When Deities come through to me, it surprises me, but also not really, to learn they align in a multi-cultural pantheon of principles with each other even though they are unrelated. As it is known, Deities often initiate those who align with their core principles, ethics, and spiritual attributes. So multiple Spirits, Entities, or Deities will appear who exhibit similar or parallel traits and attributes, even though they are from different cultures or spiritual practices.

Meet the Orisha Obba, the Goddess of Sacrifice in matters of love; venerator of fidelity, marital sanctity, the happiness of lovers, and protectress Warrior of children and devotees. She is a protectress from danger.

Obba is associated also with lakes, ponds, and rivers, where water is her natural element. She is named after the Obba River in Nigeria. In a triune together with Oya and Yewa Habita, they represent a trinity of Dying Goddesses who offer support and guardianship of the cemeteries, to assist and guide the spirits of the dead. This is very similar to the energies of the Haitian Death LWA/LOA, Maman Brigitte and her counterpart, Baron Samedi, who also support and guard the cemeteries, to assist and guide the spirits of the dead.

When working on this piece of art, the original colorations were in orange, crimson, and grey. “Make it pink!” she said, and so I did. Her love beamed through. Exploring her identity, I quickly learned her attributed colors are most often pink and crimson, just like they appeared to me here. She can also be seen with the color blue.

Obba’s energy is warm, inviting, and soft. But that does not, by any means, make her weak. She is kind but of course this is not to be mistaken for weakness. She can be fiercely loyal to a fault, almost to a point of self sacrifice to protect those she loves, especially her counterpart. Yet she is no Martyr. She is dutiful, and prioritizes her family first, all with courage, strength, and fortitude to overcome and overpower whatever threat may be looming.

Obba can be honored through the elemental workings with water. Adding flowing water to our rituals, indoor fountains, or communicating with her by rivers, lakes, and ponds aids in the connection. She studied martial arts, and is often depicted with a sword. She is known by her swift swordplay in battle.

Obba reminds us of the importance of utility with food, love, and material comforts. It is essential we don’t allow anything to go to waste, or allow anyone to succumb to neglect. She helps us prioritize what matters most, and to remain humble.

I like that she appears in meditation or prayer here. She is maintaining alignment between the material and astral planes.

©Debbie Edwards

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