altar space, and inviting an energy of love and abundance in our lives. Or we can grow botanical gardens that specifically attract the gentler species of wildlife such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. We can collect flower petals that have dried and use them to make tinctures, or sacred botanical essence waters.

We can also work with our honeybees more directly, in veneration of her workings with bees, by supporting a pesticide free garden space that offers a variety of welcoming plants and flowers that bees can pollinate. Dandelions are a great little herb we can foster and grow when they pop up, instead of mowing them down. Although considered a weed by some, Dandelion has many nutritive and holistic properties! Not only are they a honeybee’s first food in the spring, they work as incredible detoxers for our own bodies, by helping us eliminate toxins from our liver, kidneys, and spleen.

Artistically, she was often incorporated into paintings on vase’s, as one of Aphrodite’s servants. However, I think her energy and presence deserves tribute on its own. Rather than standing in someone else’s shadow, she should be given her own light of recognition.

©Debbie Edwards

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