Autumn Equinox

September 22nd 2022 9:04 EST

Night and day become equal unto each other as the Sun crosses the Equator from North to South. Simultaneously below the Equator, the Southern Hemisphere is welcoming their Spring Equinox, where new life is celebrated.

The Autumn Equinox sets a tone for equalizing light and shadow, and harmonizes the elements. Much like the Temperance Card, Two of Pentacles Card, and Justice Card in the Tarot, the theme here is one of balance and cooperation.

Sometimes considered the time of the Second Harvest or Full Harvest, we begin the process of storing food, reaping what we have sewn into the Earth, and preparing for the deep chilled slumber of Winter’s keep.

We are reminded of gratitude for all of the blessings we have been given, whether that be food, good friends, the company of nature’s wild animals, or all of the ways life has offered us little miracles along the way through the years many happenings. This is a time to join with loved ones and gather around the table for celebration and reverence. These are the times to enjoy the fruits of our many labors, and take stock of all of the long hours of work we have poured into our daily tasks for sustainable living. This is the time to allow nature to take into her bosom, the things that have begun to wilt and die off. Mabon reminds us to allow the dead things to die off, so we can lay them to rest, and celebrate new life in the spring. All things must ebb and flow, and we can allow time to do what it does best, carry on. Surrendering to change and the cycles of life allows us to move forward towards change, newness, and growth.

In this Harvest season part of the yearly cycle, we are invited to go into ceremony to offer tribute to our Patrons for their support, as well as homage to the elements for their assistance in helping us grow beautiful crops, livestock, and the bounty of many edible resources to sustain us through Winter. This is our moment to unify Earth and Spirit together.

In ceremony we can make an offering through the burning of dried herbs and sacred plants such as Tobacco, Cedar, Lavender, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, and Sage. We can offer resins like Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, and Amber. This helps clear away the energetic debris or noise that has accumulated throughout the summer, and allow a clearing for peace and tranquility to permeate our sphere. We have much to be grateful for, and celebrate.

This is also a time to pay close attention to our Shamanic workings, and prepare ourselves for the animals who would appreciate the bounty of food and sustenance throughout the winter if we are willing to provide for them. As many critters go into hibernation, we can feed those who don’t hibernate, who will need help as food sources become scarce. This is a time to work with the teachings of Squirrel, Chipmunk, Lynx, Fox, Mountain Lion, Grouse, and Deer, as the season surrenders to longer nights and shorter days. Preparation, warmth, and holding quiet space within is essential.

To create a placeholder of energy that can be sustained through the winter for intentions of good tidings, we can bury some of our favorite crystals that are water safe which will uphold through temperature changes as Winter comes knocking at our door. And in the Spring, we can unearth them. Burying crystals like Jasper, Quartz, and Agate, with the infused intention of survival, sustainability, and abundance, will help radiate that intention through the colder months. This is a way we can grid our home and property with an energy of good intentions which also cohesively connects with the deeper bellows of Earths Geomagnetic energy field. This keeps us grounded, anchored, and strong.

We can also offer donations of extra food or provisions to the local community food banks, or animal shelters in need. Giving back and sharing abundance keeps us all in an energy of humility, balance, and generosity. As my Father would say, “Sharing is the greatest blessing.”

©Debbie Edwards

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